Player Housing

Player housing is standar features in all modern open world games. It is time tat CCP adopt it and do something like that in Eve. PA made loads of money on Player Houses in BDO if CCP do not know what to do let just copy/paste player house principles from BDO.

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Hi Relvara,

It’s actually been done before in the game, but was removed last year due to not enough players using it.

It was called ‘Captains Quarters’, and when you docked inside a station you could ‘enter’ the quarters and walk around and even view your ship from the outside.

Was kind of basic, but it was nice to have.

Players wanted to be able to interact with each other however, which was never implemented.

I wish ccp would bring it back.

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Captain Quaters has been BS. Real player housing in Eve will be possibility to buy Annomaly and put acces list on entrance, and then player could buy planets belts and things like this from CCP.
You must think BIG!!!, so called Captain Quoters was less than nothing pitty small experiment .

That’s an interesting idea.

But I imagine it will be difficult to organise? This is a pvp game and industry/ownership/sandbox element is not very good.

Owning a planet
Owning an anomaly

How would this work?

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For money and profit … real empires, but we will pay to real money to ccp, not freee beer to “somebody” like today …

What do you mean?

For those who lived through the travesty, The Captain’s Quarters + Monocle expansion was a disgrace. Those players who really want that kind of RP interaction should probably just create an EVE Universe within Second Life. I’m half-serious half-joking here. Serious enough that this could be done (if it hasn’t been already), joking enough that I doubt it would gain enough usage or feature completeness to be worth mentioning beyond this post.

(On a related note, rumor has it that the pool is still closed.)

You can be ironic as much as you want but without Player Housing CCP loosing money …

i’ll ask as well… What DO you MEAN?

what have you done

It’s LSG. What do you expect she means?

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whoops, didn’t realize it was LSG should have known, similar patterns.


But will this Player Housing have “The Door”

Alot of my stream screens uses the Captains Quarters stuff. I enjoyed using it every so often, mainly when not really playing but playing on my PS3 with Dust514.

CCP could always use the launcher to connect EVE and the new Project Nova, then add another game to the mix from UE4 that’s a social station ship spinning game. I’d play them all at some time or another lol

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You are correct that ‘player housing’ has been put into a lot of games due to excessive player whining about wanting it but when it is put into the game it becomes obvious that it really doesn’t add anything of any real consequence to the game that wasn’t already available and wastes development time up-keeping garbage content.

To be honest: CCP has added a lot of garbage content in recent years such as…

  1. Ship tree (matrix, whatever its called).

  2. player stats you can see and that also pats on the player back when some stat has been achieved.

  3. Probably a lot more things but because they are such utter crap Ive completely forgotten they even exist in the game.

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I think player housing is a good idea but it needs to add some game player elements, needs to be able to be visited by your friends. Like swtor housing with the companion system and wildstar with its crafting/farming system. It needs to bring something and citadels and the UI already do that.

If you want to “play house” here is a link to EVE player housing: Player Housing

Yeah they had so much potential with the Captain quarters but once again CCP missed the mark hopefully since they got bought by a different company but bring it back asbestos and graphics have changed in the last couple years and I don’t really think it would be that hard to implement

It’s not going to happen and here is why.

If the WiS area doesn’t contain any new gameplay features, then there is no point in building it.
If the WiS area contains new gameplay features then the spaceship players will complain they are being forced to WiS.

It is a no win scenario.

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