Player Portraits needs modernization

Come on CCP. You made walking in stations. And dust 514. And some other niche stuff. We need animated portraits. Like short snaps. Ill pay plex for toosie slide, flossin, in my myrm.

I want calling cards for kills. When I kill someone my portrait vid and info should be all over there screen. Not some boring frozen corpse animation. Its needs to be juicy. You want my usd then earn it.

I want the option of live twitch streams in the character portrait. So I can see someones exression when I blap there atron. Yea, someone gonna stream somethin inappropriate. But at least youll know its a snuff alt.

Its 2020 CCP. This tech is derelict. Give me something

Please do not encourage CCP to make additional bad and/or unwanted content. You’re shooting yourself in the foot here.

So basically they’d be blinded in large battles so they cannot continue to fight properly when killing many craft in rapid succession?

This takes a lot of time and effort and yields virtually zero enhancement to the player experience. I think there are other, more important and beneficial ways CCP can improve the game than to incorporate tea bagging in space.

They made that as a way to field test the Carbon engine being developed for the World of Darkness MMO that was being built, not because players all over new eden demanded the ability to get out of their pods. If you want to dance in a game go play fortnite or WoW.

Holy ■■■■, please ■■■■ the ■■■■ off.
Nothing personal. Thank you.

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