PSA: People gank T1/T2 abyss frigate runners so Pay attention!

Pay attention even in T1/T2 frigate abyss sites or you may get ganked. I have been ganked once. Explain why it happens below:


A friend of mine has been watching your videos for quite a while, he recommended you and he wasn’t wrong.
You are great fun and you have more energy than almost anybody else making videos about Eve.

Thank you!


I’ve also noticed that one group has started to gank larger ships coming out of the abyss with around ten destroyer’s and like you say people pop out of the hole and think oh that’s over and back in high sec I’m safe.

I scanned down a trace the other day and watched a gila sit there for 5 mins repping back up and waiting for for cap to refill, before opening up a new hole , luckily no ganker was around , just me cloaked.

So all Abyssal runner’s when you come out, warp off right away , meanwhile we will try to catch some of these gankers

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Why? It’s not like gankers gonna use cloak. If there is no one on grid and no combat probes. You are quite safe. Also safest place to run abyss is Jita. They can’t put mobile depo on you. So you can always jump into another filament. If you have ability to play just before DT. You can run abyss in almost perfect saftey.

Not to mention that with amount of filaments in jita. It’s hard to pin point specific players. If you do it in some dead end, low population system. It take only one, system wide combat scan (easily done when warping between gates so no slowdowns) to see if anyone is running abyss. With only few people in local. It’s usually easy to find exact character that is doing sites and most of the time fit.

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What are you talking about, maybe your a ganker killing Abyssal runners which is the only reason I can see to insinuate my information has no point or is wrong.

Do you even know what a killboard is and that other people want your stuff.

To many people sound like the wildebeest crossing the crocodile infested river , oh it’s ok there are so many of us I’m bound to be ok

I’m talking about game mechanics. And it seams you don’t understand some of them.

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If everyone understands the game mechanics this post would not be here .

My money is still on you being a ganker scout, like the one’s who hang around a hole to see what comes out .

To tell you the truth many people do it right but some of these ships are very high in value it’s worth them waiting to catch somebody not on the ball just like op said happened to him .

Hope you are what I think you are, if not have fun in the abyss and fly safe

So you completely ignore my arguments, don’t make any counterarguments. Just throwing ■■■■ around and calling people gankers. Typical, pathetic attempt to move discussion to garbage level becouse someone lacks any reasonable arguments.

While it would take few minutes to test that you can’t really stop someone from jumping into new filament in Jita. Or that highest range combat probe scan will cover most of the systems. Showing abyssal traces and potential runners.

But why do that when you can simply call people names.

This is not a debate, gankers are killing Abyssal runners, for what ever reason be it lack of knowledge, or laziness, or a moment of distraction.
I have no argument with you and not going to counter anything you say, just I don’t understand your anti-my post stance ,which leads me to believe your a ganker scout that’s all .
Like all anti-ganking activity we need to work out how to counter there game play ,which is what we are doing making people aware is one step to helping people not to be ganked.

I’m giving out tips how to be safer running abyss and you still call me ganker. Maybe it’s heat but chill down your RP shenanigan’s. Because it seams you can’t even properly read while doing your “ganking crusade”.

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So explain all the ship losses in jita and sys around jita.

Your not giving people any useful tips other than try to run these sites before down time .

Who moved the discussion to garbage lvl , I’m just suprised at your aggressive almost personal attacks for me posting a warning to Abyssal runners, who would dismiss that advice, a ganker would

Not even sure I understand what you are referring to, we are not a RP corp and all we are trying to do is warn people of the danger and work out ways to kill these gankers but my crusade will continue against gankers and supporters.

Maybe my anti-ganking play style offends you in some way , so if your not a ganker then I’m sorry if I rubbed you up the wrong way ,Not that any of our chat matters people are still losing ships

You mean people gank things that are worth killing?

I am both shocked and amazed

In other news, space is cold, grass is green and water is not wet


hehe :heart::heart::heart:


I agree! Love me some Aceface videos :star_struck:


He’s as good as it gets isn’t he?
Everything from “here’s what you can do and how to have fun doing it” to “look at my collosal blunder, wasn’t that amazing? (Here’s what I could have done instead)”.
You can taste the adrenaline watching his stuff.
He might just be the third best commentator on YouTube.


Yep, we are gossiping about you.

I love this, you sneaky anti-ganker you!

You know something, she’s got you. She told you how it can be done… In detail.

She is, she spelled out how to arrive in a system, launch combat probes, warp to next gate, examine combat probe results and decide whether to keep going or gank someone.

I adore you and what you do as much as I adore your enemies and what they do, but she’s right, she described some of the mechanics of how it’s done.

I adore you too but I’m talking about running Abyssal in high sec high populated areas
Maybe we have been disagreeing on different subjects, you can’t see gankers in local jita that well , pilots don’t look to see who’s on grid and sit far to long doing nothing. Do it her way you would be safe but for most it’s not practical or even possible.

It’s a nice easy eve thing to do run an Abyssal when you have a free 20 minutes , no travel just undock and off you go, but you come out and a ships waiting for you

I don’t understand how she has me , so bearing in mind my aim is to hunt down Abyssal gankers because of the large numbers of kills in jita, I then see a post from someone else who has notice this too, from a single ganker where we are tracking a large group taking out bling ships.
Her 1st words are dismissive of my post despite the evidence, so why ? Which leads me to conclude she’s not liking my actions and post for some reason, it’s either me she doesn’t like or she’s a ganker , trying to think if there is any other reason.
Happy to chat about this and if I missed something or have miss understood what she said please point it out.

Sorry op for running away with your post my only aim is to make unaware players see the dangers.
Well strictly speaking that’s the 2nd aim , 1st is to kill gankers :hugs:

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