Captain's quarters in our stations

even if they added that, its still not enough for what playing with your clone should be. i say this every time that WiS is brought upon the table.

if EVE had been built around clones instead of only spaceship piloting, then it would have made sense. having an inmortal character that can pass its conscience to a foot soldier clone for planetary environments to a clone for light space/atmospheric craft piloting or one for large spaceships which cannot land on planets would be cool.

but EVE as it was built cannot support that. it would require building the game all over again to support it and make sure all the possible gameplay has actual value at all cathegories.

i didnt get to play DUST514 and i dont have the resources to play Valkyrie. but its evident that neither of them would get close to the vision at all, because they are fundamentally an FPS fast paced combat style of game compared to EVE which also covers several other aspects apart of blowing ■■■■ among each other.

WiS for EVE would end being something similar to station interaction for X: Rebirth. its barely a thing in the gameplay, oh yeah you can talk with other people in person instead of being two ships trading comms, but that’s all.

in order to fullfill the fantasy of the 1 characer over 3 different aspects the game would have to be something like an amalgam between Shores of Hazeron, Planetside, Mortal Online and Entropia, why:

1. game would have to build and spread the content around planets/moons and space:

this means that in order to give value to infantry clones they have to be as important as capsule clones and to that extent, planets and moons have to have a participation and importance in the great game. this means making planets more important in terms of resources at the point that corps and alliances shouldnt be just fighting a “capture the flag” game in space, they should be actually going about demolishing the enemy orbitals, then take over their planets by destroying the planetside infrastructure like command centers, and evrything to build their own.

in addition this would mean possible additional content for planetary clones like exploration or mining in the case that planetary industry is managed just from space. but that takes alot of possible interaction on planets like setting trade routes between different corp bases and stuff like that. its not “Simcity in Space” but it would allow for some territorial interaction at planet lvl between all parties.

2. professions and roles are distributed in a single skill tree for everything:

instead of having a different list of skills for each clone, there could be just be 1 clone that can learn any of those in a proper progression. for example, in the same way that one cannot learn to pilot a battleship without starting from a frigate, there could be the case where you cannot be a capsule pilot without having at least dominated light craft (fighter and the like) before. in that regard, starting on a planet and build up yourself to become a spacefaring inmortal would be a proper progression.

people could still have 3 characters that specialize on each thing but all of them would have to start equally and build up the required skills. this would also mean that getting to the heavy stuff like capitals would be harder to achieve (even with injectors, i think).

3. Apparel is still there but its part of an equiment system:

of course you want your character to look good but that planet you’re being sent to fight over needs a special suit, go get your Navy or T2 Powersuit or something. i like the idea that the same fitting window could cover not only spaceships but also light craft, vehicles and most important, player equipment, not just clothing, i mean thigns like having a special power suit you could adapt for the situation, rigs included.

the only difficulity i see is the server trying to figure out how to list that player in a T2 rigged powersuit manning a T2 rigged tank but well, that’s something for the programmers.

4. player assets and item usage at the different gameplay levels:

in EVE most of those consumer goods are static, players dont use them (because aparently, capsuleers dont need to eat) of course that pack of cigarettes looks cool on a killmail but yeah, no use.

one thing that would give use to that is making clones require some of those goods, it doesnt have to be stuff like cigarettes or dairy products or anything like that (allthought it would be cool).

i talk more about boosters, medical equipment, cap boosters for powersuits or vehicles, packs of fuel, special mining equipment or stuff that you have to carry for certain operations. perhaps even personal drones during deployment in planets.

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Just imagine if you could hire Gadget to do a private pole dance on your table while discussing the past and next month of events with your fellow corp officers, allied corp CEOs, other associates… and may even get involved some enemies as well for some of the subjects for a brief period of time… until they are podded back home after being shot by our sidearms. Once everything is discussed you could have some harmless fireworks… or maybe some harmful ones depending on the circumstances, and occasionally even a fun brawl with some loud mouth person who should have known better. :rofl:



if only that were real lol


For a breif moment it was real, very real :frowning:

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there is a other thread with the same stuff

can someone close one of them? at least 1 … pleeeeeeease


YOU have completely lost the point.

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-I love this!

You got some snap

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You are going somewhere

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BTW these are not mine ideas, its a screen from Fanfest presentation from CCP. Year 2009.


Walking in Stations had a lot of potential, it’s a shame, but I’m also glad I know for certain that it is never coming. It isn’t good to keep your customers hanging onto false hope.


Maybe we’ll get walking OUT of stations at some point. T3 Dessies already transform somewhat. I’m just waiting for some class to go full robo-mode.

–Mecha aspirant Gadget


It seems like there’s an opportunity to build a completely separate client that would be able to identify where a pilot is docked and allow the avatar in that standalone client to be the social interface for walking around a station, shopping, grabbing a drink, etc. that would be able to sense when a pilot is docked at a station.

If a pilot isn’t docked in Eve, then the other client wouldn’t allow for avatar socialization, just interfacing the chat client, especially since that chat client is no longer an in Eve game based interface.

The social world could leverage inventory of clothing and apparel just as easily from the Eve side.

Just a germ thought.

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They screwed the pooch by removing a feature that virtually nobody actually used? :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah try again

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Virtually nobody used it because CCP had not done anything to make it usable. So CCP then using the “reasoning” that nobody used CQ to remove it seems a glaring case of circular reasoning.

Yeah…can you not see that?


Sure i can, but even if they had fleshed it out fully, the use would have been minimal, every single station action would take longer, most people don’t care about stations in a spaceship game :stuck_out_tongue:

It really wasn’t worth the effort and it was only really a tech demo for the WoD stuff they had planned at one point but then dropped anyway, sure there would be “some” people who insist on doing everything in a station at a slower rate because they think someone cares about what their avatar is wearing or want to look at their own butts all the time, but the long and the short of it is, it was a stupid idea in the first place


EvE isn’t JUST a spaceship game.
Yes space battles are one focus, but they could have just developed an MMO version of Galaga.

But they didn’t.
The founders wanted a social and economic aspect to the game of the type that UO failed to fully achieve.

The original given intention of WiS was to expand on this.
They bungled the release of it and then got gun-shy after the riots. The exposure of certain a executive’s hubris during this period didn’t help one bit.

Honestly, if the dream had been achieved, and WiS had been fleshed out properly with real reasons to be there rather than just voguing, then maybe EvE would be a different game now.

However, I don’t think EvE would have veered too far from what it’s always been - a game about freedom (with spaceships).

–Gadget does dig the ships though


Right from the start CCP wanted Eve Online to be more than just a Spaceship Simulation game, they wanted it to be a Sci-Fi Virtual Reality Universe. Course as usual they stayed true to their reputation of promising big, delivering little and then abandon it forever.

CCP = Can’t Code Properly


UO had better social mechanics than EVE.
Economy was unusual due to lack of a formal market system, all trading was player to player, or from vendors. Durability etc ensured item sink. Plenty of gold sinks.

The economy worked until bots wrecked it.

If there is one thing EVE should learn from UO, is never allow bots to proliferate. (aside from not splitting into PvE/PvP shards).

Bots WILL wreck a games economy if not addressed in a timely and effectively matter.


Dont know why items in EVE dont have this. Especially those tech 1 meta items that are cheap already. If they would be burned completely, they should be gone forever, turning to junk and mangled metal. Faction and tech 2 items and deadspace and officer modules could stay as they are, repairable from that completely burned state.

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