Oh my stars and garders!



Well unless there are limitations on the security status of a system the filaments can be used in it won’t be PvP but will actually just be ganking, there are no static locations for these deadspace pockets its just an instanced 1 man dungeon for you to run around in and then get thrown back out of in to k-space

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basically gated sites is all they are, nothing new about that


Can’t say the whole camping/ganking beacon aspect excites me… Nor the ship limits (T1/Faction cruisers only).

New bit is ‘you have to exit where you entered’

But basically, yes.

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So what happens if the timer runs out while you’re in the middle of navigating through one of these “dungeons”? Do you die or are you automatically kicked out to your spawn point in high/low/null-sec?

with (basically) rivens inside.
hmmmmm im unimpressed.


There’s more detail coming.

This isn’t your normal PVE :wink:

The ‘gated sites’ bit is just from the outside.

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Yes, that’s the part I’m not thrilled about…

You play Warframe? Cool. o7Tenno

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yeah its been fun.
space ninja with a big fecking hammer , yes, just yes.

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I’m looking forward to the new ships the most.

Not only will you find the skills and parts to craft your own Triglavian ships to fly, a new item type—‘mutaplasmids’—is looted inside of Abyssal Deadspace. When combined with modules (the equipment your ship uses like guns), mutaplasmids have a chance to transform them into powerful Abyssal modules with vastly increased power

Chance based crafting? Seriously? I really don’t like the sound of that

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I hate that too with the T2 BPC’s and don’t talk to me about the damn can spew thing that made me never go near exploration again.

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They removed loot spew btw, I’m guessing the chance based crafting will cost billion’s otherwise the whole economy is going to go into full tilt (maybe, who knows with these thing’s).

P.S. Try not to use god’s name in vain i’m sure many will be offended.

I know but it caused deep mental wounds…

People who are easily offended are not worth engaging in conversation with, so it is fine.


Player NS will get even richer and more powerful.


In eve not engaging in conversation with someone is the least of your concern’s lol, especially when their ship is floating next to your corpse.

Then they would be speaking with their guns which is the best way to deal with the easily offended…

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Player NS can now lolfarm these pockets for even greater wealth.

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