About those arenas people wanted

the Update to the Abyssal proving grounds will be the arena type combat people ave been asking for without the need of having to survive trig.

there will be a filament that it says will take you from any point in space and teleport you to the proving grounds.

so lets take bets on how long before it gets abused/abondoned…oh right gambling is illegal now unless its the game lottery…which somehow isnt gambling…

The arena filaments should only be available in the New Eden Store.


After the supposedly limited-time event when this eventually becomes permanent due to popular demand… this wouldn’t be a bad idea as a way to keep it from completely and totally ■■■■■■■ up the game’s ecosystem :joy:


The only “popular demand” for this will come from carebear forum whiners who think that if the game has arenas, then the “mean griefer PvPers” will leave them alone and just get their rocks off fighting each other over and over again. And of course, the argument will later evolve into “now that we have arenas, can CCP please disable high-sec PvP? we don’t need it anymore!”

Everyone else will lose interest after the first season.


Now that we will have arenas for the PvPers why not make instanced mining arenas? I mean , i like PVE and have little time to play the game, all I’m interested is in joining a quick mining session with my orca, make it so i can use a filament in jita and have a instanced belt for me to mine until the rocks are over , this sad old vets don’t want this because they think is “elite” pvp to kill new guys that don’t have skills yet to fight them back ,just because they have the best ships in the game and is easy to kill other people, thats unfair , please ccp get with the times, the most successful games don’t let griefers abuse new players and if eve continue like that the game will die in less than a year


Adding new instances might be a lot of new code. Would be easier to just give barges 1,000 their current EHP and infinite warp strength instead.

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Just remove mining. Nobody would miss it.

and stargates

just remove Jita

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Sure. As long as CCP seed the markets with minerals the way they do now with skillbooks.

Are we going to pretend that federation navy comets come from mining?

That’'s where the 14 in my hangar came from.

last time i checked they came from galente fw :nauseated_face: and mining

You have this backwards.

High-skill PvP veterans don’t really care about you. Insta-popping your weak mining ship is temporarily amusing but gets boring fast (unless you rage and produce some entertaining hate mail), and there’s no real financial incentive to do it.

The people who hate the idea of instanced mining and want you to STFU and go back to WoW are miners, not PvPers. High-skill miners don’t want you having access to instanced mining because when low-skill players like you are allowed to succeed it creates excess mineral supply and drives prices down. Smart and competent miners want you to continue failing until you ragequit.

thats unfair

Deal with it. Life isn’t fair. Either figure out how to benefit from the unfairness of EVE and exploit others to get wealth and power for yourself or go back to WoW.

if eve continue like that the game will die in less than a year

People have been saying that since 2003. It still hasn’t happened yet.


Dude, I think you missed the sarcasm…


I don’t know, it looks identical to a lot of real posts by farmers…


sounds like resource wars that 1 month in had to revamped because the stores were useless, than 1 month later abandoned by CCP and passed the code to the event team so they can maybe use it for events.

Or make rapid launchers take ANOTHER 40 seconds to load.

Yeah I’m still mad about it.


If it stays permanent, that’s the best way to kill the game. All the carebears and lazy people will just queue up at this controlled environment crap and there will be nobody left to shoot in normal space.

If somebody paid me to think how can I ruin the sandbox, I doubt I would have come up with a more elegant way to do it.


I did come up with some ways of making the PVP arena not-terrible or even possibly beneficial to the game in the official feedback thread: