NPC characters and CCP

This post is written to disilusion some people who may have been bamboozled by CCP Vegas graphics panel presentation.

If you have seen what CCP demoed at the scene in EVE Vegas, you may think “Cute, avatars will finally get some stage time in the game, finally they are bringing Aura into the game as avatar. Nice, she will even talk to you and make jokes about your incompetence maybe”.

Do you think CCP thinks this will make game more enjoyable when you will see animated NPC character instead of static one? Can you provide a reason why do we need NPCs talking to us waving hands helplessly, instead of our avatars purposefully shooting other avatars in the face for slight offence like in PvP game it is supposed to be? What about DUST 514 port to PC?

What about your own avatar in EVE now? It doesnt get much stage for an RPG MMO, isnt voiced, You cant get it to “say” anything, there isnt even one dialog line of conversation with NPC in this game when your character “says” anything.
Its all about player interaction, NPCs are just ISK printing machine system part.

So dont get your hopes up this avatar change will change anything. Put the pitchforks away too. There is no way CCP will get out of the player interaction ditch they digged out thru many years, with some small part time NPC animated portrait work. When there will be not enough interaction between players characters, some NPC portraits will change nothing. As of now there was no talks and demos about multiplayer avatar environments since Incarna. By means of socialization, CCP is stuck back in 2003 with EVE.

Actually why not update nebulas, or spaceships or planets graphics for nth time. You see them more often than you ever cared and paid attention to npc portraits probably. These scenery updates were always welcomed as I remember.


costumes for aura when ?
sexy costumes for all avatars when ?
repair pets when? and loot boxys when ?
golden ammo when ?
concord protection from gankers when ?
own 0.0 rent direct from ccp when ?


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For only 1500 :credit_card: PLEX your avatar can have supreme jiggly jiggle physics too :eye: :eye:


Not sure about talking avatars but one of the features I liked about the old tutorial back in 2016 was that you got spoken to by the avatar of the NPC talking you through the tutorial. I think they have since removed that just like 99% of all the tutorial content they spaced so that people could pump out alts quicker/easier…because it is too difficult for some long time Eve players to learn how to click end tutorial, eject from ship and warp away on their own.

I know it would probably cost a lot but it would be cool if every agent had their own voice acting talking out the details of the missions with some other added commentary (like jokes, who doesn’t like jokes or snide comments about their evil opponent empires). Of course this might not be so great either to players who don’t own 10,000$+ computers to have something else added to the game they probably won’t think of adding an option to turn off/on that ultimately causes you serious lag and performance issues. (I miss Eve in 2018 when I could actually still multibox effectively) RIP my cpu, it was good while it lasted but not necessary, just convenient.

I don’t think you will get much traction on DUST 514. They probably weighed the pro/con of it’s existence and realized that having a separate game for people to play other than just Eve Online and based solely on the circumstance of activity in game and not continuously available content was probably just not going to work out long term but I like the ambition behind the idea and how it correlated to walking in stations idea but all that is past now it is too different and exceptional from the core game play of Eve Online and we are lucky to just have well detailed player avatars and cosmetics for players who like that stuff.

If they were going to look back at any kind of graphic addition to the game for more realism but aligned to Eve as is. I would be more interested in expanding the hangars of stations to show multiple players ships on display with their skins (public hangars for smaller ships with the appearance of docking platforms and bar signs and other passive informational display features) and yes please an option to further turn down or off more graphics in the game for those of us not living on the mt. Olympus of gaming PCs. Also for player owned stations or even private hangars customization by players with the options to include a certain arrangement of different ships numbers and sizes so it appears as your own hangar and you can see all your cool stuff as a physical collection other than in an inventory window.

Who wouldn’t love more independent looking NPC stations’ hangars or customize-able personal hangars, I think this is a cosmetic feature to the game that a lot of people would be willing to fork out ISK or $$ to have added. Even just a unique looking hangar on special stations like major or minor trade hubs to add a little more character to these locations as a place of interest for players to gather and do their business/socialize.

Asking for walking in stations again might be too much for this game at this point and popularity and isn’t necessary function to add to the game but unique looking anti-copy pasta station hangar of different shades with options to add some color instead would be low effort and enjoyable by most if not all.

As much as we would all like to have walking around stations hording around the doorways holding guns to people heads as they walk in with one hand and a body scanner in the other while concord eyeballs us the whole time also pointing guns at our heads waiting to shoot after we shoot and having DUST 514 back and FPS game play in Eve online I just don’t think this is worth the investment or addition to how the game operates as is.


What about FPS in cockpits of ships…now hear me out I am not talking about specifically making it viable to operate ships from first person in a cockpit as an effective way of playing a 3 dimensional battlefield, but…

What if you could play in the cockpit as an option with controls as is but functionally you have a holographic tactical view on a display in front of you. Just as if your playing in the third person anyways but instead of nebulas and crap in the background it is just the first person view of the cockpit with a faded view of the background of space in the holographic display giving you an idea of where your clicking off into the distance in third person view, the only thing that changes is the far background is your cockpit and your staring at a 2d or 3d display of your third person game play but from within a cockpit and seeing what your ship points at through the window/screen of the ship.

Maybe too much for PCs too handle, but if it is just optional like choosing to use one view or another as is and still being able to play regularly as is without using this at all it can be something cool to add a little more immersion to the experience for those with enough CPU to handle it and who enjoy that experience.

again probably not going to ever be implemented because it isn’t something we would all have to use and may only be seen as a bit of added content for selective players and also a drain on resources and cost to add to the game.

It would be a more realistic scenery update to have unique/custom station hangars and cockpit view with third person display(overview/brackets) combat than bringing back walking in stations or DUST 514.

It is a space game after all and we already got enough content to play it as is. This isn’t star citizen where the game is still only being partially worked on a decade later where everyone has a wishlist for what they want to add and CIG adds a price tag and a continuously growing development queue for every idea they dream about adding to a game that will likely never finish or release in full before these dudes ■■■■ -ing die as millionaires.

Anyways, sorry for the long read but I know some of you adults will appreciate the ideas, thoughts and sentiment it all comes from.


In the long run (assuming EVE has a long run), CCP needs to make EVE more appealing to more players, find ways to catch interest in the first few hours, and also find ways to increase monetization avenues without making the game even more P2W than it already is.

For a long time, EVE has lost out competitively against games with more interesting, more interactive graphics. They’ve also missed out on a big “interest grabbing” feature without cut-scenes or animated graphics. The minimal use of character portraits in game means cosmetics and skins are a much lower sales opportunity in EVE than they are in other games.

I can’t personally say that better avatars will do much for the game, especially considering that I expect CCP to pull a “Walking in Stations” here: interesting hype, botched implementation.

Still, it’s almost 2020 and the gaming market has moved on. Static head-shots and virtually no animation doesn’t cut it in today’s market. If CCP could manage to integrate more interesting graphics into the game in an engaging manner, it at least won’t hurt.

Unless of course they ignore all the things that really need to be fixed about EVE, because, hey, avatars!


It is rather do we go this way and redo the NPC avatars, or we stick to the space stuff like before, that worked for many years prior.

I think it will be abandoned eventually in fact…
Considering that such a small improvement like mixing races of our characters never came into the game despite being demoed and working on one of the fanfests, same with those station establishments that never came to life.

My impression is CCP does all those things to demo to themselves actually, and then it gets abandoned because there are more important things or people are fired because no cash.

There is still no environment to tie everything in the game, no dev tools are build for avatars enviornments, and ending up hardcoded is the thing of past everywhere.

Systematic updates to game engine in form of creation tools is where they failed thru many years.

While I can make a space home for myself in another virtual world like Sansar, in few weeks, for free

I never could and never will do that in EVE.

And CCP will never build anything like that.


For starters there is no “cockpit” in EvE…
Unless you are talking about using fighters instead of ships.

There is a bridge of course, but then you have to get out of your pod…
Which means you lose all the cool advantages as a capsuleer, unable to control your ship directly.
And when it blows…guess what? Perma death thats what.

But sure go ahead with more dumb ideas.

Quite possible to see how it behaves in a mass setting then on to bigger project perhaps, often this is a way to keep feeding over time without dumping all the goods at once, as far as people even with a banquet put in front of them they will not be happy (human nature).

Actually there already is a first person camera for your ships, just need to add a default cockpit view for your ship and the camera is just looking out the screen of the cockpit.

Sure we are in pods, but also we get to dress up and stuff even though technically we should all look like grey ghouls covered in slime sealed inside a dark place with tentacles sticking out of us all the time.

It is a video game and we already got to consider that nothing is 100% realistic or makes sense how it shows in this game.

Technically the pod itself is inside of a sort of pod-pit or cockpit like structure within the ship, potentially animated to have a sort of window to the outside. Doesn’t have to be a window but just like the camera screen showing outside in front of the ship’s angular view as is.

Hey if you got any more smart comments to make your welcome to share your own dumb ideas too. You should talk more about how the game isn’t enough like how real life works…please do share more of that mentality in a science fictional inter-galactic video game discussion.

Also technically you cannot get out of your pod your just flipping your pod from one ship to another but this image shows us how I guess when your dressed up you are outside of your pod as you but if every death is just a disposable clone copy why bother taking showers and getting dressed up every time your outside your pod, shouldn’t we just be transferring our consciousness back to our original selves.

Doesn’t that mean that technically the pod is just what we transfer our conscious into from whatever location our original corporeal selves exists at with all our augmentations, implants, tattooed and clothes on all the time.

Wardrobe would get expensive overtime having to always replace everything but if we aren’t really doing that shouldn’t we get to keep our implants even if our clone dies or shouldn’t we lose all our cosmetic augmentations every time the clone dies too?

Even more we should probably be losing our ship skins every time a ship gets destroyed you have to paint a new hull and pay for it again to be painted.

Nope, thanks! I think I am fine with unrealistic ideas in a video game.

Any other genius to share with us all?

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They found out that the tutorial with speaking helpers waa actually less helpful than the older tutorial of just sending players to career agents.

So they are trying to redo the tutorial…so all that voice acting and the time and money put into it? No longer useful. And that’s the issue I’ve been trying to remind people about voice acting. It’s expensive and cannot be easily edited.

It’s not like text where literally anyone can open the program, delete a few lines and add some more. It takes maybe 5 minutes.

If you want to do voice acting you have to find the voice actor, pay the voice actor, probably do a few recordings etc etc. And if months/years down the line you want to change the words, you have to find the same voice actor, arrange for them to come back and spend more time doing recordings.

Voice acting is not always the best idea. Especially if you’re not sure what you are doing is going to last.

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great point and I understood the cost/effort part of it I was just noting that it would feel a lot more engaging than a wall of text but you are right simple text based editing is much more functional.

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You are commander. But ships still have normal human crew. That’s why some ships have visible cockpits and other parts similar to normal aircraft’s. Im not a lore guy, but if I remember correctly, view outside of your ship sound (there is no sound in space) is only generated by pod with data from ship sensors etc. just to give you “data” you can understand.


That is not the most appealing sight, but we are actually this all the time, there was a time when you could see yourself in the mirror looking like a human being, but that was just an ilusion and quickly was removed, to not make you search for your humanity and become like those who are not powerful capsuleers, probably to make you still want to kill millions without blinking. :thinking:

SOE was right all the time, capsuleers are monsters and it looks we will stay that way.


You mean the man that was talking text into the female Aura? I think voice synth can easily read any text and the ‘voice’ actor just has to repeat the text. Would be about the same work and not sure if any work is done like “Yo dudez I"ll quickly change this rext over here hoping it’s the right text!” in a professional context. Probably not even in CCP offices.

Neither can you see your ship but a camera feed of it, maybe you would project yourself to the bridge, not sure why anyone would do it, but it’s not technologically impossible.

“IF”, dear sir, “IF” they implement it . Then it will change the static to a dynamic avatar. It will make the game a little more modern. That’s it, buy yes, most people always hope for it to become a “PVP FPS shooter/Walking in station” but that is not announced.

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I prefer miss

If the chances are indeed slim, it is still possible. From there, even if its only Aura in tutorial speaking to you from some small window, and npcs using text to speach software, to the possibility of building scenes involving ur own avatar is rather small step. I wonder if koreans have some demands involving development this time. They could start makng demands at any point seeing those rookie numbers EVE had thru this year. They obviously helped with korean localization. A thing for a thing…


Ha, these avatars with their mumbling. Did anyone see Alton Haveri (spelling?) talk? There was one video where we could see him talking into the camera, at the end, CCP basically showing off their new tech.

All these characters are basically mumbling. It’s pissing me off so much, seriously, you have no idea. They don’t get their ■■■■■■■ mouths open. :angry:

It’s supposed to help making the game feel more alive. That’s pretty much the sole purpose of such avatars, in literally any game. Now there is no such thing apart (apart?) of small windows showing agents, which are just photographs anyway.

It’s kind of a modernisation and they’re not wrong with that. This is actually just like modernising graphics to make the game feel more real and or deeper. That’s why we have awesome looking stars! We have those now, because that’s important. Why is that important? Because a star is a big shiny ball full of ■■■■■■■ awesome to look at within the proper spectrum!

That’s why we get mist at the gates, stations and asteroid belts. THAT’s adding visual depth! That’s great for a video game! The nebulae don’t allow for a feeling of space an being big, empty void for the most part of the game. If you want this feeling, you have to head to nullsec which gives a different feeling when looking at space.

The new tech is great (except for the mumbling characters) and the avatar addition makes perfect sense in my eyes. It creates the illusion of there being actual living characters in this game, compared to other players who are “just” spaceships.


You’ll easily make that back using exactly those jiggle physics on your female avatar. :blush:

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I’ve never understood why people in games want to listen. It takes AGES to listen, compared to reading and lip movement/facial expressions RARELY fit together with the voice. It’s an insane time waster. Works for Witcher, sure, but for EVE? Hell no!

The speech API has been a part of windows since XP. Voice synthesis was possible already on the c64 and one of my favourite games back then was a textmode western themed poker. No, not Hold’em, but actual poker. :stuck_out_tongue:

That worked super well, because the characters all sounded grumpy, slightly aggressive and like they’re chain smokers. Back then that’s all you’ve got out of this tech.

Nowadays the tech behind these APIs is better, but in the end is there no way to get these APIs to actually sound like a human speaking, because all they do is creating the sound of the voices. A human, speaking, is more than just the sound of his voice coming out of his mouth.

The voice starts with the vocal chords. Your skull and whole body work as a resonance body changing it accordingly. Airwaves on their way out have to move through the back of your mouth, your mouth and around your tongue until they reach your lips for that final twist.

Even for those who don’t consciously recognize that it still sounds wrong, because it’s wrong. It’s not how a human sounds like. When a speech API reads text, then you hear written text in speech form, but you don’t actually hear a virtual human reading it. The simulation isn’t good enough.

And let’s not even start with the lack of emotional prosody!

Though, to be fair … for AURA it might work and be acceptable!
She’s a machine!

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Instead of modernizing other things involving our avatars specifically. They would start with baby steps now I would say. They were past that years ago and resigned. Things come around cyclically, just a bit changed… Only CCP never changes with their culture of unfinished business. :thinking:

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Exactly what I was thinking, they could have a script of wording and it would kind of make sense she sounds more like that voice on reddit than an actual person talking because she is exactly a machine not an actual person with their own voice manipulation.

Maybe use related to explaining stuff to new players, Aura is there to the rescue. Although I would like to hear her voice more for general use in game play, she is like the official AI of everything so like getting someone telling you you’ve been targeted and engaged, your shields and cap are getting low, your being scrammed, jammed, etc probably would add a nice effect instead of all the usual bells and whistles we get used to fading out in the background of what we are doing during combat.

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, I heard the old AI was a male’s voice maybe they could hire two people and hammer out a full voice script and give people the option to have voice notification for lots of things. Like our own personal AI for use during play in everything, even stuff as simple as “You’ve got mail!”.

I don’t think that would be too much of a hassle to add and would add a little flavor to the audio effects of the game.