Please CCP, only once

Please only once listen to a handful of Players enjoying one specific type of gameplay.

What am I Talking about? Abyssal PVP. As the DEV Blog says, they will REPLACE the current Abyssal Arenas with Filaments and limited time Events, meaning that they will no longer be available permanently. I see no Problem with the addition of new ways of instanced pvp to make it more accessible, but I have a really big Problem with the remove of old Abyssal PVP. I am sure that the old and new Arenas can coexist, as they use more or less the same mechanic. Just that old Arenas is behind a PVE site, which keeps some fits out.

So, please dont remove old Abyssal PVP. Just Keep the proving conduits untouched. Especially since the skillers in the Abyss Event, a few new people appeared on the killboard. And then the killboard just exploded. Same happened also during the hunt Event or trick or treat Event.
I am Aware that at this time, only about 5-10 people do it actively, that gives no reason to just remove it. Imagine you enjoy one specific playstyle for 1 1/2 years and then it gets taken away unexpectedly. However, I am all for the new proving grounds, just, for gods sake, leave the old Abyssal Provings as they are.

I am Aware that the meta has solved with ikitursas, cerbs and Orthrus etc… but Keep in mind, there are Always good and bad ships. It has to do how the ships are balanced, not to do with the creativity of Players. The Ikitursa is well balanced for solo pvp, while it is rather useless outside of abyssal pvp, a Leshak does the same dps, but ramps a lot faster and has more tank. The surgical strike patch also added the Deimos to the proving grounds. With 300m fit Deimos killing 3b+ ikis. And only because the ships are Always the same, it does not mean that the fits arent. Over the last few months, neut ikis became very popular. Almost every Ikitursa that got destroyed since April had neutralizers and Talisman implants. Before that, Shield iki was popular. You see, the Fitting meta changes every few months, and in the past few weeks, meta slowly shifts back to dual battery fits to counter neut iki fits. As you see, the meta constantly changes, just slowly, however, same ship does not mean same fit. It would be nice to see a graph on the different Fitting ways of all the kills done from ikis, like how many Ikis were Shield tanked, how many ikis had burst jammers etc… and that with a time graph.
Even in the new provings, there will Always be good and bad ships. But again, this is a General balane issue, not an issue of the Arena itself. FW isnt that much different, there the meta is more or less solved when it Comes to frigs in novice and small plex. Some Players built some decent fits too, which they showed on YouTube and now many people use them.

Do you remember summer 2019? I do, there used to be a bug which made proving gate stop spawning at exactly 13:00 evetime. That drastically decreased the amount of Players doing it, especially in the us- and au TZ. And guess who it was who made CCP Aware of it, so that it got fixed again? Yeah, it was me :slight_smile: Check out August 2019 issue thread if you want to know more. Then the amount of Players increased again.

I am Aware that there are few Players dominating the Arena, myself included, but there will Always be good and bad pilots. This again has to do with talent etc. And the same Thing might happen in the new Arenas too, imagine a good dualboxer dualboxing two decently blinged vexors?

I mean, add new Arenas, but dont touch current existing Arenas at the end of abyssal sites. This has also opened some creative ways of money making for newer Players: Get a cheap T1 Caracal, do the site and then go in the Arena, hoping that no one Comes for 5 minutes and then get up to 120 mil loot from the cache.

I mean, this is a perfect chance to only once listen to something that affects a dozen Players or so. Please, for only once, dont take away playstyle that I and a few others enjoyed for 1 1/2 years and was like 80% of main activity ingame. You cant do this! Add new filaments, but Keep existing Arenas as they are now!


They will, you found a niche and they don’t like it, they want you to be part of the glorious community in null.

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you really enjoyed that? with a pve ship in a pvp fight … if you like that run sites and missions in low sec … you get that in no time … lol … all the new players can “enjoy” that every day …

well … problem is it was always the same guys … always the same ships … always near the same winners … they now remove that … bring something new … like a 2.0 version … test it out and then they bring a updated 3.0 version permanent … you can see they will bring that permanant … it will be the same with the nullsec filaments … so stay cool … try the new stuff and then wait to get the permanent arena where you can enter with real pvp ships and dont need to think about the pve thing …



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