A return to the captains lounge or what ever it was called

I am probably the only one, but I’d like to see a return of the captains lounge. I know most people/players don’t miss it but i do. I felt it was a place to call home. and it would have been nice to really personalise it too. decorations craftable furniture and so on.

Just my thoughts


I would rather they support Linux via Proton on Steam and our existing accounts or natively than the Capitans Pants Closet.

Until then, I am just a forum warrior.



Get Capt Quarters, make it interesting and get newer younger trendier players?


2D retro bitmap characters on a side scrolling map.

Its a doddle and theres bored kids who do that stuff for fun everywhere.

Anyone who doesnt want CQ can turn it off, so everyone is happy.


You’re not the only one. In fact, you’re probably part of the majority as far as that goes.

Bring back Cap’n Quarters and Walking in Station, CCPLEASE!


I would like the captains quarters back as well.

But if I have to choose between the captains quarters or spending that development time on something useful instead, I choose the latter.


Yes, something like Walking in Ships :smiley:


The feature was virtually never used by anyone when it was available. Bringing back a game mechanic completely unrelated to the actual game is impractical.

There’s nothing you can do in Captains quarters that isn’t accomplished more effectively through other interfaces.

I believe that many players want to identify with their “character” in-game, and in EVE our ‘visible’ characters are essentially our ships, which we’re supposed to think of as disposable shells. So that’s an aspect that’s definitely lacking in-game for many MMO players - even more so now that they’re cutting back on character creator options.

It’s good in an MMO to have more ways to interact with your own (and other players) avatar. It’s bad if the only way they had to implement that was slow, clunky, difficult to keep up to date with every new patch and graphic update, and accomplishes nothing useful or game-related.

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I’m down.

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Instead of making DUST a separate game on PS3, CCP should have added DUST to EvE and have players access it with ‘The Door’ in the Captains Quarters. That would have definitely added Avatar content to the game and made the CQ useful as an integral part of Eve.

If CCP does add a new version of Captains Quarters, hopefully it will have custom decorating options to add all the non usable Trade items found in loot. Hell, maybe implement some sort of Vid-Phone / Conference Calling option that allows characters to view and interact with other characters in their own Captains Quarters.

At the very least have ‘The Door’ open up to an elevator that takes you to a basement maze of darkened hallways and dimly lit smoke filled rooms with hacking lockers and boobie-trapped crates containing random loot.

There’s all kinds of content that could be incorporated into it, definitely a missed opportunity.


Maybe a corporate chambers (equivalent of a guild / clan hall in other in other games) a visual representation of the corporate offices which can be customized aesthetically and whatnot could be added as well if they add CQ again along a personal one. Would feel more like home within your private CQ and corporate chambers.

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I’d like to see them back in the game too. Or at least the hangar where you could look at your ship from the hangar walls, like you were about to go on board. I’ve never experienced the hangars or CQs myself, but I saw them on older videos. CCP ADD THEM BACK!!!


Agree on this. Lots of people would like more connection with their toon. CQ / connection to Dust / walking in stations or ships … But how much dev time would this take? Then again… New jump tunnel animation also took dev time…

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True, but the jump tunnel is actually a part of the main game and the old jump tunnel was really lacking visually compared to the other beautiful visuals EVE has.

Players jump through that tunnel multiple times per playing session. Players visited the old captains quarter multiple times per year, at most.

On the topic of Avatar content, figure I’ll share some of my old WiS posts I had bookmarked in Eve Search.

Posted - 2015.01.29 09:45:36

Samoth Egnoled wrote:
I personally don’t use the CQ because of the infamous door. It always reminds me of what could have been and that annoys me. If the CQ was more integral to working inside a station and there was rp possibilities, I would use it more. Like a hologram of private convos etc.

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
I agree.

A few years ago there were lot’s of ideas being posted for WiS content and how station interiors could be set up. Since the stations are actually super large with multiple levels, WiS only needs to have a few levels for game content. Each level could have hallways with maybe a dozen rooms max.

Anyway, took me a while to find some of my own WiS suggestions posted Jan of 2012 in a thread called - CCP! A lot of us want WiS.

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
Here’s an idea I have for WiS station interior layout. The door in the Captains Quarters would open to an elevator that gives access to 4 other levels inside the station.

Station Elevator Buttons = 5

Button 1 = Captains Quarters
This takes you to your own personal Captains Quarters. This area is where you access the Docking Bay and conduct all operations pertaining to your ship and personal cargo. This is where you change your clothes and your appearance such as hair, make-up, etc. This area could be customized by adding ‘Collectible Items’ such as ‘Head in a Jar’, various interactive Holoreel’s and Books, Medals, etc. Could also add some sort of ‘Pet’ such as Fish Tank, Dog, Cat, Bird, etc.

This is the main spawn location (1 of 3) within the station for your character. When logging into the game, your character is lying on the bed asleep, wakes up and gets ready for action. When logging out of the game while in your Captains Quarters, your character lays down on the bed and goes to sleep. If you get disconnected while in WiS mode, this is the usual spawn location for your character.

Button 2 = Promenade Deck
This is the top area of the station consisting of 1 large split level room. It would have large viewing ports that showcase the Nebula’s as well as showing any ships outside the station. Here you can check if you’re being station camped. In the center (Lower level) of this area would be a Concord Sanctioned PvP Arena for doing FPS 1v1 and small team matches along with Bookie’s available to place bet’s on these Arena fights.

These Arena fights could be worked sorta like the Alliance Tournaments. Would have both 1v1 and Team battles. Could split it up into scheduled stages at various stations starting with Constellation Tryouts, Regional Preliminary’s, Factional Qualifying and ending with Inter-Factional Competitions. This is just a basic overview providing a starting point of the idea which can be expanded on later.

Button 3 = Command Deck
This area would contain various private Conference Rooms for Corporate meetings. These Conference Rooms are reserved for and can only be accessed by Corporations renting an Office in that specific station. This area would also include a few different War Room’s with access to Planetary, System, Constellation and Regional 3D maps for SOV Warfare and interacting with DUST 514. There would also be a Station Command Center (usually off-limits) and a Medical Bay.

The Medical Bay is the 2nd spawn location for your character within the station. Either when using Jump Clones or when waking up in your Medical Clone after being killed.

Button 4 = Retail Deck
This area contains various player run Custom Shops, Bars, Casinos, etc. This is also where the stations Security Office with holding cells (Brig) is located. Get drunk, punch someone in the face and you’ll spend at least a couple of hours in the Brig along with paying a fine. Maybe even have personal security status dictate the amount of ISK needed to post bail (Get out of Jail card). Maybe even have special Bounty Agents here?

The Security Office is the 3rd spawn location for your character within the station. Logging in and out would be like in the Captains Quarters, having your character lying on the bunk in the cell.

Button 5 = Storage Deck
This is the bottom area of the station that contains various storage compartments and small dimly lit rooms equipped with a cot, small table and a couple of chairs for black market deals. This is where you can acquire and trade Contraband items. This area would also have special agents hidden away in various locations. Maybe some of those Agents have missions classified as Contraband Retrieval.

Maybe have this area tough to navigate which could cause the player to become lost? Make a wrong turn along the way and find yourself stumbling around in the shadows for hours. Probably should have bought that ‘Basement Map’ from the NPC Sleaze Bag hanging round at the entrance to the ‘Retail Deck’.

Anyway, Skills would pertain to all activity’s. If someone who isn’t skilled tries to smuggle Contraband down to the lower area of the station, there’s a random chance of them getting caught, Contraband confiscated, finding themselves in the Brig having to pay an ISK fine. Or if engaged in Arena fights, the level of Logistic skills trained and Medic equipment fitted could mean the difference between life and death, er um, I meant winning and losing.

These are all basic ideas that can be expanded on. I wasn’t sure about the interaction with regular Agents. Probably have those Agents located on the Command Deck.

CCP could have easily made the Elevator and Storage Deck. Wonder how long players would take to realize that by going forward it’s a never ending maze ?

The CQ should be a private sanctuary / safe heaven that can be customized with plants, pets, trophy’s, servants, etc, which other players can view with a Vid Phone option. The station has other areas set up for 1v1 Avatar interaction.


Posted - 2015.01.29 09:51:33

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
I also posted other ideas as well.

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
I’ve already mentioned these ideas in this thread. I’ve added a bit more thought on these scenarios that combine PvP and PvE with FiS and WiS.

DUST514 Interaction

While in your ship or in station, your personal communicator (Aura?) activates an alarm informing you an invasion force has attacked and captured a PI facility on one of your planets. You contact the Dust 514 Commander and inform him to meet you in the War Room to plan a counter attack and regain control. In the War Room are 3-D visual maps. You both access the Planetary Map, check the PI facility’s and surrounding area. You both verify the enemy position and mark the drop zones for supplies. After forming a plan of attack, you load the supplies into your ship while the Dust Commander rejoins his team which is waiting at the 1st drop zone on the planet.

You travel to the planet with the supplies loaded in your ship, enter into atmospheric flight and drop the supplies at the 1st drop zone. While en-route back to the station, you encounter a small blockade of enemy player ships. You make a call to your Corporation and are quickly joined by a couple of Fleet mates. Small gang PvP combat starts happening in space while the DUST ground forces engage each other.

As the battle in space continues, you receive a call from the Dust Commander requesting supplies to be dropped at the 2nd drop zone. You and your Fleet mates have almost killed all enemy player ships when more enemy player ships warp in and you find yourself locked and tackled. Dust Commander informs you his team is boxed in and needs those supplies now.

Station Lockdown

You log into the game with the sound of alarms going off in your Captains Quarters. The main viewscreen informs you that the station is under Security Lockdown (no docking or undocking) due to an Invasion force (Sansha and or Mercs). You and other players trapped inside the station must Hack into various Medical and Security Lockers for weapons, munitions and 1st Aid equipment. Players then go deck by deck, seeking out and killing all NPC invaders encountered, Salvaging their corpses for more weapons, munitions, body armor, etc…

Players must make their way to the Station Command Center and deactivate the Security Lockdown allowing players access to the docking bay. Only problem is that all other station areas must be cleared first before accessing the Command Deck. Question is: What will you do? Do you attempt this solo? Create a gang with other players for tactical combat and medical support? Stay inside your Captains Quarters and hope somebody else deactivates the Security Lockdown?

This could implement some new skills being seeded into the game, such as Medic and Commando skills. Maybe even have another skill added to the Leadership group like - Infiltration - ability to lead a small team of Commando’s and infiltrate a station that’s under ‘Security Lockdown’.

Anyway, I was thinking there could also be some special Radar and Mag sites based on the ‘Station Lockdown’ scenario. Could just be 1 or 2 decks with various rooms filled with broken equipment scattered around that can be Hacked and Salvaged. Of course there would also be NPC FPS inside.

Low sec and 0.0 space would allow PvP FPS inside so best to have some fleet mates along.

I’m sure it’ll be quite a while before we see anything like that in-game. Hopefully it will happen eventually. Then we can all truly say - ‘Eve Is Real’.

Man that brings back memories.



Posted - 2015.01.29 10:19:18

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
I think CCP got the idea for Avatar FPS PvP in Exploration sites from my reply in the WiS thread when I posted the scenario - Station Lockdown - which was :

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
“Anyway, I was thinking there could also be some special Radar and Mag sites based on the ‘Station Lockdown’ scenario. Could just be 1 or 2 decks with various rooms filled with broken equipment scattered around that can be Hacked and Salvaged. Of course there would also be NPC FPS inside. Low sec and 0.0 space would allow PvP FPS inside so best to have some fleet mates along.”

Since I’m on a roll might as well post my other ideas from that same era - Jan of 2012.

This one was about adding new skills for Avatar PvP game action. Gotta remember this was back when only Player Outlaws / Pirates had Bounty’s placed on them.

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
I had some thoughts after reading how some players want the ability to walk up and kill others in high sec stations.

I believe being able to run amuck and kill anyone anywhere at anytime in WiS high security stations should not be allowed to happen, unless you jump into a Concord Sanctioned FPS PvP Arena. I think having the ability to actually kill another player in high security stations should be a specialized career path that includes training specific skills with special Implants to help increase the chance of success.

To successfully gank someone in a high sec station, it should be a percent chance based on level of skills trained, implants installed and the level of the high security system. There should also be a limit on the amount of attempts made per target within a set time frame.

This is just an example of the idea. The stats / values can be adjusted.

Assassin Skill - Chance for successful assassination attempt on non-bounty target in high security stations. Allows one attempt per non-bounty target every 24 hours. Each level trained increases chance of success by +15%.
Level 1 = +15%
Level 5 = +75%

An increase per level of high security system reduces chance of success by -5%.
0.5 system security level = -5%
1.0 system security level = -25%

Executioner Skill - Works in conjunction with Assassin Skill. Allows one attempt per non-bounty target every 24 hours. Each level trained increases chance of success by +5%.
Prerequisite = Assassin Level 5
Level 1 = +5%
Level 5 = +25%

Vigilante Skill - Chance for successful assassination attempt on bounty target in high security stations. Allows one attempt per bounty target every 24 hours. Each level trained increases chance of success by 15%.
Level 1 = +15%
Level 5 = +75%

An increase per level of high security system reduces chance of success by -5%.
0.5 system security level = -5%
1.0 system security level = -25%

Enforcer Skill - Works in conjunction with Vigilante Skill. Allows one attempt per bounty target every 24 hours. Each level trained increases chance of success by +5%.
Prerequisite = Vigilante Level 5
Level 1 = +5%
Level 5 = +25%

’Gallows’ Attribute Implants - 5 piece set - Slots 1 to 5 = Each implant has +3 attribute modifier and +3% chance increase for successful assassination attempt on target.
Bonus ‘Gallows’ Hardwiring Implant - Slot 6 = Allows one assassination attempt per target every 24 hours.
Prerequisite = Cybernetics Level 5 and Assassin Level 5 or Vigilante Level 5
Full Set = +15% chance of success.

With a full set of implants installed and level 5 trained in both skills of either skill group, the player would have ability to do 3 attempts per target every 24 hours with a 90% chance of success per attempt in a 1.0 high security station.

I was thinking maybe there should be some sort of penalty for a failed attempt, probably like a security status reduction.

Big smile

I got a lot of flack when I posted that one, mainly from the Suicide Gank crowd who wanted the ability to jump in with fresh characters and Suicide Gank multiple Avatars in high security stations with things like a Terrorist Bomb Vest.


Posted - 2015.01.29 10:39:37

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
After I had posted the idea for new skills and implants, I later posted this to add with it :

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
To counter that, there should be a couple of skills added to the game which when trained, will decrease the chance of the Avatar being assassinated. Maybe call them ‘Bodyguard’ and ‘Protector’ skills?

Big smile

Come to think of it, I actually first posted the scenario idea back in Oct of 2011.


Posted - 2015.01.29 11:20:16

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
Ahhh, here’s one I posted in April of 2012 when CCP Team Avatar announced they were working on Avatar Exploration PvP / PvE sites :

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
Well, on the topic of what happens to our ships and Avatars while doing WiS in exploration sites.

Most explorers are working solo so if our ships are allowed to be destroyed or taken (boarded) while doing WiS in those sites, that will only cause players to participate less in the WiS experience. Also when looking at it from a RP viewpoint, there should be access to a docking bay unless CCP plans on some sort of space walk action. I know I’m not gonna exit my ship to be in pod just to enter an exploration WiS site and let anyone who wants to just blow up or take my ship. Also having to exit ship in pod mode to enter exploration WiS sites will open up the chance of being podded. That will also induce less interest to participate in the WiS experience.

What happens to the Avatar if while inside the exploration WiS site the Avatar get’s destroyed? Does our character end up in it’s medical clone on some station? Also what happens to our ship?

Maybe the answer to this is having an ‘Exploration’ clone (available from market) loaded in the cargohold of our ships which is used to access the exploration WiS site. If the clone dies while in the site, you end up back in your ship. If you have more of these ‘Exploration’ clones loaded in your ship, you can just launch another one and re-enter the site. If not, you’ll have to leave the site and of course the site will despawn once you leave it unless there’s someone else also in the site. Having these ‘Exploration’ clones will allow the option of Avatar PvP action while inside these sites. Since these sites are small, there should be a limit on the amount of ‘Exploration’ clones allowed to enter these sites.

Still leaves the question of what happens to our ships while in the site. Probably the easiest option is that there’s a viable active docking bay allowing access to the exploration WiS site.

Anyway, just food for thought.

A continuation on that subject :

DeMichael Crimson wrote:
New ships made specifically for attaching itself to the exploration WiS sites? Basically makes it a big sign flashing ‘Here I am, come and get me’.

Since these stations are dead with holes and large rips, they wouldn’t contain air to breath. I had envisioned the ‘Exploration’ clone that’s loaded in the cargohold as a mentally controlled EV clone. It would actually be an extension of your character so you wouldn’t physically leave the ship. You get within 500 m range of the exploration WiS site and launch the EV clone which takes you from FiS mode to WiS mode resulting in your ship being automatically docked and removed from space.

Well, a fleet of ships could easily be called in to quickly destroy the structure, your ship and your pod due to someone just seeing your ship attached to the outside of the structure or by scanning for your ship. Like I said above, basically makes your ship a big sign flashing ‘Here I am, come and get me’. Also while inside you wouldn’t know if any ships were outside waiting for you. Definitely an unfair advantage for those outside. I wouldn’t want to go inside and have someone scan down my ship or the site, then call in friends to quickly destroy the site because they saw my ship was attached to the structure. Also if it’s in high sec and you attack the station due to seeing my ship attached to it, then it’s a direct attack on me which should bring concord into play.

Probably better to have the site appear the same with or without players doing WiS inside. You wouldn’t know if another player was already in there until after you entered it and just happened to see them inside. Then it’s a race to get the goods along with PvP action. With the remote control EV clone, the loser ends up back in his ship and the winner get’s the loot. Of course if the loser has another EV clone in his cargohold, they can re-enter the site and try to take back the loot by destroying the other players EV clone.

I think that’s about it, other than me posting about creating a bunch of Triple A’s (Avatar Attack Alt’s) to Suicide Gank ganker’s in WiS.


OP, You miss CQ so much you couldn’t be bothered to get the name of what you made a topic about right? …ok…


–Gadget approves

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I’d suggest that, since we know CCP will never reintroduce CQ, but we also know large numbers of RPers want it back, that this would be an ideal field for a 3rd party bolt-on app – something which takes data from EvE to populate the CQ, allows “wandering round”, napping etc, and then returns control to EvE without altering the data


This is a CCP myth perpetuated to justify canning it, pushing the blame onto the players.

You can see the enthusiasm for it is there, in this thread, in the two other threads about it so far this month, in all the other threads, and the multiple times (often daily) it comes up in Rookie Help chat. Just yesterday we were explaining to Rookies that they can’t do that anymore - but why? They ask, as usual.

I used it. Multiple other people cosntantly mention using it / lamenting its absence / wanting it back. People made YouTube tribute videos about it and one site has even recreated the look complete with functional jukebox.

EVE Online: A Tribute to Captain’s Quarters

The problem is, as things currently stand with so many other more important issues that CCP are already struggling to balance / fix / take in the right direction, the last thing people are going to want to see is team time and resources being focused on walking in stations. At this point in time there would be riots. Just like last time.

Regardless, I will never believe the ’ feature was virtually never used by anyone’ line of excuse.

I used it, once. And with me, most other players, according to a graph I once saw, which showed a very small one digit percentage of players occasionally using this feature.

And it made sense: the captains quarters looked nice but wasn’t useful or practical.

I would like to walk around again, but I understand why the decision was made to remove it.