Avatar animations being added suggests new avatar content

Many animations are being added to EVE. For example:

And camera files.

These are animation files, for animating mesh of avatar. They have .gr2 file extension.

Will game receive 3d animated portraits with avatars being animated, with Aura playing major role in that?

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Probably just yet another change to NPE

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That’s not a bad thing, I’m glad they are making it better.

Might be character system expansion.

From 0:30:10 to 0:36:20 if timestamp doesn’t work.

The assets like backgrounds and poses shown in this video seems to be added. I found the backgrounds are the same files. Big resolution to look like full screen bacgrounds.

This would be pretty cool for fleshing out mission agents if the text-to-speech works well enough.

If not, epic arcs…

Sounds cool but I don’t have high expectations of it being implemented, mainly because CCP has removed the body animations that Avatars use to do in the Character Customization apparel screen.

That pretty much tells me CCP has no intention of giving Character Avatars more presence in-game.

may avatar would have babies in the future
so cute
a lil baby avatar with his lil doomsday weapon , pew pew

Even if full 3d rendered character is beyond their ability it would be nice to have our 2d profile pics have the ability to motion capturer from our Web cams.

Deep faking does a great job with eve art as well as irl,


Aw man, Id nearly pay PLEX in order to be able to sneer with derision

I saw that thing being done before.

I think with how Cyberpunk made animation of faces automated, and only sound bits were used to generate the animations of lips and face, text to speach capability for Aura could be joined with such technology, and game would have everything basically being readable by her. Aura would became a Siri of EVE. And with facial animations.

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Good. One more step closer to sex in stations.

Like just to make Aura herself animated, i wouldn’t be betting on avatar content ever being readded

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