Safe space to do Abyss

Hello guys, safe space for y to do abyss, already dead 2 times after leaving abyss, one time in 0.6 and another in 0.9, thinking move to a gate to do abyss, what do y think the best place to do abyss?


There are no safe spaces in EVE, nor should there be…


I suggest you find a 1.0 system that is far from a trade hub to do them. Also, if you are flying a really blingy ship, have an alt sit at the exit point in a corvette. If gankers show up, shoot them and get Concorded. You will lose your alt, but Concord will already be there to respond when you come out of the abyss. Personally, I stopped doing the abyss all together because of internet disconnection deaths.


Jita is best. It takes literally one combat scan to see if someone is running abyss in system. There is no point in going outside trade hub. To systems where you can be easily found, identified and killed. Also Jita has advantage for you, that gankers can’t put mobile depot on you and prevent from jumping into another filament.

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use a safe spot in a quiet system*

*not in caldari space

Plenty of spots just need to do some research.

Weirdly enough your best bet would be off the path low-sec systems, this will keep the gankers away as they usually have burst fits vs actual PvP fits and anyone willing to roam is either going to be just as afraid of you as you are afraid of them (let alone the confident move of doing Abyss in that space).

Look for systems without structures, use dotlan to check reported traffic and ship losses, and try and find a system that is a little bit farther away than one would normally travel through (systems that are on forks).

Eve Online is huge, something like 7k+ systems and only around 21k players online on average and perhaps a good 2k+ are chilling in Jita and Amarr.

Gankers are opportunist’s they aren’t really PvPer’s; anyone can make a ship with high alpha and approach and press some buttons.

If you are looking to hide away in hi-sec and play during EST afternoon hours, Amarr space is where you want to be; as far as I can tell since my return it’s mostly Russian’s / German’s / Polish / etc. in that region.

Gallente space is also pretty peaceful, though a fair bit closer to The Citadel region which honestly is where a good majority of the non-null players live; seems to be a mix of players though and a fair bit more active (my running theory is players like darker sky-boxes and Amarr space is too bright).


If you are running in a high security system running in a HAC (with ADC fit) is much safer than using a Gila or similar, many gankers just won’t gank you, since gilas tend to have more bling, and that ADC can reduce the time they have to kill you from 14 seconds to essentially 4. You can get baited though.

Personally I’m too paranoid to run cruiser abyss in empire space

Could you elaborate on this, please? Is there a risk to get baited while in a HAC w/ ADC that a Gila pilot does not need to take care of? Is that a timer thing?

What he means, is that they cant bait from you ADC cycle and kill you when you are vulnerable in cooldown

May I rephrase you?

The gankers would intimidate you with their presence to activate the ADC before the gankers even shoot (so the gankers have no timers yet). After the ADC stops, you would have to wait the ADC’s cooldown and the gankers can open fire on a much more vulnerable target.

Did I get that right?

Do them right in the trade hubs, despite what other people will tell you. How far do you want to be from a trade hub where you can sell your goods? Can you find a station that’s close enough but also with a low enough population? Or are you going to move out farther from a trade hub? If so; are you going to do one at a time and then haul the loot back to a tradehub as you complete them? Are you going to do a bunch and then get in a badger and haul it all out at once? Or are you going to contract someone to move it to Jita for you?

There is a ridiculous amount of traffic in Jita. Some might be waiting for people to do abyssals, but I rarely have any issue. Sure it’s happened before where I’ve died as soon as I’ve popped out, but I’ve also managed to get away a few times. Just stay alert

You want to use private structure, not station.

This so wrong on so many levels that I suspect you are nothing more than ganker. Abyss lot has almost zero volume. You use sub 2s ship not T1 hauler. Courier contracts move for lest than 500k per jump. It won’t impact your isk/h.

Hauling is terrible argument for convincing people to do abyss in trade hub.

Yet, you suggest trade hub with even bigger traffic…


No, it’s not. Have you tried it? It’s the easiest and most profitable way to do it.

I occasionally practice the art of ganking, yes. But that is irrelevant.

500k isk per jump is still isk you’re losing out on for no reason

I provided two choices. Either just do it in a trade hub where you’re masked by the amount of volume, or do it in a far away forgotten system. My point is that for them to find a system that has a low enough population, they’ll have to go quite a ways from a trade hub.

As others have said, the safest approach to doing abyss with blingy ships is to have an alt sitting at the exit who can shoot the gankers while your main ship is invunerable and bring concord to the exit.

Other recommendations:

  • Run abyss in 0.9 to 1.0 systems for faster Concord response.
  • Use a heavy assault cruiser with assault damage control but beware of ADC baiting as above
  • Avoid expensive active gila fits

The reason why CCP does so much to support gankers (cheap destroyers, surgical strike, recent 90% drop halloween event etc etc) despite them being small in numbers as a % of the playerbase is that they are good for CCP’s bottom line. Gankers blow up ships, which increases PLEX sales and prevents inflation. In order to guard against gankers, the best option is to get a 2nd paid or PLEXed account, which again benefits CCP.

Also running them in deep safes. I mean you can still be scanned down, but chances are lower.

I seent people doing them straight in asteroid belts LOL.

For the ADC baiting the procedure would be

Immediately try and warp to a station or structure

Now, they do one of the following -

Scram you > concord is on the way, activate your ADC
Attack you > concord is on the way, activate your ADC, and warp off anyway if allowed to do so
They do nothing but try and intimidate > just warp off and dock

The long and short of it is that there is nowhere that’s perfectly safe to run abyssals. That’s just the nature of the game. However, there are a lot of options as to where you can run them, with pros and cons for each. I’ll also give you a few tips that might help make your runs safer.

If you have an alt, use it! Park them on your abyssal trace so that you can see gankers coming. If you’re in highsec, you can suicide into them to pull CONCORD on grid. They normally have a response time of 6 seconds (12 if they’re already present elsewhere in the system, which gankers will take advantage of to have more time to kill you), which is more than enough time for a ganking fleet to kill you. You have 60 seconds of invulnerability when you leave the abyss, but this is cancelled if you move your ship or activate modules. Use this time to assess the situation, burn your alt into them, and get CONCORD on grid. If you don’t have an alt, heat your tank, your weapons, and go down swinging. You might be able to hold out, or you might be able to kill one or two and get enough DPS off the field to survive.

Jita, despite what people say, can be a relatively safe place to run abyssals, provided you take the right precautions. Jita obviously has 4-4, which allows you to sell your loot easily as well as resupply quickly. Jita also prohibits anchoring Mobile Depots, which gankers can use to keep you from ducking back into another filament (as filaments can only be activated if you’re at least 1,000 km away from structures, stations, deployables, etc.). Also, because many people run abyssals in Jita, it helps you get “lost in the noise,” so to speak. If there are gankers in Jita looking for abyss runners, they have a lot to pick from. If they single one out, there’s a good chance it won’t be you. If you’re in a quiet system and people show up looking at D-scan for potential targets, your lone trace is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

If you’re going to go out of Jita, then you need to go way out of the way. Filter your star map by ships destroyed in the last 24 hours, as well as the number of concurrent pilots in system. This should help you find a remote system where you can run in (relative) peace. You’ll need to pack extra supplies because you’ll be far away from a trade hub, and you’ll need a way to get your ship out there without people picking up on what you’re doing. You could fit your ship with a travel fit (which usually consists of a very large buffer tank), but this won’t protect you from large gangs or from getting scanned. If you have the skills for it, you can smuggle your packaged ship and modules out in a blockade runner and fit your ship at your destination. Blockade runners can cloak, have quick align times, and are immune to being cargo scanned. You can also use this same ship to sneak your loot back to Jita or Amarr or wherever you’re selling. If you don’t have access to blockade runners, your next best bet is either a covert ops frigate, travel-fit interceptor, or something like a quick-align Sunesis.

You could also run in wormhole space, but this carries its own set of challenges. It pretty much necessitates the use of a probing alt, you don’t have CONCORD there to react if you’re found out, and depending on what connections are active you might get more traffic than you want, and unless you have an unhealthy obsession with hole rolling it doesn’t seem worth the trouble unless you’re already established there for other reasons.


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