Please bring back captains quarters

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ok i know this has been posted many times by others numerous times and i hope i don’t get hate for simply voicing my feelings as an old time player of eve online.

but why have us go to all the trouble spending time in character creation making our characters exactly as we want. even to the point of allowing us what clothing our character wears. any piercings they have etc. if they will not let us at least walk around in a station i’e captains quarters.

yes i know quite a few think it was a waste of time or they didnt like it
but here is the thing. alot of people DID like the captains quarters feature. as it was at least a way for us to see our character. to be able to move/walk our character and just chill out in the captains quarters. and don’t get me wrong im not hating on eve online or ccp. i love eve.

but as alot of my friends that i made in eve are now doing. they are moving to star citizen. simply because it has what eve at one time somewhat had. which is being able to see and move our player made character…

there is loads of friends i know that have said THEY wish eve allowed them to see their character still.

another question i have. and please be honest…

does anyone that is in eve online currently test/play sc. and if so what is it about sc that you wish was in eve online even if not on such a massive scale…

again this is from an old timer that still loves eve and wishes it to have at least the captains quarters in the game

No. It took too many resources and not enough ppl used it to warrant keeping it. The game and development took a backseat to maintaining that and that was not a good thing. Until they can make it less resource heavy it needs to stay gone

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Low usage and high development cost were the issue, you can read the details here: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration | EVE Online

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im not disputing that. the thing i am disputing is the whole waste of freaking time having us make our character and not have anyway of seeing it part from in the bit that has the biography and skills part of the game.

its annoying as hell and makes no sense as to having us make such if we cannot see it.

i mean why not give us at least something where we can physicially see our character. even if its not the captains quarters anything would be better then what we have currently which is just whats in the game currently.

Right click on your ship.

Choose “show info”

This pulls up a window with your ship info. Near the top, is a tiny portrait of your character. Left click on that.

That opens your character page.
Left click on the bigger portrait. This opens a new window, with just your portrait and a button on the bottom that says “view full body.”
Left click that.

That opens up a full view of your avatar in a new window!


Now you can gaze at the glory of your character anytime, anywhere, and you don’t have to be docked!

I’m so glad I was able to help you.

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i mean it was like when they changed what moon goo you could get from 0.5 sec. and yes i know why they did it for as things were out of control with prices etc. i remember.
but even that pretty much made moon mining for those of us that dont do nullsec or 0.4 worthless. bitamuns or however you say it. on their own is worthless… captains quarters was the first thing to be took away that peeved me off and then they changed moon mining ores… and took away kernite from 0.5. its annoying. again i love eve online but its just freaking annoying i mean i still have an unused athanor in my hanger because i wont use it for the rubbish ore you get from it.

as for seeing our character i wouldnt even care if it wasnt captains quarters but instead something else that is less resource heavy that they could do other then what we already have.
and you cannot tell me that with the amount of cash ccp gets from omega time and people buying packs etc. that they dont have the cash not to do something along those lines…

dude its not the same.

How so?

You said you wanted to see it.

Well, there it is. Fully rendered for your viewing pleasure.


You even said:

Well there it is.

Is that not good enough for you?


you know more then well what i am speaking about.

i dont mean in the way you mentioned. that isnt the same.

you watch again this isnt me hating on eve. as i am a fellow eve online old time player. but as many of my fellow old time eve player friends are already doing.

people that miss the character side of being able to move around. will move over to sc. ive seen it happend and it is happening…

I do?

You said you didn’t care what it was, and the solution was right there in front of you.

I don’t understand what you’re pining for.


ive said it now many times…

the ability to physicially see our character but not the way it currently is.

again ccp makes how much cash ? and your telling me. that they cannot do at least something that allows us to see our character and move our character. or better yet that they can’t get the resources for something similar to how captains quarters was like.

you cannot seriously tell me that they dont have the cash needed for it.

So, like, in the infrared spectrum or something?

How can you physically see something but not the way it currently is? Non-Euclidian geometry?

You already can. And you can spin it around, just like your ship.

My guess is you want to be able to see your character floating naked in it’s pod when your flying around? Like maybe see its eyebrows move about like B.J. Blakovich in the old Wolfenstein 3D games or something?

Would we be able to customize the pod goo color? That would be neat. A permanent window, that’s open on your screen that shows your clone floating around in its pod with customized colored goo.


actually no. i would like to physicially make my character move as i’e in a room… with ya know clothing on etc…

now the pod idea. thats not a bad idea. in fact i would be down for something like your idea with pod having goo in it with our character floating inside it. or even let us look inside a small window on our proper ships again where we can see our character in goo or in chair with the wire in us… like what you saw in the old opening to eve online.

heck yeah i would be down 100% with your idea if ccp were to do that

your pod customization idea is really good.

id love for them to do something like that

So, by your lonesome self. Sitting in a room? Isn’t the point of the game to fly spaceships and not sit in some musty room.

Why would anyone want that?

And where’s the social aspect? Isn’t EvE all about being social?

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i have nothing against being in space.

all i am asking for is something even like what you suggested with the pod customization even.

also what do you mean by socializing there is none. your in a ship zooming around. sure you can group up and chat in the in game chat etc. and yes that is socializing but again its not being able to see another player face to face… well unless you mean people ganking you and your friends… then sure that must really be socializing to the extend of peeving people off.

Perhaps Zoom. Or Windows Meet.

again not the same. as it would be if our characters in the ya know actual game could see each other… or better be able to actually do face to face in game trading of goods…