EVE is a Safe Space

I like the safety of EVE space.

I can log off in the middle of nowhere and know that nobody can destroy my ship while I’m gone.
I can be even safer and sit online in a citadel or NPC station and feel totally safe.
I can become a corporate clone and be safe in a zombie swarm of other risk averse players.
I can be offline and still gain in EVE; I gain skills, gain Planetary Resources, complete Industry projects.
I can mine and be barely attentive while making millions.
I can multi-box to achieve even greater things, while minimizing the risks that dealing with people entails.

Unlike real life…
Nobody can steal my ISK from my bank.
Nobody can steal one of my ships from my ship hangar.
Nobody can steal my goods from the marketplace.
Nobody can talk to me, which is excellent. (We all know how annoying people are.)

Some people think EVE is dangerous, but that’s just a nonsense, not driven by their different risk thresholds, but merely their greed speaking as they make an argument about something they want.

Thank you CCP for giving us a virtual haven.


You’re not wrong. A lot of the magic of Eve comes from selling the illusion of risk and being hard core while handing out enough risk-free candy that everyone feels like a winner.

I mean, come on, the core premise of the game is you cannot die. How much risk is there really when you are an immortal demigod who always has a chance to rebuild?

HTFU people and stop complaining that Eve is too dangerous. The game hands you resources on a platter, the vast majority of which are never at any risk at all living in your wallet or hanger. And congrats to CCP for creating a game of extreme safety yet that most players perceive of as ‘hard core’. Quite the trick that was.


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