Taboo subject. Aura Voice

Anyone knows what actually happened with old AURA ? Any theories ? From a voice that was associated in my mind with the name of EVE, and also, it contributed with the immersive style of the game, to an unique game experience. Now, it’s a voice like a theme park, like an annoying girlfriend in my year. This new aura is horrible and I think it’s main intention is to animate the brain of 16’year old horny boys or something. We never really got at least the minimum of information on WHY was Aura changed with such a huge difference of a voice and intonation . It looks like this change was made from top, by the main bosses or something. But I don’t think CCP wants us to know the story in the background in this decision in changing Aura.

I know most of you simply adapted, muted it, or maybe, even enjoying better the new girlish voice. But for me it looks like the game is becoming more like a theme park in all aspects.


I think you might be reading too much into this and exaggerating her appeal just a little.

As a new player I promise you she was just some tutorial lady that means as much to me as the fleet commander woman who made me suicide into the Drifter Hive and Sister Alitura. I’m not sure why you think ‘female voice = fapping schoolboys’ but that says more about you in my opinion.

Seems like a case of fabricating an EVE playerbase that consists of drooling morons in order to make your point. Talk about why you liked the old Aura all you like, but please don’t invent a scenario where new EVE players are all pondlife, it’s quite insulting.

Just because CCP thinks new players want a thing (if that’s even the case) it doesn’t mean they are right, important to point that out too.


Eve has sound?


Sorry if from all my topic, the only thing that caught your attention was the fact I insulted your taste and need of a ‘‘more like woman’’ voice in game. Maybe it fills that empty hole in you.

The original voice-actress wasn’t available when CCP needed to record new lines, so they had to redo them all.


I think they just updated the voice like they updated other things.
But I agree the new voice is sounding pretty anoying, I’m like can’t you just talk normal than trying to talk like a computer which sounds to obvious.

lmao, wow … that was mature.

You know you are the one who invented the whole idea that Aura is a sexy girl that appeals to 16 year olds, right? You are the one sexualising a little blue pixel lady in a spaceship game. I thought I made it clear that such things never even occurred to me.

Hit a nerve I think. :rofl:


no. you did not hit anything.You as a new player, so basically low experience regarding game, it seems you enjoy acting like a smart eve pilot and pretend you know what you are saying. But oh well, you have a good excuse. We were all kids once.

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Actually it was “invented” right when new Aura hit the server.

Good morning!

If you or anyone else is sexualising a pixel lady in a spaceship game I find that sad regardless of who started it or when it started.


The old Aura actually had a huge following, and there was much rabbling when it was changed. I also prefer the old voice, as did the majority of players as i remember. It was one of those things CCP just kinda did and nobody got any say.

Listen to them next to each other, you might also prefer the older more refined Aura.


‘’’’‘If you or anyone else is sexualising a pixel lady in a spaceship game I find that sad regardless of who started it or when it started.’’’’’

said the guy with a sexy woman avatar. haha. the fail is stronk this one.


Fair cop, that cleavage isn’t accidental :witnessprotectionparrot:

Fake news, no sound in a vacuum.

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It might be difficult to find real “vacuum” though…

It is a conspiracy.

It is a totally worthless waste of time coming up with conspiracies or complaints about literally nothing,

The original Spaceship AI was sounding more mature and it had a certain flavor to it that was making it distinct , more or less AURA was the mascot of EVE and this particular sound pitch was signifying EVE.

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Key word there being new…from an old player’s perspective, mine included, I preferred the old Aura voice. The old voice had class, a 90s SciFi feel to it and was an anchor point for the game. While I watched the entirety of the game change around me, new ship models, new features, new UI…Aura was the one thing I could hang on to from the past.

That being said, its been nearly 15 years and no one should expect the original voice actress to be available or even interested in doing it. However, I think CCP could have done a better job with the new actress. Old Aura had a mature, calm, and professional demeanor, she sounded like she was both synthetic and real and a voice of comfort while your ship was exploding around you…and in the early days a bit of an ass laughing at you while you got podded. The newer version of Aura sounds way to happy, she sounds more akin to trying to seductively say “Warp Drive Active”. The newer voice is not an issue with me, its the demeanor in which it was recorded. There is no solemnity to it, it sounds more immature and jubilant than calm and authentic.


Just another example of ccp changing the eve we fell in love with to a themepark-carebear-EA-driven-whale-focused-macrotransaction-F2P-mobilegame bastard of a sandbox “be the villian” mmo.

Old actress probably wanted too much money and GREED IS GOOD.