Player cabins in stations

If have seen that Eve had a player station cabin at one point in the game but it was removed.

With WoW stumbling as it is now. If CCP could add that cabin back in with a few mods:

  1. Make it so other players can visit you in your cabin.
  2. Add a “common” cabin called a tavern or a bar where all the players (maybe grouped/fleeted players) in a station can get together and hang out. Put a couple of pool tables and a jukebox in there.

Add this in and they will pickup the entire WoW RP population within a few weeks.


Well they were supposed to do that, but never got past the Captains Quarters before the community went apeshit and forced CCP to remove it.


the community didnt go apeshit just because of captains quarters . it was the way it was handled that caused the uproar.
not giving folk the option to turn off the feature that was cooking some folks computers and many folk were not interested in.

if ccp had left it optional and marketed it as a test to be updated over time rather than selling it as an amazing finished product that we will have to love even if we didnt then maybe there would not have been so much drama.


That and all the other issues the game had at that moment due to CCP’s own choices and (in)actions.

I still think a well thought out, if a bit limited, WiS would be a great addition. Imagine sitting in a bar and some guy starts yelling at you for violencing his boat and then you offer him a drink.


I quit the game for about a decade during or shortly after the Summer of Rage. It wasn’t solely the way CCP handled it, but it was a contributing factor.

A walk down memory lane: at the time the ship balancing tiericide still hadn’t been done (height of drake blobs in nullsec, newbs in mining ospreys in high sec, Iteron Mk I, II, III, IV, and V plus Badger and Badger Mk II, etc), learning skills were still a thing, managing pod clone tiers so you didn’t lose SP upon pod-death was a thing, hacking was watching your data module spin in circles, the best way to share bookmarks was to drop them into a can and let someone else pick them up in space, there were no structures so all the fun of POS management, you had to grind faction/corp standings for good reprocessing yields and brokerage fee advantages, and of course no Pochven/Triglavians/Edencom nor abyssal space, etc.

Dust 514, the microtransaction store, pay-for-API, and Incarna release (“Walking in Stations”) all were not what the forum regulars of the time wanted. And I think Starship Citizen had just been announced (with debates over whether it was vaporware or not), so the pressures on CCP Games were not in alignment with the community needs.

The core problem I believe CCP faced with delivering the Walking in Stations experience was that their core multiplayer networking code is built for their solar system simulation, and not for simulating a bunch of avatars in a station. But my memory is fuzzy.

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According to some loudmouths here, no one was interested in that.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

I’d like to see us be able to exit our pods in station, walk around, view the lore and read about it, visit friends, and see the trophies of their accomplishments. One thing WoW does better than EVE is allow for in-game comparisons.

Sure, I can wear the lab coats, ball caps, T-shirts, and other accoutrements of my achievements, but frankly a lot of it doesn’t fit the aesthetic I’m going for. WoW hands out titles for accomplishments, so you know that Player did a specific thing to get that title. They also have an in-game achievement system similar to badges here on the forums, and WoW players can compare their achievements with that of another player.

What I’d really like to see harkens back to the short-lived Microsoft Bob, for those who remember it. You could customize your “living space,” in a sense. I’d like to have a private cabin where I could hang my trophies and let my friends come to see them.

I’d like it if, when someone clicked on my profile, they could see my accomplishments. Of course, I realize some players wouldn’t want to share that info and it might be best if it came with a toggle option.

All in all, being able to leave the pod and see more of the station itself and exert some influence on the aesthetics of even a cabin would be nice. It would be cool if we could visit corporation and alliance headquarters in a similar way, to see the achievements our corps and alliances have made.


Lol !!

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Will never happen, so you might as well take any notion of exiting your capsule out of your mind. We’re just avatars living in ships 24/7… and with profiles on a website called zKillboard. That’s it. Enjoy.

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I wanted to hang the corpses of my victims on the walls of my quarters but ccp said no :(. It was going to be a tastefull display of the frozen shattered corpses and nothing tacky but heh.


They were going to update it but they never did…


The wonder years _ I want em back.


Too much work for the returns.
They forgot that a game is about the players and not the money.

its expensive to make and update 3d player models and there is no evidence that this will increase the number of players or make EVE better
i do miss my giant ship floating in my captain quarters but lets be frank
hardly anyone used
IMO if they make ir they have to do it hardcore with a lot of customization and collectibles to appeal to the glorified chat room audience
could be awesome but there is only 2 options , don’t do it , go all in , half ass dont work

and people will ask to walk on planets and have a car if they do …


It’s certainly not something we’ll get anytime soon, if ever, for the reasons you stated, but if we can get more players, perhaps they’ll consider it worth the investment. I don’t hold to the camp that EVE is dead, dying, or hopelessly broken, and I believe we could increase the player numbers.

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The former owners of the game were incapable of finishing anything they started.

The new owners are pretty good at attracting players to their games through character based gameplay. Add to that the goldmine of micro-transactions possible with a new WIS and I expect we will see station based character interaction sooner rather than later.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


EVE is ships in space, not the Sims in a bar. Jita 4-4 station would be nothing but morbidly obese, half naked toons with purple hair…


Don’t confuse Jita 4/4 with FanFest. Stations would be a bunch of Conan the Barbarians and thicc thots.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Wouldn’t you have needed a warehouse for the display?

Not me, I would be the quiet stabby one in the darkest corners of Jita waiting for the isk doublers to stroll past on their way to the trough.

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