Will Eve ever again be like this?

I for one hope so.

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I think you are playing different game than me/us since this is still how EVE looks.

I don’t think so Mr recycled, The players, Personalities and entitys in that video are mostly gone.

Rooks and Kings need to make a last Hurrah! Video

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Then this tittle is clickbait. You are asking about players not game. EVE itself didn’t changed much. Players? Maybe. But I get from EVE same enjoyment or more as people in video so maybe that why I don’t see problem.

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I doubt you have been around long enough to make that judgement.

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Short answer: yes with an ‘if’; long answer no, with a ‘but’.


Judging person you don’t know anything about is not best idea.

I see bigger problem in EVE. You don’t play for more than decade your word has no value.

That is advertisement not a real EVE :joy:

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Now who is judging!
I have been in Eve constantly for 13 years so my word may have more value than you think when it comes to how Eve is and what it was, Can you say that?

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That was actual gameplay or did you miss that when they stated it!

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This is also stated as actual gameplay but I still cant get Rorqual to hisec. Don’t trust all adds you see :wink:

Yes, no doubts. But you post some video of “actual gameplay” where people just enjoy game. I as person who plays eve for almost 4 years, I get same excitement, fun, adrenaline, enjoyment from playing game with my friends as people in video seams to have. That’s why I don’t see difference between video and my personal experience



That was a cheap hook to lure new players into Eve toxic meatgrinder.


Is it not like this now?
I sure feel its like that (only with more titans everywhere)

I think you missed the original point totally.

Ah, no. They say the voices are player voices recorded during actual gameplay. The video clips come from a variety of sources, and aren’t affected by things like (for instance) TiDi in a real battle.

EVE has always been capable of being ‘made to look like this’, and that has been a big factor in it’s ability to hold on to its’ subscriber base. But CCP long ago decided that EVE wasn’t about being edgy, or cool, or fun to play… it’s about making sure that the whales in Null and other places keep paying their 8-20 subs each so that CCP has a stable annual income of >$50 million, which they then proceed to largely do nothing with. (At least, nothing for EVE)

It’s more about making sure nobody rocks the boat and upsets the subscribers than it is about improving the game. When you don’t really improve/update a game for many years, then yes, the most lively and interesting people move on, and you are left with the ISK farmers and bots and the whales who occasionally stir themselves to thrash around a bit.


I can only state that the Rooks and Kings part was actual gameplay and player voices as I was there, The others I don’t know.

But the point of the original post was to hope changes could return to the edgy, or cool, or fun to play Eve that it was or am I just being too hopefull and nostalgic!


Lets start with this, whats changed?

Really! I don’t know how long you have been in Eve but do I really have to point out where Eve was and is now?

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Lets see, ive been playing for 15 years now.
And i ment, whats changed in regards to that video. What massive things have affected your playstyle in such a way that you dont feel the game is like that anymore?

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This video is like Mac Donald’s advertisement in TV…
Real burger u get is different story.

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