How do you walk around in the hanger?

I just logged in for the first time in apparently 1,147 days if the game is to believed… I remember being able to walk around a little room and hallway but I don’t remember what button you press to do it. I also thought it was something you could chose to do when you docked your ship.

Walking in stations was removed a while back. You cannot do this anymore.

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Oh. That’s sad. Why was it removed?

Legacy code, low usage, and resource spent to maintain the feature were better spent on other areas of the game were the reasons given at the time.

Here’s a dev blog where they go into detail why it was removed.

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With the 64bit due to be full release, why don’t they look at adding it back in?

We already have the 3d character models, and most of the old in station assets should still be on the servers somewhere.

When you consider that other games (no going to name names, but these games even rip ship concepts from eve for their game ships) adding this feature as a key game selling point it makes sense to be competitive. And CCP did it years ago.


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