The request to bring back the old arena is now officially one year old, happy birthday!

So its been exactly one year since the old arena has been removed and the request to bring it back emerged and the celebration is ongoing.

To celebrate this day, I made this video and 4 lucky winners each win an Ikitursa and a Kikimora, also a bit of a compensation for US TZ players that I have negleced a bit for the celebration event.

Anyway, the request to bring it back will still go on and we will not know where the journey leads to.


All arena combat needs to go, arenas don’t belong into EvE and divert people from world PvP endangering the critical mass.


honestly the abyss needs to go, you should have to mine the stuff to build trig ships in pooch or something ingame


Agree, instances kill sandbox/world play. Remove Abyssal deadspace and fold all content associated with it into Pochven.


All we need to know.



With the arenas (the old and new one) this is not the case. There are not that many ppl that do these arenas, especially the Federation day event. So I dont think this has a huge impact on world pvp.
The abyss is not really instanced as you can still camp the trace and gank the ship when it comes out of the abyss

the fact that you can attack someone outside the Abyss does not change that the Abyss is instanced content.

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This is a strawman argument. In reality only the ignorants get ganked. There is no systematic risk. Run it in Jita with enough T1 filaments in cargo, and you are 100% safe from PvP.

Also I was there in lowsec when the arenas were introduced. The PvP population more than halfed the very day it happened and never recovered. Every player spending time in an Instance is lost for the game, which needs a certain amount of people in space to keep healthy.

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i kinda agree that arena dont belong in the sandbox … that said
eve arena is a l33t tournament format only used by the same old tournament pvp people
its expensive and risky ,no carebear put his feet there
i did some but even i (a pvp player) , don’t do arena that much because is a min max game for teoricrafters , no chance without feeling the meta , copying improving the most popular fits
and there is a LOT of collusion to :frowning:
not much effect in the rest of the game IMO

i think 1x1 t1 frigate and t1 cruisers no limit should be permanent , them i would play … but thats me

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