Should CCP bring back the old abyssal arena What do you think?

So, just after the old arena was removed in July 2020, the discussion about PVP encounters in the Abyss came up again (including all the posts about actually bringing back the old arena + a huge giveaway event). All that originally lead to the introduction of the old arena.
There were some interesting ideas, for example a Hunter filament that would allow you to hunt other abyssal runners and gank them, but you would still have to complete the site to get out. I think this would work nicely in lower tier sites, but becomes nearly impossible in T5 and T6 sites. You can ofc kill the runner, but you end up dying either to rats or time.

In my opinion the easiest and most doable answer to all these requests for pvp in the abyss would be to bring back the old abyssal arena like we used to have before the proving filaments were introduced.

So whats your opinion on that? Should CCP bring back the old arena or introduce some other form of PVP encounters in Abyssal Deadspace?

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  • No
  • Maybe

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Arenas are cancer to sandbox games. Like that they have to be removed without any trace left.


They probably will, but I would prefer not.

Royale with Cheese - yes
battle royale - no thanks


no just no, if you want a duel with someone with no loss just log into singularity the test server and shoot to your hearts content, everything costs 100 isk there . closed arenas have no place in eve.



Abyssal proving grounds, the rest of abyssal contents and any forms of filaments need to be deleted from the game immediately, forever and completely.
Those Closed and highly instanced contents are insult to the original game concept.

The only reason abyssal contents are insult to the original concept of the EVE ONLINE.

Because it’s a combination of highly instanced and closed area contents.

Actually, most PVE contents in EVE online are highly instanced. However they are not run in closed area. Even if the pilot is running DED contents, they can be potentially scanned down and get attacked by any other players with appropriate knowledge, modules and techniques.

Any kinds of contents but Abyssal contents are interactive with other players in the end. Even if you run wormhole sites, someone can possibly roll into your krab space. Or anyone can third party your PVP Wormhole Bushido brawls anytime.

However, in current abyssal contents no such thing occurs, never. Only the Abyssal contents are completely disconnected from the rest of the game. Abyssal contents are certainly run on the same “one universe” server though, no one can interfere the abyssal runners or proving grounds participants. Should that be really said to be in the same universe ?

Instanced contents aren’t necessarily bad. But the combination of closed area and highly instanced contents devastates the concept of EVE ONLINE severely.

CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson stated as such below in the interview 2007 ( from the Japanese article ).

I want new players understand that the EVE ONLINE is not the game you can instantly recognize what to do in a second you see the screen.
If you are looking for an instant-fun game, EVE is not what you would have fun with. You’d better not try it.

Our largest concern is, that those who are seeking challenging games gossips words of " EVE is boring" for the reason of lack of understanding how to play eve.

More players means more profit for the company though, We would not like to introduce people called “casual gamers” thoughtless into the game, and won’t do that. There are no point in devastating existing lore or communities.

The reality is, the CCP leaderships have forgotten their own words they used to have, and bowed down to the “casual gamers”.

The history of CCP let us know how the youth ambitions are bittersweet in the reality.


I’m confused, where did anyone mention ‘no loss’? You realise all the ships lost in the abyss are produced in the sandbox. Thousands of them, which provides content and profit to the industrialists of Eve.

CCP please ban OP for life. Thanks.

Abyssal runners can be ganked, even in 1.0 systems. Scouts will look for abyssal traces and take their time seting up ganks.

How about an eating competition Cheese Battle Royale? :cheese:


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This is only true if the losses in abyssal sites exceed the ‘rewards’ - if abyssals are isk positive for abyssal runners, then this devalues the efforts of those who operate elsewhere.

No the rewards do not come back as ships, modules and ammo, they come back as blueprints + materials that have to be manufactured, bought and sold, this is content for the industrial players of the game regardless as to if the rewards are well balanced.

The op specifically talks about the proving grounds, this is a material sink, during some events the market for certain items empty, prices rise and the spike in prices can still be picked out of the market graphs weeks later.

Very few of the capsuleers involved will end up isk positive after being involved in most of these events, although the corvette arena was paid quite well dispite being a ffa, as the cost of entry was so low.

On a different note, I can’t believe a known ganker is complaining about the loot piñatas that high tier abyssal ships are.

I’m not interested in ‘loot’ as you call it.

I don’t know any gankers who gank for isk.

OK, but do abyssal runners not make good targets? Do they not cry as much as miners?

Sorry mate, I don’t even know what an abyssal runner is.

It sounds like some kind of instanced PvE content that is happening in Jita, or something, but I honestly have never mined - so I don’t know that much about ‘top tier’ mining content. All I know is that it sounds pretty lame.

NO NO NOOOO ! Forr fuuuck sake !

I m tired of that ■■■■ !
When CCP introduced that arena ■■■■ i have rally against … people were excited …i told what will happen … i have explained very rational way , how much it cost to our ecosystem … i made lot of enemies that time pages and pages of posts … thread still over there …
NO i wont go down to same rabit hole again…
I am ■■■■■■ up TIRED !

So answer is

> NO

> NO



Just no ……

There shouldn’t be instanced PvP and when i understood they will not step down i have suggested some lvl acceptable structure… frame… but they dont even care…

So … just NO


This is not an interference to the abyssal contents themselves.

I like the special events. Rifter Arena was great for Minmatar celebration, etc.

But they should be occasional events with different formats. New formats mean new metas to some as well. Old style arena with one million Ikis. Been there, done that.

Your going to have to be a bit clearer than that, what’s your question/point?