Face capture

I’m still new at modeling, work in progress

I think it would be super cool for CCP to either allow us to export models easily and release in house face capture tech

Or add face capture feature to character portrait screen.

The first would allow players to stream as their avatar and create content with their avatars (think clear skies)

The second would just allow basic green screen recordings, which could be used for a variety of purposes (alliance sotas/training vids)

Also this could help ccp monetize avatars since characters currently are sort of irrelevant. Naturally it would have to be disabled on test server (where all clothes are buy able for 100 isk)

I think this is a unique way to promote the game and even provide the sorely lacking cinematics and rp element eve is missing.

Anyway they have the tech, just needs to be implemented.


I second this, getting into UE4 and using the character for propaganda or just cinematic kinda stuff would be amazing and using it to stream as our character would be so OP.


thanks :slight_smile:


webcam facetracking
AI to translate your eyebrow / mouth / features into avatar’s features


This thread needs more love

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Latest Scope video has little something in the end, starting at 2:37.

Alton Haveri, the reporter, is a 38 year old character in game.

Hilmar tweeted something about it.

This is a horrible idea.

People with mental illnesses will love this. They’ll claim to want this for “immersion”, but what “immersion” here means from an outside perspective is that they want to lose themselves even further into the game.

And then you shoot them down. Think about the deeper consequences of such an idea. Besides, what about all the horribly ugly looking people you’ll then find in the game? There will be people made fun of and harrassed for the pure uglyness they’re wearing on their skull, potentiall driving people into killing themselves.



His voice doesn’t fit his body at all. :roll_eyes:

Not your fault, of course, but they could have at least done this properly.

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people in real life never match what you expect them to look like to the voice you’ve heard for years.

Peoples voices always match their bodies in some ways, unusual vocal chord lengths aside. What doesn’t match is your expectation of what they look like because you and most people simply have no idea how this actually works.

Ones voice isn’t just a product of mouth, tongue and vocal chords working together that are random for the body and completely unrelated to the rest of it.

The sound of a voice is also determined by the tightness of a throat (the more relaxed, the deeper the voice). It’s in general also determined by the overall tightness of the body as a whole. It’s determined by the resonance your body as a whole provides. It’s also determined by how you breathe.

Okay, I should be more fair because - in the end - it’s just a videogame.

.) The character is too young for the voice.
.) The character is too slim for the voice.

That’s the two major ones I sense, that would require some refining.

Anyhow … not the topic, sorry about that.

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Dark random and not really relevant.

Well, the face capture suicidal part actually is.
Which is also a reason why this isn’t going to happen.

So there’s nothing more to contribute here anyway,
have fun discussing your weird fantasy.

Yeah… But foip already exist and is being used for streaming and video content as well as a certain other space game which will go unnamed.

I don’t know why you keep bringing up suicide.

Because in this game it’s an issue. I’m not making this up. There was even the “Broadcast 4 Reps” movement to help depressive people with suicidal tendencies, of which this game seems to harbor many.

The problem with the face is the huge potential of further losing ones self into a fake reality one flees into, because the actual reality is too much of a problem for the player to deal with. In most games that’s completely fine, but EVE is absolutely not like most games and the players in EVE are definitely not like most players out there.

When you throw your real life face into the game, people will make fun of you for it, just because it’s there. Worse if people manage to find you in real life, via google, just by your face. Someone who’s hellbent on finding you will probably find you.

For other games I doubt it’d be a problem. In EVE ONLINE, though, you’re just painting a huge target literally on your face and those people who strongly identify with their in game character will absolutely not be able to deal with this properly. The saddest of them are going to suffer bigtime and I really do not want to see that happen.

I hope you understand my concerns, they’re not coming from nowhere.

(whenever you see me bitching about escapists, who flee their real life into online worlds, that’s not actually because I hate or dislike them, but because I really dislike feeling sad about them and bitching is much better than being sad, as long as one always remembers why he’s bitching about something)

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Ah I just realized you haven’t a clue about what I’m talking about. Your avatar just moves with your face, like facerig Google that ■■■■.

Well, from what I’ve read you want to be able to put your face into the game, on your character.

Which means your face is in the game. No?

You mean you don’t want your face in the game,
just the ability to put your face onto the portrait without being able to save it on the server?

It’s not a model of your actual face, just the existing avatar, only now it can talm


I completely misunderstood!
I really had no idea this existed!
Nevermind then, sorry about that!


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