Abyssal PVP has been closed more than 7 hours. Why close it? I saw lots of people are runing it. It is wasting my time to spend 20min to check after every hour.

Could you at least let us know, when it will open and close? It is so random.

Stop whining.

Just like Abyssal space itself. Why do you complain?

Ahhh, the groping room, fun times.

Whats the purpose of a game? kill npc for 20min and do it again?

That would depend on the game, and what you do within that game.

Eve is not just abyssal space. You want a fight, you need not move further than Jita. If that doesn’t float your boat, head a few systems over and pick on miners or mission runners.

No ganking, you say? Go on over to lowsec.

Still not gonna cut it? Go stick your nose in a WH.

Not your cup of tea? Okay, roam into null. Still no? Well, so far you’ve managed to say no to just about every other form of gameplay - if abyssal pvp is really the only thing you enjoy, what did you do before abyssal pvp was a thing?



Usually we don’t agree on many things.
But in this your comment is perfect.

+1 Gold star.

I have not seen this name before so i guess he is new. Maybe came here from some arena game?

Abyssal deadspace is meant to be unpredictable and random.

Please don’t rant on the forums.