Abyssal forced to enter Arena

Hi, not sur if this si normal or what, but yesterday I ran an Abyssal T3 exotic, and in the last room there was the 1 exit gate (like I am used to get), it took me to the arena. Now it was my understanding that we would get 2 gates. one that is the regular exit to normal space and the PVP gate that takes you to the Arena.

I do hope that we are not forced in to doing PVP. I am runing Abyssal because it is a NONE PVP activity where NO one can get at you. If so I am quitting Abyssal period.

if you undock you consent to PvP


Chill mate, its most likely a bug; its supposed to have 2 gates

I do really hope its a bug… But its not a cool one. the other player that got thrown in the arena with me also did not want to PVP and got in the arena only because there was just the 1 gate. So you get an arena with 2 Gila (That do not want to fight), one that was fitted to take a full dps from c3 Protected Relic site but using an AB, and mine more DPS, less tank but with 50mn to stay out of range. we played cat and mice for 15 minutes. We ended up on an agreement that it was dumb to loose both ship and so we sacrificed the cheaper one of both ships. Left the Arena loot behind as I had only 16 second to get the F out.

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Wow this should be a feature. Impressed.


As others have pointed out it should be a bug.



chill, it was absurd humor. As in, “now CCP as enforced the pvp when you undock”. It makes no sense and that’s why the poster posted it. However you take the bait and now deserve to be considered the fool.

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And this is why I can’t find Gila’s taking the chance in highsec connected wormholes anymore. They have created a safe space for them in a game that prided themselves on having no safe spaces. Case and point 1.0s and .9s get FOBs and Sansha incursions. When you go into abyssal, you are safe from me killing you.

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He did not says they were the same, stop distorting his post.

He put the argument to the extreme to show it is absurd.


They have to exit some time.
Either they die in the abyss or a few tornados can handle the job.
They are never safe while undocked.

Nor can I enter their area and start stealing their loot.

And this is a problem?
Can you enter a station and steal someones loot?
So that minor detail is irrelevant.

It has been stated many times throughout the years by Devs that you own nothing in space.


Well I mean you can say the same for warp? When you enter warp you are safe until you are landing. Just wait where they will get spit out it’s pretty easy and you have a lot of time to probe.

I can enter your mission and steal your loot. You are comparing too different things here.

You get Abyss “missions” from a high sec agent?
Which agent?

…two different things huh…

some people just arent very bright are they…

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