First look at new abyssal PVP arena!


If you are wondering how the new abyssal PVP arenas are, you can see my first impressions here:

Loot is also pretty decent for stuff run in t1 cruisers, would give good incentives to run these apart from the pure fun of pvp :slight_smile:

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Wait, is that instanced duelling?

WTF is CCP doing.


Turning Eve into all those other games, that didn’t last 17 years…

Or to be more specific - CCP are cashing out in every way possible, using every method in the industry - CCP doesn’t need Eve to last much longer - the £$ windfall is just around the corner… Hi PA - still a good few years though, so cheer up :slight_smile:

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Fixing the game and adding much needed additions to keep EVE Online a fresh and enjoyable experience for everyone. Duh.


This has literally been in the game for years. I don’t know why this is new to you.

Isn’t this just an event anyway? Not permanent?

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Hey that looked pretty darned cool

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I haven’t been playing for years, only recently returned and haven’t really bothered with the “new stuff”.

So let me rephrase the question: which of you fake EVE clowns is OK with instanced ■■■■■■■■ like this?


hey I’m a real EVE clown :clown_face:

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Hurrr durrr I can’t do neutral RR! HTFU or go back to WoW!

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The overwhelming majority of the game. Welcome back.



The majority of incompetent players like those CCP devs and people like Scoots.


Well then,

While I don’t agree with this why not just take your leet skills and own every carebear that does this? Kill them, show them no matter how much they cry for fair fights they will always suck at pvp.

You need to view this as free killmarks.


Carebears won’t use this feature. The only reason they beg for it is as a red herring by pretending that they’re willing, when in reality all they hope for is for something to come along that will distract everyone else so that they can continue to farm in peace.

Carebears don’t PvP. They only pretend that they would, if the circumstances are palatable for them (the circumstances, usually, require the absence of said PvP). I’ve played EVE long enough (and sat in many carebear corporations), and played dozens of other survival-type games, that this isn’t just a theory anymore.

Carebears are drawn to games with loot, and account persistence/progression. So I’ll make two example from other PvP games that I’ve played.

  • H1Z1 was one of the first major survival games on the market. SOE’s president at the time, John Smedley, was notoriously dissatisfied that the board essentially forced him to add PvE servers to the game. There were a lot of debates on forums at the time, with similar arguments that are being made with regard to CCP’s latest arena plans. So, what happened when the game went live? All of those PvE servers became loot vault fortresses, with player structures covering vast majorities of the available land, and players ran around with essentially infinite ammo. Well guess what? They got bored. So what they started begging for on the forums was the implementation of a consensual PvP toggle on the PvP servers, where it was actually fun to play because resources were scarce. I swear I’m not making this up.

  • Planetside 2, another SOE game, was about a three-way non-stop war between technologically-unique factions. Guess what happened just weeks after it came out? Carebears started coming in, and complaining that they couldn’t farm character progress. They started asking for bots, and safe areas to kill them in, so that they could level up without being interrupted by other players. Once again, not making this up.


As long as we’re not forced to do it, and we can still do all the other things we’ve always done, I don’t give a s**t…


Eve Arena?

When Catch the Flag?

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So long as someone’s getting blown up I don’t care. I have ore and manufactured ships to sell.


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looks cool
some will like it … some not … as always …