Abyssal PVP

So when CCP first brought out Abyssal PVP. I remember reading this quote from -

‘‘fight for the loot in a high stakes duel to the death where two enter but only one can leave.’’

Well a high percentage of the time it’s two ships enter, no one leaves. Stalemates suck! This is a huge mistake and goes against what CCP promised. Losses in eve don’t bother me, but in stalemates I always offer the other player isk to avoid us both losing ships and they get some isk out of it and their pod as well. I’ve even given loot back to players after good fights because I want players to come back to abyssal PVP. Players like gatogrip that keep trying to get kills in a Caracal. Streamers like Torvald Uruz that keep on trying after losing a lot because he’s having fun. I want Abyssal PVP to work and flourish!! But stalemates ruin it for me. Again not the loss of the ship just the fact that both die when we were promised ‘‘two enter but only one can leave’’.

A simple fix would be just have to a 2nd or even 3rd resist debuff over time. Please fix this CCP. I’m loving abyssal PVP but stalemates make me not want to log on right now.

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A simple fix should address the root problem - (meta/faction)large cap batteries on cruiser-sized hulls that are easy to fit and that give a little bit too much.

All that would do is make everyone fly the curse. And Then people that try to counter the curse in a full passive gilas.

A 2nd resist drop would totally fix abyssal pvp as it stands right now.

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Agreed a 0% resi drop to 100% resi drop over the 20min duration every 2 min 10% resi drop’s type of thing so by 2 min left things are going to pop very very quickly.


Fixed it for you.

Instances in a sandbox is a design error on the part of the developers.


What does that even mean… it’s no different to wormholes. you jump into abyssal space and have to fight there. There’s many that enjoy it. You didn’t reply anything useful just a complaint about ‘instances’. There’s many that like abyssal PVP and detest stalemates which is the point of my topic.

Yes, it is.

In a sandbox game there is one and ONLY ONE copy on the server of each area. When you go to an area you SHARE it with everyone else. That is literally a big part of the definition of a sandbox game.

When you go to a wormhole there is one copy of that area, everyone who enters that wormhole ends up in the same place.

Abyss has what are called “Instances”; which are the opposite of sandbox, each player gets their own copy. Since you have your own copy, and no one can enter, the instance is considered “Risk Free” (PvE is not risk).

Abyss was technically an error on the part of the developers which makes the one server ad they use a lie.


Are you kidding i love stalemates! Especially when you pay the other play to die and they take ur isk and watch your’e ship explode :smiley: there is no better satisfaction out there.

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The current meta is okay.

Stalemate only make cry the pimpmobile pilots that want a “win” button over their 15b-cruiser.

so “pro peeveepee”.

Gimme more salt. Beeing able to mine so much salt from trash pilot with a 420m onyx is good content.

A stalemate would not happen in the “real game” because eventually others would join in.

Instances suck, it is like pulling a thread from a sweater, you can unravel everything.


Do you even do any Abyss ? Do you even know what a full neut spawn is especially in T4 or T5 or are you completely ■■■■■■■ stupid ? Using these is not a choice. Do you think we want to give up so much PG and limit our fits ?

You should watch the Amsterdam video. They did say that ships in general are using too much cap and they will be taking a look at it and making some changes streamlining the modules and rigs. So I got news for you, its going to go in the opposite direction of that which you want.

As far as stale mates go I agree with OP. They should just add another layer or 2 of resistance debuffs which if I remember correctly they said they would do if it became necessary, and it looks like it is.


True. But then they would have to redo all of it. No one in their right mind is gonna run them in the currently required fits / pods. Then what ? Make another event to “gather data” to “find out why people are not running them” like they did the last time ? It wasn’t that long ago, you should still remember it.

And if they do make these doable in cheap ass ships / fits then it will become no better then NS VNI ratting. Complete bull ■■■■ all around. Is this truly what you want ?

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second round of resistance debuffs at 15minutes is what i’d do as well.

But i mean there will be a t2 vedmak in summer so thats probably any semblance of rock-paper-scissors in the abyss meta thrown right into the dumpster anyway.

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also, as much as i dont like the usual eve-o level of “arena in muh sandbox, reeee” badposting i’d seriously appreciate if people could invade abyssal sites in cruisers. Basically rated DEDs 2.0

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Agree, there IS a need for more debuff.

On the CSM Forum I once suggested the following:

25% debuff after 6 min
50% after 12 min
100% after 18 min
and after 24 min all resistances drop to 0 as if the ships had polarized weapons fitted.

It would also be cool if that affected neut resistances as well, since that would allow to counter all these dualbattery cerbs that seem to be quite common now.

Also loot should be better, not funny to just get 5 mil of trash when you risk a 5 bil ship. Maybe add PLEX and stuff to loot. Even the unstable weapon upgrade mutaplasmids only go for like 20 mil in Jita


Do you even Abyss PvP? What kind of avid PvPer goes through T4 or 5 instead of 3?

You’d be surprised, its actually quite a few and you can look them up on Youtube, its not very hard, cause some of them even make videos of it. No wonder you lose in there if you think that only T3 newbs enter. BTW only shitty low end PvP ers enter from T3s. Especially those that are risk averse and only run cheap ass ■■■■ or are otherwise new to the game and can’t fly the required ships yet. In fact, a lot of the people enterign from T3s are just hoping for empty rooms.

Next, if you call for a change that will effect a whole ship class game wide, not just Abyss PvP, then expect a reaction for game wide, not just Abyss PvP related. If you wanted specific changes for specific ships or modules to specific area, then you should have thought like that and formulated your statement accordingly.

They don’t redo and this is not the first failed design.

The typically will let it rot a few years and then take it out.

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So bad dude. :frowning:

Yea, I know :frowning:

We might get a BS size Abyss, that’s a big might, I hope we will. And we already know Trig HACs and AFs are coming, possibly a Dred down the line. I hope they don’t ■■■■ up the event for this like they did with permafrost and Guardian Gala.