Captain's Quarters, and yes the issue needs to be addressed

With this post, I want to address an old issue, and more importantly, I want to give voice to those like me who want to " captain’s quarters".

Towards a world that goes “meta” and make a frantic race, this is no longer an option that can be neglected. In fact it can be widely developed since we have an entire universe under our hands. The possible expansion is potentially infinite. Just imagine, if only for a few minutes. Try to imagine yourself in the future with a VR visor and an entire universe like ours at your disposal. The fact is that many people recognize themselves in their avatar. We all know the potential of EvE online and the social aspect of it as a community. This is not just a submarine game.
Although, despite myself, it will continue to be for some time to come. I will continue to dream of a future where we can take full advantage of our favorite universe. Where I can truly be a capsuleer and not a memory of it.

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this is a spaceship game first and foremost.
CQ was being worked on from a previous game that they took over…
CQ does not need to be in EVE online… stop trolling.

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I bet you are one of those people who has been saying “Eve is dying” since 2003. Ask yourself a question.

Only if I can train Bounce Dynamic to level 5.

Ahhh… CQ…

So… CCP… Well… CCP has made may oddball decisions over the years. It basically a meme that CCP launches some ambitious project, just to stagnate at a half finished stage, and then abandoning it after a bit of time.

CQ started out as the first step in making it possible to walk in stations, meet up, and interact with station services and other stuff from a “human” perspective. I remember the scope of it exploding, during the early stages, including being able to walk around on the ship bridge when in space and all that…

So the scope got too big, sure… But as development on the project stagnated, the only released part of the project was CQ. And CQ alone was almost useless other than being a novel way to sit in stations. One part of the project that still exist, is the rather extensive character customization and “view full body” option when looking at character pictures.
CCP can make money on character customization, so that part is maintained.

But alas.
I think “walking in stations” has gone the way of Dust 514.
Another project CCP abandoned.


it was due to another game they purchased, they thought they could add it to EVE. but in the end, it took way too many resources to maintain, and took away from the CORE of EVE which is spaceships

I honestly don’t remember anything about an acquisition of another game in relevance to Walking in Stations. I know that the concept of it started in 2006. Got CQ in 2011, I think it was…

Please. Elaborate. What acquisition are you referring to?

World of Darkness

Wait what? That acquisition was not directly in connection with Walking in Stations in any way, other than maybe the initial technical development of game engine capabilities. The acquisition was with the intend of developing World of Darkness Online. I have never seen anything suggesting that Walking in Stations was directly linked. Sure there may have been some internal connection in regards to development of technical stuff, but to say the two are that closely linked as suggested here, i think is not reflecting the true state of affairs.
Firstly Dust got released.
Secondly, WoD Online was its own game that was in development.

Whatever. doesn’t matter.

Walking in Stations, Dust 514, World of Darkness Online… All projects that will probably never see the light of day.

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dust514 did see the light of day… and where it was a ps3 specific game it didn’t last very long.

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Oh I know. I loved the game. But it is back in the dark depths of nothingness now.

I did ask CCP Falcon about it years ago when visiting in Iceland, but that is all i can say.

any other studio you’d have a chance, but anytime ccp tries to do anything not space spaceship related people lose their jobs and the game gets put on life support for extended periods of time. Do we need to remember incarna? the forever alpha that was dust? That edge lord vampire game whos name escapes me?

They tried it. It didn’t work.


The ccp doesn’t want to offer any hope ( even remote) for this possibility? any opening at all?

The hardliners hate it because it wouldn’t be a free-for-all PvP zone. The bean counters aren’t sure that it would pay for the development effort in terms of monetization. The realists know that CCP would screw it up somehow and the players would rage and it would have to be abandoned, just like every other CCP side project.

Eve was created with the intention of being more than just a spaceship game. For the first decade the goal was to be a Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Simulator, not ‘Spreadsheets In Space’.

CQ was being worked on from a previous game that they took over…

Some people keep saying that like it’s fact but CCP never said it. Also no Avatar content was ever seen in any preview’s for WoD.

CQ does not need to be in EVE online… stop trolling.

As I said earlier, Eve Online is suppose to be more than just ‘Spreadsheets In Space’ and to make it a complete Virtual Reality, Eve needs a Captains Quarters with proper Avatar game-play content.

Unfortunately CCP’s Development Dept lacks the necessary skills and technical expertise to do it properly.


That’s exactly what I think too

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You mean its ROI was terrabad. Basically the rule for content in EVE is this. Would a normal player pay a small $ fee to access or maintain the content, or would a minority of whales spend an obscene amount of $ to obtain the content? If the answer to both is no, then it ain’t getting developed.

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When can our characters meet in similar places? The road is set, the direction is there! Time to dust off the Captain’s quarters!

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Imagine a coffee shop in Jita 4-4 where it is possible for users to meet Dr Who on January 13.

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