Wasn't there a area where I could walk around in my avatar long time ago?

I’m not necessarily a long time player since I only actually started playing the game a few weeks ago, but I remember there being an area where I could walk around in my avatar in Eve Online a long time ago. Or is my memory wrong. I heard something like it was shoveled by CCP, could someone tell me what it was called or link any old youtube videos of it?


Yes it was. No one could use it for any good reason. So CCP never went any further with it.

Captains Quarters / Walking in Stations was removed in 2017.

I was there. I had one last walk around my Quarters and the next day they were gone. Sad.

Reasons - not enough resources to update and maintain the Quarters, and too unpopular with players (apparently, something I would strongly dispute, and so would many others).

Video here:

EVE Online: A Tribute to Captain’s Quarters



But I’d love to be able to walk around in my clone in those huge stations!
CCP, bring back


I’d definitely want it back, adds to the immersion. :slight_smile:


I truly do miss this. When I found this out after my return I was pretty bummed.


Doesn’t look like it’s so “unpopular with players” to me.
More than likely, an excuse on CCP’s part to reduce their work time on coding for interesting stuff over things no one wants and need, like those red dots and that half-baked Trig-trick.


It was “unpopular” because CCP never developed it further, unfortunately. I remember sitting back in Jita 4-4 and updating market orders from my character’s lounge.

This was CCP’s original vision. You could walk around strip bars and play mini-games.


So it’s CCP throwing the responsibility onto the players.
It seems I read that somewhere else about another thing in these forum :thinking:

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Basically yes. They said that since only about 3% of players used it, it was too much technical maintenance, so they removed it.


It’s no wonder, if they only developped 3% of the idea.


On the bright side, they developed 100% of their capability. Just that the capability was less than 3% of what they said was coming.


Ahh yes, the Capitan’s Pants Closet.

Reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah, the Captains Quarters was definitely cool, would probably still be active if CCP had included some Avatar game content to it. They basically rushed it out and then abandoned it.

Anyway, this forum thread was created to post Captains Quarters screenshots when CCP announced they were removing it.

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While never a big fan of CQ, I always liked the idea of it’s interaction with the game. I would have liked to have seen CQ/Dust grow into whole new aspect of/for the game. I just don’t think CCP has the resources/manpower…

I still have a planetary bombardment ship from when my friend’s kid was playing Dust. But in the end, he said it just was not worth playing.

Yeah, CCP should have added DUST to EvE and have players access it with ‘The Door’ in the Captains Quarters. That would have definitely added Avatar Content to the game.

Hopefully CCP adds a new version of Captains Quarters, maybe have it with custom decorating options to add all the non usable Trade items found in loot. Hell, maybe implement some sort of Vid-Phone / Conference Calling option that allows characters to view and interact with other characters in their own Captains Quarters.

At the very least ‘The Door’ could open up to an elevator that takes you to a basement maze of darkened hallways and dimly lit smoke filled rooms with hacking lockers and boobie-trapped crates containing random loot.

Anyway, the Captains Quarters definitely provided a great backdrop for character screen shots, shame it was removed.

In todays world, that may be not a bad idea. We can always hope for the future.

Do I get points for my old Jujutsu training where if I tried it again now, I would throw my back out??? :rofl:

Edit; Martial arts skills?

Edit 2; CCP is always looking for places to give the older players a place to waste skill training…

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