Vale of Silent?

Is this a safe place to go to?

if you want to bump into one of the most bad ass pirates ever

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Fraternity runs that part of space.

i don’t believe in NS alliances


So going there to mine high value stuff is out of the question then?

Think I’ll avoid that part of space for now…

Safe? No. Nowhere is safe in Eve.

Out of the question? Also no.

Fly something cloaky like a Prospect. It’s surprisingly good of a miner and a decent gas harvester as well. If you just want standard ore you should probably just join a nullbloc and get it with significantly less risk/headache.

one day i was there with 2 friends
they apear on dscam
they took 40 minutes to form a gigantic fleet to fight 3 man
we murdered one of their bhaalgorns and ended isk positive
yes they are that bad

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The high value stuff to mine is in lowsec now.

You mean like Tritanium, Mexallon and Pyrite?

Is Hemorphite a good selling ore?

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I think the hardest part is getting past the highsec border. Then it’s pretty safe to fly around various places.

For an intruduction to open PvP zones, I would suggest something else. Get a really cheap Venture and take it to your local lowsec space to mine stuff. You will die a lot (my chances back then were 50/50 between returning with something and a lost ship) but you will progressively get more comfortable and hopefully have a good time as well.

Also start experimenting with D-Scan. It’s one of the most useful tools both for hunting and running away so you want to know the mechanics. Using the default PvP filter for it is perfectly fine.

Trying to avoid PvP with a passion as I hate it. At the moment, I’m just wanting to make ISK and buy a bigger ship that can do more or upgrade what i have (Currently using the Wreathe ship).

quote> Trying to avoid PvP with a passion as I hate it. At the moment, I’m just wanting to make ISK and buy a bigger ship that can do more or upgrade what i have (Currently using the Wreathe ship).

As much as that might be, it might end up haunting you later when you do get into a larger ship. The Wreathe ship is all fine for that new exploring adventure fitted with t1 fittings/t1 modules should keep the cost to under (3million isk) through can be rather risky with the slow align time and taking it through lowsec.

The only issue I see in the Wreathe when first starting out is the Align Time.

I’m looking for a larger ship that can hold more but at the same time, if I do get attacked I can also hold my own and fight back. Thankfully the Sansha’s Minion fighter around the belts barely do any damage to the ship.

To clarify and I’m sure you already know, the wreathe can’t equip weapons.

In that case, I have to tell you that non-consensual PvP is a big part of the “risk vs reward” formula.

That’s not the philosophy I would use. Every ship has it’s tricks to survive but it’s almost never brute force. In case of cargo ships, it’s better means of getting away.

Well, to be fair I just started getting into EVE less then a week ago. I’m trying to get my footing in game while building a ship that I’m ok with. Same reason why I’m trying to avoid PvP besides just hating it.

My very first ship loss was a Wreathe because I shot at a Autothysian Lancer.

*With fittings and first starting out your best option is to use the ingame fitting chat channel.

If you are planning on going from belt to belt we refer to that as Ratting where you shoot at the Pirate NPC’s you might be better in a Destroyer and will also get you through your L1 Security missons quickly.

Then if or when you want to carry items for say the Distribution agents mission, you can use your Wreathe for those.

I would need the skill learned though to fly a destroyer, wouldn’t I?

I just started a new pilot the other day and question to you are you getting your daily log in for your new pilot?

For that new pilot I will be getting a Destroyer on my Day 11 (tomorrow even)
You see the skill book I got on Day 8.

Is that the same as yours? I thought that the game gives new pilots the tools to play.

Day 9 I get a Gnosis ship, but then I just subbed this morning so I was getting the non-omega stuff until today.

I would save the Gnosis until close to the end of your first month or even sell it to buy you a few frigates or destroyers as even that is sort of overkill for non-pvp gameplay until you reach L3 type security missions.

You would be more productive sticking to the smaller ship classes as your skills to fit the Gnosis will take you some time to train.

You could even follow the path of what Dark Lord Trump above mentioned. Would be a solid path to focus on training towards. it is how you get there is up to you.