State of the Game

I recently cancelled my subs to EVE. I’ve been reading a lot of different peoples perspectives. I stumbled across this article that I thought nailed the reasons why at least myself am no longer interested in playing.
I thought i would share it maybe the developers would have some good perspective to take away from it.

The conclusion really hit home.

Fly Safe o/

I dunno why people make threads like this.

Also it ain’t CCP fault peeps are risk averse ROFL.

Its our fault.

We made the game this.

You looking for someone to blame? Find a mirror :smiley:


So edgy. Much ignore the point. =)

It is the point.

EVE players made it like this. It is a fact.

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I know the reason people stop liking the game:

People stop liking games all the time, it’s natural. You won’t like every hobby 100% of the time, burnout happens, something changes that you don’t like, you get bored or anything else may cause you to dislike the game. It’s natural; come back later. Or don’t.

I have a few games that I cycle between when I get bored of one. And when I’m bored of all I find something new to play or something else to do.

Making a thread on a forum explaining why this particular game is no longer good for you is rather pointless, as this isn’t really related to the game in question: this happens all the time to a lot of people in all the games that I have played.

Take a break.


Sorry you’ll have to ignore gix. He’s a bit slow, I think he might have been dropped one too many times as a baby. Usually if you don’t talk to him he will wonder off and go drool on his keyboard somewhere else.


Anyway, ignoring the ‘I’m quitting’ part of this thread, I do see a possible improvement for EVE from the linked article.

Risk aversion is part of EVE. But to have good gameplay, there should in my opinion be no way to have 0 risk. Risk aversion is fine, reducing risk is fine, but if we have the tools to reduce risk all the way to 0 it stops being fine.

Things that aren’t fine:

  • travelceptors used everywhere without risk (has been solved, nullification is now an active module which allows mistakes)
  • local chat intel warning players to dock up
  • abyssal instanced areas in high sec
  • abyssal instanced areas that can be chained without interefence in case hostiles are sitting on the trace
  • filaments to get out of wormhole space safely (has been solved)
  • filaments to get out of sticky situations elsewhere while being chased (yet to be solved)
  • … many more things

Huh. A question kind sir. How does one “wonder” off? :smiley:

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That’s to “wander”

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Good try tho :smiley:

That is not a game feature, but a player made tool that require ppl be actively in gane reporting stuff to work, also not very much precise, as you can take your rattle to take a walk, and a gang in system next door going for you without anyone there to report them. Also FILAMENTS.

I don’t like them too.

100% agree

You’re thinking of the intel channels that various alliances use to share the intel they get from local that in. Yes, those are player-made, but not what I meant.

I’m talking about local chat itself, which is unavoidable and uncounterable intel as your ship will always appear in local chat before it can tackle or catch anything, which means people won’t have to use D-scan, probes or any of the other tools to know a ship is coming.

If local chat was updated with a delay of for example 30 seconds, people could use various other tools to be as safe as they are today, but it would be possible to catch the players (and bots) that only rely on having their local chat open to know when to warp to the safety of tether.

So you telling me 0 PVE ships die in nulllsec ?

Ok let’s assume it was a thing… I dare you to find anyone that has not an umbrella ready to form up with stuff in space, because of covops ships, they won’t get caught in dscan, probes or whatever… even a cheap expedition frigate can be tackler… no what would happen is an even emptier nulllsec populated only by huge( even more) blocks.

It was never about bots, and never will be. Every f… Thing CCP does against botting harms more active players than bots.

No, I’m saying that players who are paying attention and warp off in time pretty much cannot die. A lot of people don’t pay attention or use one of the riskier playstyles that involve locking your ship in space (siege, bastion, industrial core).

There, then you hunt ppl that is not paying attention or locked in space. so the ppl that IS aware and at KB is rewarded by not being destroyed. Also CCP just made it a lot easier for hunters as now to have max bonuses and compression, all boosting ships will be locked in position.

Wut. It is literally a game feature LOL.

And yes? There is always risk. LOL maybe EVE isn’t for you. Fire up some Animal Crossing :smiley:

Sorry that your blue donut can be punctured by filaments.

Learn to EVE ROFL.

So you’re just terrabad at the game. Just say that :smiley:

Right. So if they are locked, wouldn’t you want a defense fleet while their mining? Or even just Ewar ships to distract so the mining ships can get away?

Damn. Just say you’re bad at the game :smiley:

Oh really? Can you link any dev patch mentioning Intel tools?

if you weren’t so entitled to yourself you would check zkill and check I’m not risk averse as you try to make everyone think so. about filaments they are very bad designed, they are so easily to abuse by ppl AVOIDING RISK that you should claim to remove/fix them.

Think you just misunderstood everything in the whole statement. HUNTERS like you are crying to CCP to make things easier for you not me.

Please, as soon a fleet form up you gonna filament out and claim you won’t the day, and if you do get caught we will flavour hunter tears about blue donuts are so OP for weeks. Happened before , will happen again

Also if you are so good at the game like you claim, why moaning in every ■■■■■■■ thread asking to have your job turn easy ( retarded) mode?

Anyway you got enough troll food from me, bye and see you on memes Monday when you cry to devs again xD xD xD

LOL he was talking about local. And in game chat is a tool. Please, get better at the game :smiley:

Mmm nah you sound pretty risk adverse. You can’t even handle roaming fila gangs LOL.

Mm not really. It def sounds like you are crying to daddy CCP :smiley:

Oof. That ableism. Yennoe, I bet you thought it’d prove your point more, but in reality it just makes you look like a terrible person as well :smiley:

I actually have not been part of a fila gang since coming back. I do regularly ninja to null to do some expo. So far, no one has tried to kill me at all :smiley:

If I did fila with a gang, it would depend on the size of the fight. If we were all in T1 cruisers and the fight was fair to hard, I’d always chance it.

But if they pull like 10 supers to fight our 4 cruisers well, is it wrong to jump out? ROFL.

Filaments are actually pretty well designed.

They are too random to be a reliable method of transportation to a specific place (except the into-Pochven + out-of-Pochven trick to get to HS from anywhere), yet they are random enough to make all parts of null sec space that are less-traveled less safe as a filament gang could spawn deep in their territory at any time.

Filaments nicely create more risk as well as a method to quickly get into deep null sec for fleets that are looking for a fight.

The main downside of filaments is that they also allow players to not only create extra risk, but also to avoid risk.

One method to avoid risk using filaments was to use them to get out of wormhole space without need of having hole control, scanning a way out and all the other stuff you should do in wormhole space to navigate. This problem got solved recently, by disallowing filaments in wormhole space.

Two other methods to avoid risk using filaments that are not yet solved are:

  • Using Pochvent filaments to extract big ships, even Orcas, from anywhere such as deep null sec to high sec with pretty much 0 risk. I’ve done it myself and while this is a nice trick, I feel like this should not be possible.
  • Using filaments to escape from a chasing group. You just need to cloak up or warp between bookmarks until the combat timer is gone and you’re out

I have seen multiple suggestions to filaments, two of which are:

  • spool up time before you teleport (allows chasers to combat probe and catch you)
  • debuff that disallows cloak while filaments are on cooldown (stops the Pochven extraction method, but would kill blops gang filaments…)

Filaments are pretty good, but have some problems that could be improved.

They are mostly used to avoid a fight with 0 risk

And yet they do the same, denying the defending side to hunt, pursue, bubble their way, etc.

Yeah that’s the point.

I agree they have good potential, but with so many “buts” they are not well designed.