CSM Please Push for 3v3 Abyssal Proving Grounds

I’m no programmer, but we have abyssal proving grounds and we have 3 person abyssal sites, surely it wouldn’t be that hard to combine them??
Abyssal sites have been a big success and proving grounds were a great addition, unfortunately, there is only so much room to innovate in 1v1 cruiser matches and the meta has stagnated as a result. 3v3 has a lot more room for crazy combinations, not to mention the added fun of small gang fleet mechanics.
While the EVE UI issue will still be a problem, 3v3 abyssal sites would be a huge content source for streamers and people looking to attract new players to the game. What better way to draw in new players than showing them “hey look me and 2 buddies jump in and got a fun fight against 3 other people right away and didn’t have to burn 20 jumps or get blobbed on our way there”. 3v3 abyssal sites would also add a new type of competition source for people who love playing in team tournaments. Team abyssal matchups could really draw in those friend groups who love playing 3v3 or 5v5 games like LoL or DOTA2 together. It should also go without saying that Abyssal sites were first introduced targeted at older players who don’t have the time to spend hours a day on EVE, but still want to get their EVE fix in the 20-40 min of free time they do have.
To me this seems like very low hanging fruit that would be a huge benefit to the game. CCplease 3v3 proving grounds!

p.s. while we are at it move the proving ground gate to the first room so people don’t have to go through 15 minutes of PVE if all they want to do is jump straight to the action.

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We are the Arena Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

No it won’t, it will remove even more people from the sandbox. We don’t need more instanced arena gameplay.

I prefer the idea of 3v3 to 1v1 because it is harder to perfectly optimise.

good idea!

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