Captain's Quarters

Bring back the captain’s quarters, it has so many ideas and huge potential to expand and really make you dive into the game’s universe.

Really add new fun features to the game and you will outshine the gaming industry, EVE is already a very deep and complex game, so really, stop adding the same things with bigger numbers and a ridiculos story to fit it in. GIVE US NEW THINGS! BE CREATIVE!!!

The gaming industry has run out of creativity, it stopped being games from game lovers for game lovers, it’s all profit, and pay to win now, no one makes the games bacause it’s fun anymore.

I guess it’s a curse, everything that becomes too popular is ruined.

I’ll stick to more hours of imagining what the life of a person is actually like in New Eden. Why even make them persons? we don’t even interact as persons. Why not make them a super advanced AI concience? It even makes more sense with the “Being the ship” or transfering the data of concience. We don’t need the bodies anymore.

So much resources and features in character customization so that all you can see is a portrait or a boring, totally still body model.

But anyway, it’s your small greedy mind, not mine :slight_smile:
I hope it grows a little and delivers your loyal customers and fans something really new that we actually connect with and enjoy instead of having us pay for hope.

I truly hope you get it.
My best regards.

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Some game atmosphere? That would be cool. But eve seems to be all about economic and pvp. A sterile place to work and shoot around.

There are some really creative titles coming out.

Starfield on Steam (

Falling Frontier on Steam (

Farthest Frontier on Steam (

I think many here are keeping an eye on the first two space titles. The third one is a unique colony sim back in the medieval days. All quite original all creative. I can’t wait for these titles to come out. Have you actually looked at titles that interest you? And you know what the beauty of business is that if you see a niche you can work to fill it and make money! Make a game that fulfills your desires and perhaps people will flock towards it.

Completely agree. Things take time in EVE devs themselves announced they are doing “lore based” expansions. (lol) So we will see new things come out if the triglavan/edencom war was any indicator. It will be a VERY SLOW process.

Already been hashed out. Noone used it too hard to maintain and stuff. Same thing with EVE FPS. It’s so much more complex then you or me can think.

It’s a mix of ideals and business. CCP dosen’t have unlimited resources and they have to be careful on what they do… We see it every time a new event is sent out it’s full of bugs.
Star Citizen is a good case study when you mix greed/ideals and I mean BIG ideals… Frankly I hate to crush hope, but Id lowers your standards. There are likely many dev reasons why EVE isn’t as complex as you detail.

I like to look at one man/small game developers. I agree the bigger developers are more focused on profit. I would look at games on a case-by-case basis man it’s wrong to paint the entire industry in your broad strokes. There are really good gems of games made by everyone if you keep digging.

I connect with EVE when I play with my groups. I undermine other’s ambitions. I make a profit for myself off of others. If you can’t connect with EVE I suggest you take a break. Wait for more patches to come out. Play other titles. Many people have this issue and do take breaks.


I would also like to see the Captain’s Quarters return.

It would be great if it was customizable too…

I really need a shelf for my Blood Coated Statuette. A desk to place my Snow Globe with Peculiar Architecture on. And would love to have walls to hang my spaceship safety displays from the InterBus PSA Series.

Personally, I think it could also give CCP the opportunity to safely dip their toes into VR. Where the impact is low if it does not perform well. Building experience that might come in handy in the future.

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They tried vr. Didnt work

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I never got to experience the captain’s quarters. My best idea of how they worked was from this video: EVE Online - goodbye captain's quarters - YouTube " EVE Online - goodbye captain’s quarters"

The think a large part of the problem was that captain’s quarters were just eye candy. They didn’t add anything more to the game than that.

That being said, there is very much something to be said for an interactive environment of this type. Let me give you my spin on this.

Reenvision captain’s quarters as a meta-game for fittings and all things industrial. One interesting example of this this type of environment is in a simulation game called “I Fetch Rocks” I Fetch Rocks on Steam.

Consider all the industrial components of this game, ship fittings, factory jobs, research, reaction formulas. Think if you could, rather than just push a button and check in if it is finished, rather you could interact with your environment. You could turn this into quite an interesting meta-game.

Note, I am not saying to replace the existing push a button and wait, but rather introduce other ways of interacting with the world. This could also be a viable way to differentiate alpha (non-paying) verses omega. The possibilities for what could be introduced are boundless, whereas eye candy interactions like the prior incarnation of the captains quarters were quite limited in potential.

Now for the arguments against:

  • It takes up developer resources that would better be used on fixing existing things in the game.

In some ways this is true, but it also opens up other opportunities for growth. We need new ideas, not just reworks of existing ideas mostly related to balance mechanics. (nerf vs buff arguments, scarcity vs availability, etc.)

  • This is a social PvP game, and this distracts from that.

This is a sandbox game, and there are many ways to play it. Often the only engaging (aka fun) way to play it (for many) is the social aspect. That is often due to the fact that much of the other aspects of the game are click and wait. Personally, I am a casual player, and I don’t really have the time to engage socially. I am not knocking PvP, I have no problem with it at all, go ahead try to kill me, but I want something else to do rather than just combat.

  • It was tried, it didn’t work.

That argument is largely a dodge. We tried electric cars in the early 1900’s, and they didn’t work. Look at electric cars now. Things changes, ideas change, technology changes. This is rarely a valid argument for not doing something. It just means leasons need to be learned as to why it didn’t work.

  • Older computers can’t handle the changes, that will make the game less accessible.

This is a valid concern, however I’m not saying replace existing systems, rather supplement with valid alternatives. If you want do do a reaction formula the old way, go for it. Here is an example, take data sites, currently you enter a mini-game. In truth, they could have just made a button “hack site”, you would wait, and it would give success/failure. Same end result, just more boring. Older computers would have options available they were capable of, newer hardware would have expanded options.

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There is no social aspect to any of what you listed. It would still just be you, by yourself, in your hangar/quarters, watching a ship get built for hours on end, for whatever reason. It would just be EVE with more steps…

And quite frankly, that’s OK.

Players who never got to experience the Captains Quarters when it was implemented don’t know what it was like. It was not optimized, and brought most players systems to their knees. There was no social interaction. No cantina, no bar, nothing. Some players think we would have walking around in stations and talking to NPC’s in dark corners and taking missions from them. And that is simply not going to happen. EVE is ships in space, not playing Ken and Barbie in a station. Captains Quarters wasn’t even made for EVE, it was simply a test engine for another game…

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I get what you are saying though. You’d like a more involved, interactive industry process. There are other games that cater to that. My personal favorite is Star Wars Galaxies, of which there are still servers around.

Mr God,

I feel like you skimmed through the post, rather than read it. I’m not advocating a reintroduction of something in the same fashion. I agree with you, walking alone around a station, while it might look good, has limited value. On this we agree.

On the “no social aspect”, that is a different argument. I often see the argument made, that this is a social game, end argument. There are some fallacies in that approach. This is a sandbox game, how many times do we tell newbies, do what you find fun. This game is largely a click and wait game, the social aspect add content in-between the clicks. People worry about pulling people out of the social because, they need people to interact with to make the game engaging. That exposes a limitation of the game in many ways, it is not always a strength.

Having a different way to interact with the environment, should not necessarily limit the social aspect. I’m suggesting more options of doing that. The enhanced environment could certainly have the same chat channels that currently exist. As I stated, look at what didn’t work and get creative. I’m not suggesting Eve Sims. It’s more along the analogy of what is done with the data/relic sites. Think about ways to keep the social in there, but still grow the game.

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Ok, apparently I missed a few points. I can see where you are going with this, and I agree. Being able to actually walk around or enter a building on the planet where you have PI installed would be interesting as well. I mean, it would still just be you and there’s nothing you could do to speed up the PI extraction process, but I guess some players would consider it neat to interact with the game environment that way.

There are always features and ideas that could better a game. But, that is up to developer time and resources. Are they going to add said features to a 20 year old game? Probably not, but we can always wish for an EVE 2. I’d kill for an SWG 2.

You miss the two most important “issue” when it come out.
The fact it doesn’t run well on PC for players of Eve (when in Space everything work as expected) is one thing, agree.

The issue we’ve got with Captain Quarter are the two following :

  • The Captain Quarter was Mandatory to be used. No more “station” screen, you HAD to use it. It has been solve to put a button to enable/Disable, but at first, it was awefull
  • The monocle. I don’t have to say more about it.

CCP had to stop everything because “it wasn’t Eve” and “we play a space game, not a doll house” and that’s all.

But has a personnal aspect, i spent tons of time in my station sometime, just watching stuff, talking, etc… And doing that on the couch of the Captain Quarter, or watching the ship because the size was “awesome”, i kind of miss that. With all the new stuff to put some clothes on our capsuleer, it’s too bad they remove it.

“maybe one day”, let’s say that.
I miss Dust 514, I miss Eve Valkyrie, and I miss Captain Quarter - and all the “Eve Universes” plans from 10 Years ago - hopefully we will see some new stuff, for Eve Online at first (because, come on, that’s the most important) then for their others project.

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Well there is another fps on the way via CCP London. Soon™

I know, I really, really waiting for that.
Even if you think about it, “if”, DUST 514 was release today, with the current state of Battlefield on the market, it will get some people. Even if the “new FPS” is “just” Dust 514 (and not something LESS than that, because even the HUB was so ■■■■■■■ great, on a battleship seeing the planets we will go for it, i really miss this game) i will spent a lot of time on that thing.

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