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I made an account actually as an Amarr. I heared much about the game but to make it short, I play casual, not into pvp and i just want to play in a niche in space somewhere, far away from pvp and ganking, i read much about that, often thought if EVE is the game for me but this time i want to try it out.
So what do you say, should i try it, if i just want to do mining, missions and easy gameplay without griefers, is that even possible ?

The second question is, are there family friendly us-guilds for casual players out there ?

Many thanks in advance for your answers

There is no complete safety in EvE once you undock. You can remain safe and lose relatively few ships but you cannot have a “safe space” where you cannot be attacked. There is high security space where there are punishments for non-consensual aggression but even there if the attacker is determined enough thay may do it anyway. Believe me when I say it isn’t as bad as people make out or nobody would play. Just be smart about it and learn from your losses instead of complaining about them.

I know that there is no 100% safety, i just would like to get close to the 100% :slight_smile:

Well yeah just play in Hisec, don’t shoot anybody you don’t want to be able to shoot back at you and keep your ship value less than insane. Fit a tank instead of going for max yeild when mining, that sort of thing. If you actually take steps to remain safe you’ll be fine.

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So area doesn’t matter at all ? Maybe there are areas where there are not that many people or such

Yeah exactly. Areas far from major trade hubs are generally pretty sparsely populated, even in Hisec. Amarr space is actually the largest area of Hisec so you picked a good place to start. Look on the map for statistics like Number of Jumps in Last Hour etc to determine rough target areas for investigation. Issue may be when you come to do higher level missions or something that might force you toward more populated areas but by then you should be well capable of avoiding a lot of trouble.

The Eve universe is a big place, but there are also lots of players. The only places you are likely to find system with absolutely no one in them is in lowsec or nullsec (highsec is almost always busy) however that never lasts for long and you’re a valid target that can be destroyed without any repercussions so long as you’re in lowsec or nullsec. Although highsec is much busier where almost every system will have at least a couple other players in it, there are penalties for unprovoked PvP so you’re actually pretty safe. Most people in highsec usually aren’t looking for a fight, if they were they wouldn’t be in highsec so it’s pretty safe.

I’ve been playing Eve for about a year and I spend most of my time in highsec. In the past year I’ve only been killed by another player once while in highsec and that was by a member of CODE which is a group that intentionally focuses on cheap highsec kills while RPing (roleplaying). Most of the time someone gets killed in highsec it’s because of a few reasons:

  1. You’re in a corp that’s wardecced: this can be avoided by staying in an NPC corp.

  2. Carrying super-expensive cargo in a ship with little to no tank: make certain your cargo isn’t valuable enough to die for.

  3. You ticked someone off: don’t trash talk anywhere, especially in local, unless you are absolutely certain you can back it up (hint: you can’t back it up)

  4. You change your security setting off of green: keeping your security setting at green will keep you from accidentally doing something that will allow you to kill you without consequence in highsec. Scammers will sometimes try to convince you to turn it off and and then do something stupid but so long as you remember to not go off green you’ll be fine.

Don’t use auto pilot

It’s like, look at the map of the US; cities have a lot of players, countryside between them does not. That’s why the replies above aren’t “go west” or “go north”, but rather “if you go a few jumps away from the trade hubs, mission hubs, etc., you can probably find a quiet system.” Actually, just open the map, and reconfigure the coloring of the star dots by how many pilots are present in each solar system, and voila. Map can be reconfigured to show you all sorts of data / statistics. PVP kills, number of pilots in space, security status, what stations are present, etc.

However, keep in mind that:

  1. EVE is a PVP game, and even high-security space allows PVP attacks (with some consequences).
  2. High security space is also the most crowded space, and has the lowest rewards.
  3. There isn’t much that you cannot do solo in high-sec. High-sec corps can’t really offer anything special, and as a result tend to be crappy (not all of them, but mostly).
  4. There’s quite a bit of risk of PVP attacks in low-sec, null space, wormholes, but this is a game, and PVP is basically what the “fun” is, so the rewards in low and null are much better, to allow for ninja-resource-gathering. Go in, strike it rich, see if you survive bringing the loot to high-sec to sell.

So ultimately your choice will likely lead to boredom / the equivalent of grinding for ISK in the newbie starter zone (in other MMO games).

Someone needs to mention this:

OP, you will die to someone eventually. Word of advice: it’s okay to be angry, but don’t be stupid and calling him names. Instead, contact your attacker and ask him about yourmistakes and how you can avoid them the next time. Most people are helpful to new players, who are willing to learn. And that you better be in EVE.

Here is a Map of Domain, I suggest Dotlan for it’s easy to read: Dotlan Map Jumps in Domain Here you can determine which systems are calm.
Then you need another view (security status) to find out if CONCORD helps you in case of emergency: Domain Security Status
After a short glimpse I’d suggest Shumam , Horir, Pedel, or all the systems around Ana for a start. One or two months for mining and ratting with very few hostile company, until you think about a more thrilling area to live in.

Thanks for the links, they’re indeed very helpful.
While playing some other questions popped up. Eventually someone can help me in this too

  1. I read from CODE, are there other threats and is there a map where their main work area is ? Maybe someone knowing them well made one

  2. I read you can pay money to them to be not attacked anymore, is this useful, can you advice it ?

  3. How many people playing the game are using the forums too ? In most game its not even 10% but EVE seems different in many ways

Edit: 4. how can i make the letters ingame bigger(all, not only chat) ? I don’t see that good but don’t want to use glasses if not urgently necessary :wink:

Don’t worry about CODE. unless you’re flying an over packed freighter or an under tanked mining barge. You can also add their alliance with a RED standing to make them easy to spot in local.

You can buy a Permit from CODE. for 10 Million ISK. That said, I think it’s much more a roleplay thing and I’ve heard of loads of people buying permits and still being attacked. I wouldn’t bother personally as they’re easy enough to avoid anyway and buying permits only fills their RP needs.

Way less than 1% I would imagine, judging by the number of faces I see around here. Maybe more read and don’t post…

Use the “UI Upscaling” option in the ESC options menu. You can make all the text / windows etc a little larger or smaller from there I believe.

The Basic badge is given to anyone who tries to make a post on the forums, I think, and we have 13,000 people with the badge.

The daily server logins shows about 30,000 people online at the same time (depending on time of day), and typically for MMO games you multiply that by 5x to get a rough estimate of the total number of accounts, so 150,000 estimate.

So 150k accounts / 13k forumites = 9% of the players post on the forums. That seems to be the typical number for MMO’s. So EVE isn’t different, actually.

Yeah totally Memphis there are 13 thousand of us on these forums… … :roll_eyes:

You can, but you will get bored very fast. EvE is a PvP game and the scripted content is very limited, and serves only as money source for other activities. But there is no point making ISK in game without risk and loss. :wink:

The absolute best way to be safe in New Eden is to learn about New Eden. Since experience is usually the best way to learn it is almost a guarantee you’ll lose a ship or ten. Take your time and explore the many different things to do in the game.

Have fun, fly safe, ask questions.

Eve is a fun game, I think you might like it. There is so much to see and explore. Lots of game depth, exploration, wormholes, manufacturing, mining, pi, PvE, and market place, and space trucking.

But there is no 100% that you won’t be killed by another player. In high sec, they are punished by the space police. Gankers are not every where, I haven’t lost a ship in high sec in forever, it’s kinda rare really it is.

I was stupid yesterday I snuck into low sec into a almost empty system, and got caught by a tengu. You can mitigate the risk by taking being in high sec, watch the surrounding area with dscan, if a catalyst drops on grid go ahead and warp out.

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