EVE Characters, Facial Mapping / Deep Fake Technology

so a while ago I was flying in an alliance and someone was sharing a music video where some EVE players did their own version of a song, however they did some kind of deep fake combined with their EVE character avatars and imposed it into the video, thus the characters faces moved in the video.

I happen to be flicking through some of the old trailers and i re-watched the “I Was There” Trailer and at the end the person transforms into their character

and it got me thinking, perhaps a UI interaction could be to allow you to deep fake as your character, as much as I would love the idea of the being able to scan your face and getting it transferred into a toon, I however like the idea of being able to download your toons facial profile to use for youtube videos or deep fakes or something like that. I could see in game messages becoming more scifi, very cyberpunk 2077 where you contact someone and (depending on settings in game) you could voice and video chat using your character animations, it would be a nice little thing to have, maybe going as far as a sort of “ready player one” vibe where key NPC, CEOs, Execs and maybe even FC’s can broadcast into space in game, similar in style to the YouTube videos of their announcements but right there in game, furthering the immersion. this way when titans invade highsec, its not just “hey go to this system and grind on kill mails” with some debuff and slow factors and pre loaded video assets, combat could be slowed and a video could be played to really set the tone of the fight, allowing players to decide for themselves which side of the fight they want to be on.

would be kind of cool, maybe a way to use it outside of just having players chatting to each other in game, maybe like skins pay a small fee and download it to use for your phone or YouTube video or something like that.

I was There Trailer: EVE Online: "I Was There" - YouTube

The Scope Triglavian Take Over Video: The Scope - Triglavians Take Over Billboards - YouTube

I like it. Does sound a bit expensive, but certainly doable. Would lead to great advertizing possibilities.

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