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Hi all, it’s quite a long time that i do not play eve and i have a question about a feature that i heard off. Some time ago i’ve heard about an update that allow players walk around stations with their avatars but i can’t find this in the game. It’is true? and how? many thanks in advance.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #2

ha ha nope its not true - the only thing was that you could enter your captain’s quarters in stations but that was removed weeks maybe months ago … i am not sure … stop looking for it … its not there … there is no need for that

(Criswolf Allier) #3

Tnx for your reply JuuR, i agree that eve is a great game but i liked the idea as a fun factor. Anyway eve, in these years, evolved in an amazing way and i enjoing it.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #4

yea it would be funny i think … sitting in a virtual bar … look at the others … i guess some people invested really much time in design there chars …
i guess its not more than funny and thats why the took it away … only $ to invest in something not really needed for the game
how much time you spend in a station and being online and not afk? so yea …

(Padegejas) #5

If there would really be some options to walk in stations, meet other players and even do some activities together there would probably be a new ways to entertain and have fun. Players would have more options for interaction and expressing themselves and developers would have a chance to introduce more outfits for avatars and so on. And I can tell from my personal experience, that sometimes I spend quite a lot of time in station (gathering fleet, going through instructions, or debriefing after some action).

But I agree, that EvE is not the game which is famous for designing of avatars, their outfits and content for them so most probably it wasn’t the best idea to implement these things here. And taking into account how stubborn and resistant to new things EvE players are it was even worse idea.

Never the less there are other developers that are eager to use good things from EvE and add avatar interaction - hopefully they’ll succeed where CCP failed.

(Boldly Gone) #6

Sounds like “the Sims - Fortizar”.

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