Playing EVE since 2003

I have been playing eve since 2003, and during that time I have had breaks of between 6 months and a year, so why did I take a break, Due to losing a freighter, (Na they did not exist back then), due to being ganked by superior numbers, (na that’s a fair game play experience), I stopped playing due to CCP changing the rules and ship mechanics again, and again, and again. I spent 3 years training for a carrier, then ccp changed what they could do, this has happened with all ships, rather than buffing the lower tier ships they just f&^* you over on all your training and asperations of what you want to fly. They never do it to the low skilled pilots only to the older pilots (Hence the Bitter Vets) because we have been screwed over so many times more than you new players. this has been a CCP mandate since 2005 so you want to fly a ship in eve that looks cool, don’t bother by the time you can train for it , ccp will make it nerfed and pointless. this is not a nub speaking this is a person that has invested thousands of dollars in a game , where the rules change at a whim of CCP. save your money and your time, go play any game where you don’t pay them to shaft you.
I have just thought of a good similarity, it like buying a 50 inch TV, and it shrinking by 10 inches every year, does this sound fair to you ?


You’ve invested “thousands” of dollars into the game and spent “3 years” training for a Carrier, despite playing for almost 17 YEARS since 2003? AND NOW you’re JUST learning that CCP does balance passes on ships to try and make sure a certain type of ship isn’t too strong?

Good riddance. We need less kids like you and more people with functional braincells.


No I disagree this is not balance passes, which I do agree with and are necessary, but what I do find objection with is nerfing there oldest players to validate these balance passes. And why is a 3 years old so aggressive in a cordial conversation . ?


I only have one Word for you…
Idiot :slight_smile:


This is wrong though. They’re not nerfing the oldest players. They’re doing a balance pass on the ships.

Because this isn’t a “cordial conversation”. This is you whining and crying.


Dude they have been nerfing there players since 2005, lol So Stating facts is now whining and crying, ok, so present your side of the argument to why im wrong, and im very happy to go with your argument, but lets keep it friendly, ( as we are all here to shoot each other) lol.

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Can’t believe they never did squat about the kiddie ganksters after almost 2 decades. Pathetic.

I’ve been playing since 2005 myself . I’m old enough to know that something shrinking a couple inches a year is def not a good thing.

I also agree that there’s been too many nerfs used as the solution to too many problems that have burned the little guy.


You’re the one that should GTFO out of every thread you toxic bottom feeder.


Ccp bow to the loudest voices on the forums, and have no interest on how to advance there solid core of players they have, they would be amazing in financial terms and player opinions, if they did but no, we just want to concede as a money grabbing company. This Is a bad business decision and just like the red Fuc*&* dot , Who the hell is running CCP atm they should either play the game or basically leave ASAP. We can leave in a heartbeat, and the way you are making the game , we are are ready to.


So you bought an old char and thought you would own but you don’t because it takes more than dollars and SP to be good at EVE.

lol, bye.

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Dude this char as all my chars were here well before you even were born my oldest is 2004, but we dont talk to nubs.

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cant reply anymore all com s censored by ccp you may never see this but , Comuninst is in effect wtf, had to use multi vpns to get this through.

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No, you’re a whining crybaby and should ■■■■ off.

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how about a 1v1 dude for a giggle, you game :slight_smile:

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Fite me childishness and posturing ensues.


I am not the poster you are looking for.

I’m just the resident snarky background noise.


If they don’t nerf problem ships the alternative is powercreep, and that’s worse.

The crap state of t1 ships is directly because of powercreep.

After the balance pass of 2012-2014 ccp made t3 dessies which made assault frigs obsolete, so they buffed assault frigs and left t1 in an even weaker state by comparison.

The answer is not to keep buffing stuff, but to tackle the problem at the cause…t3 dessies.

It’s the same story else where with t3 cruisers vs hacs and fax/capitals in null.

It’s not like it’s completely random which ships are nerfed. You wanted that ship because you KNEW it was powerful. So don’t get pissy when your OP ship gets balanced.


I’ve been playing for a fair period too, and have been through the same exasperating experiences with ship nerfs and balance passes. Sometimes ships become the worst in their class (maledictions come to mind). However, after overcoming the initial irritation there’s usually new opportunities. Sometimes it takes waiting for new doctrines to evolve, if it proves too difficult to sort out by yourself (no shame in that, too many variables sometimes).

But above all, players with that number of years experience are normally cross-trained and have access to all t2 ships. It becomes a matter of a quick pick and choose for whatever has now become the meta. Only for the die hard miners I can see problems, they have no place to go except those few hulls.

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Lmao. Internet toughguy = safest toughguy.

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