Should CCP bring back the old abyssal arena What do you think?

If loot isnt the reward, why does it matter if the opponents are bling ships?

Honest question, Ive never done instanced arenas in EvE.

Ah, there are 2 separate points here, because as usual as soon as anyone mentions the proving grounds every one starts ranting about instanced PvE.

Firstly people assume that when you do the proving grounds you appear in a ship spawned out of nothing and then haul an enormous amount of loot out when you finish. The reality is that you have to buy or build your ship and every round 1 or more ships are lost. The winner gets to loot but as most arenas have restrictions of t2 this is normally minimal and there is a cache to loot that contains around 30mil of normal abyssal loot.

My point is that the proving grounds do not exist in a vacuum. They take ships, mods, ammo and implants from the sandbox and return some materials, blueprints and isk (in the form of red loot and sometimes repeatable challenges). This provides opportunity for the industrialists and marketeers and provides a material sink through ship destruction.

The second point is that I don’t understand why gankers don’t like the abyss. The ships required to do the higher tiers are by necessity very expensive, I would have thought they would attract gankers like flies.

OK, so you are talkiong about 2 different things, PvE abyss and PvP abyss.

Thats not the primary objection I have, but if others were thinking that, then I would have assumed they were wrong too.

Ehhh I also assume that most high tier Abyssal farming would be done outside of Highsec. I did do them a few times before they removed the suspect flag (sorry, temporarily removed it for testing), but it felt like I was having a fever dream so I stopped.

What’s your primary objection?

I guess people either run abyssals from HS, safe deep null or wormholes. Anywhere else does not make sense.

Less people in space, more isk sinks

Yeah and thats not places that you find gankers as opposed to regular pvp is all

It’s not as simple as that, for each round (that I’m interested in) I theory craft fits, prepare ships, some bought, some manufactured, and if the event will be expensive I sometimes need to raise the isk need, all of this increases my time in the game interacting with others.

When the event is on I play more than I would normally, I use resources I would normally not use and I spend isk I would normally sit on. The proving ground events increases my interactions with other players, not decreases.

I don’t understand what you are getting at here. The proving grounds is a material sink and a small isk faucet.

Not everyone lives in a Wormhole, deep null is only safe if it is quiet. Being in a big null block won’t help very much as they won’t bother to try save cruiser sized ships, hell, Goons gave up trying to save anything smaller than a super when I was there, except rorquals.

Sorry, I meant faucets, not sinks.

As for the rest, I disagree heavily, but thats just opinion so vOv

That’s a massive straw man, which quite handily suits your position, based on nothing. No one thinks that way.

Try again.

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From higher up in this thread. How else do you get no loss?

But keep in mind that the abyssal sites and provings still take place in open world environment, so anybody can scan the trace down and gank you when you exit

End to all Minigames… Incl, but not limited to… idiotic Exploration Sites Minigames

If you mean that these old abyssals that CCP removed when they were introducing these 2v2. Slicers 2v2 cruisers arenas ect…

My observation was… these old arenas was very niche and gradually harmless for ecosystem… kind of PVE spiced up with PvP and it has fans …

I must admit i got kind of sad when these people lost their fun content…
And it was hillarious to see CCP just replaced that with something hit eco system heavily ,

Yeah I am talking exactly about these old abyssals

Yeaa… :frowning: that was ■■■■… im sory that happened… i told it will happen… and i told how much damage create this replacement with new arenas CCP did …
believe me… i took the fight … of course lost it … i have 2 more subject to bring it on untill i leave forums end of this year…
But this and many other things i have clearly set facts straight, prooven over time, writing pages of essay based on behavioral economics, psych on game design …creating ingame concept to test and provide solutions … nothing worked. I will give up.

Oh they do. But its kept under reported for a reason :smiley:

I’d like for random hi sec systems to get hacked by Trigs and plunged into null sec for 24 hrs. I vote first one to be Jita :smiley:

Abyss runners should randomly encounter eachother. And then they have to decide whether they are going to fight eachother for the rewards found in the chain or work together and split the rewards.

Or screw eachother over…

That would be extremely interesting, actually. I’d even go so far as to say that PvP drop rates should be increased considerably over 50% in those situations.

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I might be the only one but yeah, I would not even be opposed to a “press for honourable 1vs1” button. People who are interested in such an option aren’t interested in emergent PVP and vice versa.

I don’t think the inclusion of one thing harms the other thing. Some of the fights I staged with mates were a great deal more interesting then plenty of onesided fights. That being said, I’m just thinking about the “fun in the moment” and not about the larger consequences.

I would press such a button just to see who else did.

Bringing back the old arena? Yes sure. I have been asking CCP to do this for over a year now. Was such great content that was taken away without any reason