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so I was thinking about how myself and many other players will sit there and station spin, however with the reintegration of voice technology into EVE Online, I thought it how it might be a good idea to explore the possible options with Aura.

Aura, after all is meant to be an AI Assistant.

perhaps after excessive station spinning, no market orders placed, no undocking, no pay out transactions / contracts, ship changes etc, being logged in and say 2 or 3 hours of inactivity the AI might prompt us with a task (because during this time you might be talking with corp or alliance mate in comms)

instead of having skill rewards which might not even be in our region of space. as I post this there is stuff for the for killing Trigs, Drifters and Sleepers, perhaps the prompts could be something relevant to our play style
“a friendly reminder, your PI needs checking” “lets go smash some rocks”

i would suggest voice option be something you can toggle and configure, recordings of your own voice used to access certain commands “Aura, tell me a joke. Aura, open market. Aura open the Industry tab”

Aura could be useful to find out Trivia about the game “Aura, what was the first ship ever destroyed?”
“Aura, Find me a Mercenary Corp” “Aura, what is the capital system for [insert an alliance here]” "Aura, I need ISK, what should I do? “Aura, set an ISK Savings Target” “Hey Aura, what should I Do for ISK?”

if not voice commands, perhaps a series of click options, like you click Aura and an option wheel comes up (I’m thinking like chat options from the SIMs as example this way people with no mic can get the same function). after the new player experience Aura doesn’t really serve much purpose but I feel from time to time when you’re all alone in your capsule that friendly old AI we all forgot about and took for granted will ping up “hey, lets go do something?” “hey, how about a joke?”

I just think having an extra use for Aura with voice stuff would be pretty cool. perhaps if you’ve been away for a few months for one reason or another it might say welcome back and ask why you were away, this might help CCP in the long run keep players from taking extended breaks from the game like that.


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@Drogon_Mace I like those ideas although a lot of it is left up to the player to explore, like trivia, lore and important info on the web.

Right now Aura is superfluous besides kind of walking the new players through the introduction and then she serves no purpose besides telling us what we already know: “Warp Drive active”

The thing is if CCP wanted Aura to inreract with the players there would already be instances when she does but it looks to me that she’s just another project waiting, or not, for a revamp.

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you raise a good point however that may of been aura’s initial conception to help players off the bat, however given all the research investment and development of the NPE (which aura is part of) it didn’t do its job very well, given that when this game was released (in 2004 I believe) it would of taken some time to code prior to that also, things like google dots, Alexa, Siri were not as common place as they are today, even then it doesn’t need to be as complex as any of those devices, i just thought it would be nice to tie in Aura with the voice system, making it much more a feature in the game.

there maybe other aspects of usefulness which aura might have which might i might not of covered.

also for the purposes of immersion (or perhaps some kind of copyright issue) there has been a demand for some kind of AI pet in the game, perhaps Aura can adapt to its users play style, it could also mean there could be events in place where say… the triglavians attack the new eden communication network and Aura gets deleted and a replacement put in place, or something like that (would be kinda cool)

however war clones for example could have AI’s in their suits much like Halo’s Master Chief, watching the Rooster Teeth Red Vs Blue series and understanding how the black ops soldiers had AI’s and how those AI’s work could be interesting. (rogue AI’s hacking obsolete war clone implants, awakening in battle suits and waging a ground war against all of new eden sounds like an awesome arc it could easily last about 5 - 10 years with frequent prison break missions (a previous suggestion of mine) of AI’s in warclone bodies and ship or just trapped in digital prisons anchored in black sites in space.

plenty of options Aura opens up, its just a case of what do the players want and the best way to make it work.


@Drogon_Mace All great suggestions if that was the the direction that CCP wanted for Aura. True, 10-20 ago the AI tech was in its infancy so Aura is kind of way behind her time now.

I don’t consider Immersion when it comes to EVE. It’s not at all immersive when one has to go to the Internet to find out about a module or a ship or other info necessary to play so immersion is out the window and it looks to me now that Immersion wasn’t what the devs had in mind when they created EVE in the first place.

That would be purely cosmetic. Not that it has to be, as a pet could give certain information to the owner but I seriously doubt that CCP would tinker with useful pets.

A lot of work for the devs but I agree.

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so if you agree it would be cool and taking it from a cosmetic to practical approach.
wouldn’t it be an immersive experience to go “Hey Aura, what is this module used for?” it would keep people focusing on the game window if its not clear then perhaps google or ask in corp chat or a discord / mumble

Aura provides control interface for the game, warping, docking, shooting, skills etc yet does not prepare you for the learning curve which hits you like a brick wall, sure it teaches you about skill and such but when you want to progress to the next ship size up, you then have to retrain all your weapons, I get that by leaving some things out it creates situations where the community interact with each other and pilots will ask questions “how do i do this?” and someone will take the time to explain and this is a good thing, but I feel there is somewhere a half way happy there though. perhaps after say 10 days of logging in Aura will help people find a corporation based on their play style.

this way Aura helps with the tutorial, and helps you understand a bunch of things, the factions, the lore, who and what is concord? what are these lancer things scanning me? what are triglavians? teach some history and how its actually written by other players, perhaps helping understand the meta types of different equipment or naming schemes for modules (a module of this name is good for shields, a module with this name is good for Armour and a module of this name is good for hull)

generally asking more questions and ending with “would you like to know more” every dozen questions at a time.

the more you play the more you learn and the less you need Aura however more you need other people. like with many things in the real world Aura could help lower the curve on many things and when you don’t know anyone in game, and someone blows you up, Aura could be a comfort to new players instead of new players going “this game is bull manure I just started and got blown up, what the fish!” rage quits

“lets get you a better ship and insure it.”

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It would help the immersion immensely if all the relevant info could be stored into the Aura system so that players could get their info right in-game.

Aura could be absent from the game and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. It’s a wasted opportunity to improve on things.

I don’t see how that’s a good thing. Who wants to be bothered by a noob asking stupid questions? Also, it’s a problem when newer players in a corporation participate in battles without knowing what’s going on like a post I read some time ago about this noob being in fleet and asking about the battle but being ignored by the entire fleet.
Too much is left to the “community” under the pretext that it’s an MMO and players are supposed to support each other but I think that the reality isn’t what CCP wished for.

I don’t know if ten days is too soon or not. I plan on joining a corporation but there are so many and I’m not ready to be a valuable asset and I don’t want to just be a number - as was asked of me twice in a week. Plus I intend to operate only in Gallente space and so far I was contacted by one corporation that operates exclusively in Gallente space… for mining. Ugh!
But the idea that Aura could offer suggestions for corporations based on playstyle would be one positive thing.

I agree. There are tons of stuff Aura could be useful with.


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Imagine playing the game for years just with a handful of buddies who watch you struggle, hear you jump 30 - 50 jumps to make trades in a badger and no one bothers to go “have you set up a jump clone to get around easier? do you know how death cloning works? let me show you how to set up a courier contract!”

Aura can do these things.

the irony after I last posted on here i jump cloned to jita and got pinged about paragon missions.
I feel a “hey Captain, I have an opportunity for you to learn about Paragon Missions, Would you like to know more?” (Y/N/Later)

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