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@CCP_Falcon Hey. I used to play eve non stop but had a break for a few years. Specifically 2012 to this year. Finally got back into it only to discover that the one aspect of eve that I really wanted to play has been removed. The captains quarters. Wtf man? Was really looking forward to seeing this aspect improve and have controls for most of the eve ship functions be remote and basically be able to play the game from the comfort of the captains quarters and meet other players in 3d in the station lounge. I believe the reason this feature was not used as much as you would like is because the co OP lounge or bar was not implemented at captain quarters launch. Please think about what you have done and what could be possible with this. Fleshing out entire stations with modular designs. Gun fights. Sparring arenas. Basically entire cities that can be explored and offer rewards besides seeing your character in 3d.

Please put in the effort you clearly didn’t the first time and complete my request.


The thrill of walking around in circles grew thin…

That is why you look at other games and see what they have done. Instead of walking in circles we could have consoles dedicated to various tasks in the game, gladiatorial combat. Station related missions that can only be completed on foot. Social goals relating to meeting other capsuleers. Upgrade stations where you have to go to put in your implants. A whole range of weapons and armor. Regional outfits and weapons. Rare low sec uniforms. When building a station you could do it in real time from within a control tower. The possibilities are endless. The dev’s are just being lazy.

i dont know if that really would have a benefit
really? walking in stations? go shopping? look in 200 shops where you get your MDW cheaper? sorry i look in the market and buy … fit and go … you want sit in a lounge? ok do it … go out if the weather is nice and sit in a lounge … the game has a chat … enough social …

ok hard to say if it really would improve the game but … i didnt knew that we have an captains quater until CCP wrote they remove it … ggg … was thinking about if i should use it 1 time or not … to be clear … i had more fun on other things in the game … if you want to play a first person game … there are many out there i guess … eve is not


and can someone PLEASE close all this “captains quater” thrads by default? its at least the 5th time this thing came back here …

5th time this has come up? It means there is a demand for it.

Look… You can have my vote if I get a Fedo cage and we get to have Fedo fighting on the promenade.

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i guess there is no need for it … a demand maybe but there is no need … sorry …
max it is a nice to have but i can imagine other nice to have stuff witch would make at least a bit sense … ggg


We could meet our mission agents in person in their offices. See our cargo hanger and inspect our cargo in person. Etc. One thing besides this that I would like to see is a bank which earns us interest, even if the interest is only earned while omega is active.

You mean… actually leave the POD?!

but that would be a lot of work to see your stuff in “real” and not in a list
even if they are only in a rack
you need to 3D model all the modules and stuff like cloths …
i prefer game updates and not a year nothing but new 3d models
and in the end for CCP … i guess it dont brings much mre players only because you can look at your stuff in a shelf


there is a other thread with the same stuff

can someone close one of them? at least 1 … pleeeeeeease


You are paranoid

CQ is dead.