Eve = Safe

Let me cut straight to the chase.

Eve is a safe place.

I won’t bore you with anecdotes etc.

I am looking for suggestions for things that we the players can do, no matter how ridiculous, to help make Eve unsafe again.

just think of your surroundings and think of what would really mess up said surroundings if X would happen.

Lets Make Eve Grimey Again.

Started this thread in the old forums, moving it to where it belongs.


I think we’re playing different games. There’s nothing safe about my EVE.


Smartbomb Saturdays :explodyparrot:


From my experience it looks like its safe, untill its not safe anymore and you wake up in new clone or have to warp out in capsule because someone destroyed your ship.


I would like too know more ways of ensuring Eve remains unsafe, it’s really rather safe if you plan properly and know what you’re doing. At least in known space anyways.
For Null one way to make it more dangerous is to have your awox alt light a covert cyno after bookmarking the mining / ratting fleet. Friendly blops bridges in a t3 which then warps to targets and lights his own cyno. Second bridge goes up and in comes the blops fleet. It’s awoxing but really hard for the victims to figure out how it happened or who did it.

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Make an alpha alliance and go safeties set to red in highsec, get like 1000 members and go crazy in every system you enter shooting Everyone… To hell with Concord


Give mort a Titan and let him fly it through highsec


It would argue that it depends on the situation and where you are located, but for the most part you are correct. EVE is relatively safe if you’re smart about it. The devil’s in the details of that last sentence though :smiling_imp:.

We have Code for High Sec, Pirates for Low Sec, Null is relatively safe aside from the gate camps which are avoidable with comms…(although I remember hearing something about visible local channels going the wayside in Null which would prove interesting for that purpose). J space is a toss up, as long as you’re Cov Ops cloaked you’re good but otherwise there’s always a risk.

I think each month should have a specific “attack this group of people” day. I.e. Exploration Assassination Day! Where everyone sits in every Data/Relic/Non-scanned combat site and waits for prey.

Hulkageddon should make a comeback.

Take Over Tuesday (could apply to LS or NS) where people would gather and evict either Pirates from a system or a NS Corporation or Alliance (wouldn’t that be neat?)

J Space can’t really get much riskier…


This. this is the direction I am thinking of.
Things need to die, so much so that it becomes uncomfortable again to undock that officer fit Victorysnek for a lvl 2 mission.

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To be honest, Local needs to get nerfed, as well as ratting while aligned.

As it stands, a neutral/red shows up in Local and the carrier just instantly warps to a POS/Citadel, and everyone else is beginning their warp. There are now safety systems set up which use programs that read from the game client and send data to third party programs which alert the user when there’s danger X number of jumps out, not to mention the plethora of private streams which watch gates, and the networks of “intel channels”. Local needs to get removed from NullSec. There’s still DScan and players should be responsible for their own safety, not automated programs.

Also, ratting while aligned in perfect safety, just hitting “dock” as soon as anyone’s in system? Nah-uh. There should be intelligent AI tackle or perhaps a structure with millions of EHP that points you and de-activates when the last rat is popped.


I think that last part would be a little extreme but I don’t disagree with the rest of it.

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Shoot at the Russians!
has that ever at any point in history failed to turn a place exceedingly unsafe ?


pretty much what goons did for burn jita. highsec was very unsafe for a few days if you were in a freighter.


Can easily do this everyday if you have the right player base… Just need people who want to see new Eden burn


I want to see new eden burn

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Personally, I agree that EVE is safe. I’m a new-ish player that only got killed because of being a noob. If you know what you’re doing, then it’s greenlight everywhere. There’s very little risk.

IMO, the way to make EVE unsafe is to somehow make hisec piracy/PvP more rewarding AND make null solo also more attractive. ATM it seems that the only piracy in hisec is ganking, and that’s lame - if there was actual piracy in hisec, there would be actual risk of being alone out there. And the only way to be unsafe in null is being solo there, so it stands to reason that if I had more reasons to be solo there, I would glady be unsafe in a more frequent manner there.

Also, if larger corps had a stake or a larger interest in hisec, then it might make things more interesting.


Disagree with most of that.

Hisec pirates today are called ‘mercs’ :laughing:

You are leaving out losec as probably the most likely place to blow up. Try “greenlighting” there… lemme know how that works out :grin:


I’m just getting back, so somebody can correct me if I’m wrong, but the killboards still seem to be showing evidence of ninja-ing, which was always the true-est form of highsec piracy.

The practice has been in decline for years in terms of the number of people doing it, of course, but still seems a pretty legit way to be a highsec pirate for those that are into it.

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From my limited experience, it’s pretty much the same as null: unsafe and largely not worth it alone, pretty much safe with corp and proper attitude (check intel, etc.).

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You’re not wrong at all.