Why should i dont quit EVE?

I play EVE now since 2007. i saw how stuff get implementet and again removed from the game. How the guys made great and bad things.

But since several years they do changes that hurt the player base. it’s really disappoint, how CCP give a ■■■■, on what the player want.

with the change of the sov mechanic, they add something, where the players sit for hours on nodes and do nothing. even you cant play casino games anymore.

And with the shiny Citadel you turn all of new eden in a pve zone. There are nearly no system, where no Citadel inside.

With the new Moon Mining mechanic we have to mine the ■■■■ activ. Oh well and other pve system has been added. But actualy eve dont grow in player, so should we quit oure jobs to get more time to play the game.

i think eve is turning into a pve game. where the developers give a ■■■■ at the players.

maybe someone sees a light on the horizon.

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What do players want?
You don’t agree with CCP how they develop the game, what is your proposal?

So far I saw this is bad, that is bad etc, but did not see a single idea how to improve it.

  • bring again pvp content to the game.
  • change the sov mechanic to some playable.

I just have to point out this part!


i decided to quit eve.

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I do some PvP on another character and it seems to me that many players are avoiding it. Most of the PvP content comes from players wishing to actually fight, of course a push from CCP can help in this area.

Maybe the new mining system which OP mentioned is intended exactly for this - to encourage PvP rather than having automatic mining procedure hidden behind an impenetrable shield.

Don’t worry, we all do from time to time, maybe in time you will feel better about the game and give it another try. I also felt EVE like second job at some point and decided to change my play style a bit. Now I am hooked again. :slight_smile:

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Hanging on the thin line myself…
In one hand I like the open-space and real economy thing.

The other hand I don’t understand why this game is made so damn time consuming grinder.

A lot of people agree! And the few who say, are being damped fast!


I’ve had this game since 2007. It was hard enough dealing with the real time skill grind. Then they got rid of some of the best ships in the game (supposedly they brought then back… unsure on that one). I quit shortly after as the game wasn’t worth paying $15/month for. I came back after the game went F2P to find it wasn’t much better. Not to mention I lost a good amount of my higher end skills. Of the skills I retained I was unable to access half of them due to alpha access. Same goes for my better ships. Now the alpha clones are severely limited on the number of skills they can learn (less than half of what I currently have). If CCP is wants us to pay for a subscription they need to at least make the game worth playing first. Otherwise I see no reason to continue bothering with it. EVE was a great concept with amazing potential that I believe got run into the ground by corporate greed. I for one hope they can find a way to redeem this game to make it worth playing. Until then i’m out. Good luck and good hunting to those of you who remain.

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All things combined, wether someone likes one change or dislikes it, agrees with active this or passive that: it leads to what you say, New Eden = PVE zone. I don’t think anyone here needs a detailed explanation why it happens, so I will spare you my usual novel. Let’s just say: it is not because players do not want to PVP, but rather because other aspects of the game take too much time and a combination of different mechanics can lead a player to become risk-averse, even though he wasn’t when coming to the game.

That or get a 2nd job to buy a PLEX package each day, to not do PVE and still keep up with the Trillions made in the safety of Fozzie Sov Nullsec.

I would like to convince you to stay, but I’m really missing good arguments. Maybe take the ships that you have and can fly as an Alpha, go on roams with friends, solo or public fleet until all of your assets have turned into nice explosions and then leave.

it’s the little things that will keep you coming back, i mean yes we all jump back into games that release a new expansion to have a look see, but no new expansion has ever made me stay, it’s the community that does that, they keep us coming back for more.

stay long enough and you see the same things, groups grow, people bond, some leave and keep in touch while others leave and don’t keep in touch, but while that group was together and active it was bottled magic :slight_smile:

keep seeking new groups is the trick, make new friends and if ya meet the right bunch of people you get to have those epic bottled magic moments again :slight_smile:

There are rumors around. This is winter time. All diplomats are drunken and a war can happen soon…

Obligatory GTFO. Can I have your stuff?

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