When Eve Was Awesome. Poll

Can somebody generate a poll to see how much of the player base, And how long they have played , still cares about the direction of eve, It would be good to show how many players loved eve before Ratty got involved. Cheers.

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“Ratty” tried to actually “fix” EVE, but ravenous, ISK-grubbing, locust-like carebears wouldn’t let him.

Yep dont mine, Dont rat, Just pay to play, But I stopped playing and paying 4 months ago due to the changes , so did 80% of my corp. so explain please.

Will this poll have an ’ I can’t be bothered to press the ‘I can’t be bothered’ ’ button ? And an option for whether one can be bothered to press the ’ ’ I can’t be bothered to press the ‘I can’t be bothered’ ’ button. And…

I can’t “explain” anything unless you quote the specific “changes” that made you all quit.

Well , The Miners in our Alliance quit, due to much work and time for so little, The PVP stopped due to cost to buy new ships, The industry guys quit, due to the time and effort and complication to make ships and produce ships for minimal isk profit. The foundation of this game was industry. And nobody i know will waste there time doing it.


So basically you want to make ISK with minimal or no effort. Sounds like you and your corp weren’t quite cut out for EVE…

Dude really, Thats the best you got. I always thought you were a shill, But how long you been in eve working your ass of to progress, me I have been here since 2003.

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Eve Online was Awesome while James was the inspiration to us all.

We will never be the same without…

(impersonation = / inspiration)


I’ve been playing since 2006, and the only problem I have with EVE is it becoming easier and easier every year and slowly turning into a perfectly safe Farmville in space. Give it a couple more years. It will happen…

Just going off what you posted. And I quote:

“Too much work”
“Too much effort”
“Too expensive”

Sounds like bad players prone to mob mentality. They heard someone throwing a ■■■■-fit over mining, so they decided to throw a ■■■■-fit too. Intelligent miners understand that their profits are a function of demand, and not a function of raw yield.

Also sounds like bad, weak players to me. They could’ve cut costs and shipped down (if this even was an actual issue; it wasn’t, and you can check market trackers to see how most T2 ships dropped in price significantly over the past few years), but instead they chose to quit.

This is the only argument I’m remotely buying, as a few extra steps were indeed added to industry. However, I don’t see how players would be driven to straight-up quit just because they needed to add an extra step to their production chains.

Industrial profits are solely a function of player competition, and not a function of any specific changes CCP can make. If you want to make a 10% profit on a Megathron, but another player is willing to sell Megathrons 5% under cost, are you going to blame CCP or other players for this?

Because the only people you know are weak, ineffectual, “nu-age” mobile gamers who somehow made their way into a hardcore PC title, for some reason.


Yeh, theres why everybody i know quit, CCP has ■■■■■■ up the game to such an extent. It has become benign, skills mean nothing, Isk means nothing. Planing means nothing (in the long run) CCP has condenced eve to (GIVE US MONEY YOU WILL WIN) That why we all left. GREED IS GOOD, Shows there attitude.

Dude , yep ok , I started plaing in 2003 and , my mains alliance can steamroll anybody. we just dont. because we want fairness in the game unlike CC ■■■■■■■ P.

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I am very impressed.

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Thank you, For the compliment , Its nice to see I am Appreciated. lol.

Very much so.

How about posting on that big, scary main, then?

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Yeh Could do, But then Where is the suprise, when you think, Why is this guy Killing Me :slight_smile:

Please come kill me, daddy. I want to get “steamrolled.”


Well thats a little Kinky, But all in good time. :slight_smile: