Why I stop playing EVE a year ago since 2003

Why I stop playing EVE a year ago, because I couldn’t log in to get my ass motivated to do stuff. I keep the game updated and login to check the new look.

What I miss the most I think is eve ships fighting on planets, I had hope that it would become as a mechanism for sovereignty.

I wish it was more civ building and less fps more rts and less rpg also I dont like that one person can kill a corp or alliance without the concern of other stake holders.

K not giving my stuff away because its mine and I worked hard for it and you never know I might come back. :smirk:


I don’t understand the point this thread is trying to make.





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I once posessed a coupon for McDonalds, but when I took a look, I wished it was more like a Sushi Place. Now the coupon is invalid, but you never know… maybe one day they’ll sell Nigiri there and maybe then they want to hear my story of how I knew it would happen. Until then, I’ll keep the coupon close to my heart.


We’re here for ya buddy. It’ll be OK

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I ordered a banana vanilla shake at Dairy Queen. The girl kept looking at me. I told her to just make the shake and we’d both be happy. She just looked at me.

Then I realized I was looking into my bathroom mirror.


Ok, just so I get this right… You played EVE for ~13 years, wishing it would be something completely different than it is?


A lot of people did because there weren’t any other options for a space ship pvpmmorpg. The passive progression of the game demands minimal time investment. The concepts you seem to have so much trouble with really aren’t that hard to understand.

The embarrassingly low population the game has now is indicative that CCP ■■■■■■ up royally. Good games with continuous development never die. They had a monopoly on the space ship mmorpg genre for years and they squandered it via incompetence, prevalent inequity, and by trying to cater to the entrenched mob of cowardly zergling trash, such as code, who chose to spend their time bullying and picking on noobish targets that wont shoot back.

EVE seems to have increasingly become the only online pvp game that wants to provide a space for the rejected, the unwanted and the incapable, hence why suicide gankers have it so easy and never have to risk anything of value. It should be no surprise that not many people want to actively be a part of that.

No one force you to play EvE and cry cause you’re bad at it. If people are dumb enough to pay 13 year a game they don’t like and don’t understand…

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Not sure why you need to drop the same tears in every single thread? You are just mad because you got scammed and someone stole from your wrecks. Get over it.


Absence always makes the heart grow fonder! Well if this is truly it for your Eve Online career, thanks for playing with us :slight_smile:


Which makes him no different that thousands of other players. I’ve had discussions with people who didn’t like EVE but played it for it’s ‘potential’ (ie they thought that one day their utterly unrealistic preconceived notions might actually happen).

Bat ■■■■ crazy if you ask me, playing a game they don’t actually like for all this time…


wow, I hadn’t even read the whole thread when I replied to you. Turns out there was a case in point right here lol.

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Crying, not giving me stuff. You wont be missed.

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Years of persistence, fortitude, perseverance. Or as Coach Brownlee used to say: “Ettidude.” No way you can’t have some respect for that.

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Lol I don’t think I said I didn’t like the game.

I took a break I just don’t pay anymore now I play another game.

I’m reading and keep up with the news just waiting for my alpha BS to unlock.

Sorry If some people misunderstood I was musing why I have a hard time coming back.

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