Safe space where aggressors won't dare to shoot you

I was a member of the eve-online gang for over 7 years and finally got tired of bullies and thieves. I love the game but there are personalities that ruin it for others.
When my subscriptions ran out the last time, I didn’t renew. I wrote the following letter to Eve Support. The reply that I received suggested that I share the letter on this forum so that it could be discussed. He said that through this forum changes in the game are possible. I want to return to Eve but that will only happen if there are more like me who want to play in truly safe space. Here is my letter:


I was a member of the eve family for several years. I enjoyed staying in “safe space”, meaning greater than 5, and growing and building. It became my other life.

Over the past two or three years, that I was a member of the Eve family, the aggressors became too much for me and I quit eve.

I miss eve, what it used to be! But, I will never go back again because of that unnecessary aggression that is now occurring in “safe space”! Unless…

A new plan: Eve can rearrange their affairs by setting aside several systems for peace loving people like me. You have 00 space to 04 space for the aggressive people. You have 05 on up for “safe” areas which are no longer safe because the aggressive people like preying on unarmed miners, etc. You might say to yourselves, it is difficult to make more systems. You don’t need to make more systems! You have hundreds already in place. Just choose a large area of systems and eve mail everyone telling them that on such and such a date this area will be called ____________ and here are the new rules for that area. It is that easy.

NOW! Set aside several systems to be for peace loving people who only need to worry about the occasional pirates that the people can protect themselves against. Don’t make those pirates stronger than they now are in 05 and up space.

These new systems, all in the same geographical area, could be called “A1” maybe, meaning Aggression free zones. This would become that secure haven that peace loving people could enjoy. No one likes to have bullies and thieves enter their homes and rape and pillage them!!!

To keep this new “A1” group of systems aggression free, here is a plan: When an aggressor enters that “A1 zone” looking for easy prey, and they shoot someone, there is a consequence. The consequence is, the eve computer will instantly destroy the aggressor’s ship, implants, and all that is a part of that ship. Not only that, but the eve computer will also automatically deduct three times the cost of the victims ship, implants, and associated gear and put that amount into the victim’s bank account in addition to the usual insurance payout.
Why three times the cost you might ask? Because it takes a long time to study the ships and gear that the victim might want on the new ship, plus, it takes a lot of time traveling around to buy and collect that new ship and gear. That penalty for unnecessary aggression would pay the victim for all of that lost time. There needs to be a consequence for the bullies and thieves!

The victim would still be participating in the game’s commerce this way and possibly be trying out new equipment because of that loss. This way commerce continues and the “safe A1” zone remains truly safe.

Now you might ask yourselves who would want to be in “A1” space? There are a lot of people like me that just want a second life that they can escape to and be in control of and know what the outcome of their decisions will become. Also, in your advertisements you can include wording that would appeal to people like me. Have two parts of the advertisement, one for aggressors and one for peace loving people. In the advertisement tell how we can work in the various trades and build our empires by mining and other forms of trade and not have to worry about aggressors and wars. There are a lot of us that this would appeal to. Most of the fun of eve, for me and hopefully others, is the commerce. Being able to make things and figuring out ways to market and transport them to the entire eve universe.

I would like to be placed on your waiting list to rejoin EveOnline when this “A1” (or whatever you will call it) is in place. Please let me know when I can come back to my “improved” second home. I won’t pay a subscription fee just to see if you have made that upgrade so please let me know, then I’ll come back.

Thank you,

Darwin Hall
Pecale, Regap and my other alts

Now guys, lets put some pressure on eve to set asside some systems for industrious peaceful people.
Thank you.


So, basically, high security space that is utterly, absolutely secure, with absolutely no downsides (and thus no reason NOT to be there), secure from all attempts at killing anyone within it (wardecs too if I had to guess), and thus a perfect safe haven for bots and people who just want to go AFK and mine all day, and so on.

Yeah, no.


Will this risk-free space also be resource-free?

Being 100% safe is fine, as long as you contribute 0% to the economy.

Doesn’t this already exist? It’s called the test server.

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Dup thread

You appear to have spent too much time thinking about limiting how players can be aggressed in your safe space, and not enough time thinking about what limits should be placed on the players using the safe space.

Here’s an example to consider:

A Tale of Two Citadels.
Let’s consider two citadels to be used to build ships, modules, ammo, etc, and then selling that stuff at a profit to other players.

One citadel is in “safe space”., the other is not. Citadels are player owned station that can be attacked and destroyed, except in your suggestion anyone who attacks a citadel inside safe space is insta-destroyed, so a citadel in safe space effectively becomes immune to being attacked. Depending on how the citadel in safe space is used, it has the potential to generate a lot of income without any risk of it’s “isk faucet” capabilities being explosively turned off by a rival group of players. A citadel in not-safe space has none of these advantages. The citadel in non-safe space can always be attacked, can always be destroyed, the owner must face that risk as part of the reward of being able to use the citadel to their advantage.

What limits should be put on the income generating potential of your safe space to prevent that potential from being abused? Before you say “players would never take advantage of earning isk at zero risk”, human nature says that there certainly are people who would leap at a chance like that.

You clearly haven’t spent enough time thinking about how your idea could be abused, and as such your idea is seriously unbalanced. If you want to place strict limits on the risk the players in your safe space will face, you need to balance that with equally strict limits on the rewards inside your safe space.

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@Regap exactly this mentioned here. There is a “PvE server” for players who don’t want non-consensual interaction. Just go to Singularity and problem solved.

Closest thing to safe spaces in game atm. However these restrictions are in place to protect newbros only. Generarly high sec pvp groups stay clear just to be sure.

Still, won’t this game become stale If there are absolutely no risk involved? As suggested above, singularity server sounds more like something you might enjoy more.

Nice remark!

Although I agree to idea of original topic, it should be implemented ONLY against rude ganking without reason.
Officially declared wars (and kills) among corporations and alliances MUST BE allowed even in this “A1” zone.

Thats just my newbie opinion :slight_smile:

Mite irritatingly, that would mean that anyone in an NPC corporation is utterly untouchable there, as they can’t be wardecced.

And would once again encourage just dropping to an NPC corp and doing whatever (tax free especially) activities you can think of exclusively in the safety of these new zones.

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My point was:
If you run into player corporation just for low or zero taxes (just for additional income), you have to know negative consequences - that you’re no more safe anywhere. :slight_smile:

You can’t sign up for the jungle that is EVE and then ask for the rules to be changed. If you didn’t know what you signed up for, then that’s your fault. if you knew and now aren’t satisfied, go play something else.

Do you also play chess and demand that the rules of the game are changed for your personal liking?

This approach towards Life itself is seriously unhealthy in the long term (both mentally and physically) and you should seek help that enables you to improve your real life, instead of running away from it. Your desire for further isolation will only make things worse for you, and will further disconnect you not only from reality, but also from yourself.

And this tells me you’re dishonest, because nothing in EVE ever was safe. And topping that, there is far less aggression nowadays due to far less people doing it.

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OP, you played EvE for 7 years but never found / figured out that what you say you want already in large part exists in the game? Such similar situations exist through the efforts of player groups and not CCP, as it should be. No, it’s not 100% safe, but pretty safe.

If you are making your return to EvE dependent on CCP making totally-safe zones in EvE, then you will never return, as CCP has stated they will never do that.

Perhaps, but why should paying 11% (less, really, because not all income is taxed - only missions and bounties) tax entitle you to then take 0% of the risk?

You can have this if you only earn participation ISK that can’t actually be used on the market.

On second thoughts no, even that would be horrible.

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There is no “EVE Family.” If you were part of a player group, then you can call them your “family”, but otherwise we don’t know you. We’re not family, we’re not friends, we’re not even acquaintances, we are just players. That means we, other players, interact with you in the ways the game allows. Mostly with “lock target, activate guns.”

I’ve read your post and you’re not asking for all of high-sec to be “safe”, you’re just asking for

and that’s easily done if CCP changes all 1.0 systems to have instant CONCORD response and forced green safety settings. But, you hopefully realize that, in keeping with the game’s “risk vs. reward balance”, there are no asteroids in 1.0, and there would be no exploration sites, no agents, no PVE rewards at all.

Anyway, I wanted to give you some statistics: EVE has something like 100,000 players, of which 20,000 - 36,000 are online at any time. How many have attacked you in the past 7 years? 1? 7? 20? 150? How many times have you died? Let’s take the 150 number. 150 / 20,000 = 0.75% In 7 years you got attacked LESS THAN 1%. IN A PVP GAME. I’d say high-sec is quite safe.

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If you want a game where you’ll be immune from any kind of risk, Eve is not it and never will be. Such thing would be game breaking and an antithesis to everything Eve is and was designed to be.

Elite Dangerous and its private groups sound much more up your street OP.

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Ideas like this belong in Star Trek Online, this is totally against the founding principles of EVE online. Have you been ganked I highsec yet or was this something you read about and assumed was a problem? Are you flying gankbait or do you have a tank?

I have seen highsec ganking but I’ve never been in a ship worth ganking so it’s never been a problem. For industrialists, risks exist for you too. Put a tank on that ship.

What if there aren’t very many?

And even if there are some, what would you say to the players that play this game because it doesn’t have a safe space? Do you think it fair to take away their game because you personally prefer some other type of game?


AFAIK there’s no funny business allowed in any of the rookie systems. Highsec is home to some 70-80% of the playerbase as well, maybe life is too good there and it needs a nerf.

I’m not a game designer though and I guess the business decision to wreck 80% of my customer base would probably be catastrophic

Nah, you can suicide gank and wardec 7-year veterans hiding in rookie systems. It is only the genuine new players that are off limits there.

He could though play on the test server. There is a safe space where the other players are prohibited from messing with you outside a couple systems.

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