Devblog: Abyssal Onslaught - New Content Coming To The Abyss!

Check out this devblog for more information on changes and new content coming to abyssal deadspace with EVE Online: Onslaught!

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. < a dot

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Make the Blummin drifter ship line XD

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We are going forward with Decayed, Gravid, and Unstable mutaplasmids for the following groups:

  • Magnetic Field Stabilizers
  • Heat Sinks
  • Gyrostabilizers
  • Entropic Radiation Sinks
  • Ballistic Control Systems

We are holding off a little longer on Drone Damage Amplifier and Entropic Disintegrator mutaplasmids

So which is it going to be? Will we have mutaplasmids for Entropic disintegrators or not?

And here we go, after the limited success of Abyssal sites, CCP is expanding them with more tiny niches within their tiny niche. I guess that just adding new agent missions so more than 3% of the players could enjoy new content for the first time in 7+ years is too much to ask… but maybe it’s just that I fail to see who exactly is going to run fleet abyssal sites. Maybe someone CCP feels that since 100 million ISK frigate fits are more affordable than 900 million ISK Gila fits, they will be more popular among players? Maybe enough so the sites are run by no less than 4-yearers instead of 5-yearers? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just wait for the tears when discos and awoxers leave fleet or log off and cause the rest of their fleet to die. :smile: People have been asking for a new way to awox PVE groups after the friendly fire switch was introduced. This is one of the ways.



the sinks however will.

The mechanic for fleet members disconnecting during the site was the first and only thing I asked at the feedback thread for the feature. Got no response. As I’ve said, this new fleet feature it’s gonna be a tiny niche within Abyssal sites’ already tiny niche.


For the PvP aspect it seems as you have a choice or not to enter that pocket, is this true where you will have a choice or not or does it force you into a PvP fight while running the abyssal?

Now only Triglavian dreadnot with anti-capital desintegrator and drones and capital repairers and we good. :ok_hand:

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Are we going to be seeing TIII Triglavian ships similar to TIII destroyers?

Excellent update.

If you don’t like it…go play Elite Dangerous.

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And now we have instanced PvP, but guess what, you have to PvE to get to it.

-1 unreal fail.


It’s too bad they don’t have a rating system or something too give us the ability to give credit to pilots that others can see such as PVE running in those sites, so the more you do with others the better rating.
But I can see how it can be circumvented by players who would artificially inflate their stats only to grief others in some way, meh, that’s why finding actual trust worthy people is difficult, people are treacherous.

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I’m somewhat skeptical about Abyssal PvP ever taking off. Its just going to be two cap-stable Gilas pinging away at each other until their abyssal timers expire or one of them dies of old-age, collapses onto their keyboard and somehow turns off all of their active mods (whichever happens first). OR a cap-stable AB Sacc vs an MWD passive gila which will again simply just kite until the end of time. Some mechanic needs to be added to prevent deadlocks.

This is speaking as someone who killed dozens of highsec T4/5 runners while the suspect flags were still a thing. Most fits need battleship-sized neuts or Vindicator-level DPS to reliably break. There’s no way a pair of optimized T5 runners will be able to break each other in 9/10 scenarios.

Other than that: looks good.

This Abyssal PVP should be completely separated from PVE. Just take PVP filament and dive directly in PVP arena. Clean and simple, is it so painful to create something simple like that?


Disintegrators == Laser
Radiation sinks == Heat sinks

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Good Grief NO

They are going to be the bane of EVE, the most effective counter was to break their power build up cycle and most of the time that’s not an option.

I predict after a year of Tyriglavian frigates & destroyers taking out capital sized targets the null care-bears will be looking for CCP to apply an ECM sized nerf bat.

Why would we want our anti-capital subcaps nerfed?


As a victim, watching your ship get disintegrated without anything you can do about it feels bad