"The Obsession with Safety"

I stumbled on this youtube video. While I am sure it will do nothing to calm the debate, and likely not many will even read this post, it does cover some of the reasons I don’t think clamoring to CCP to make a safer Eve is a good thing.

I think Eve, in a different way, teaches (probably by coincidence rather than intention) the same thing this video is trying to teach. Eve is a place where you can stand for your own values, and take risks to promote them. It’s a game that trains you to recognize what risks you can afford to take from ones you can’t. It’s a game that teaches you that one failure doesn’t have to be the end if you have the guts to get up and try again. We don’t have to settle for a safe, banal existence. We can instead live one that’s just reckless enough to be interesting and worthwhile.


Getting knocked down on your backside is nothing to be ashamed of.
Not getting back up and dusting yourself off is.


For months I was scared to take the Eve safety setting off green…now I have it on red all the time.


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