Ideas for EVE

Hi folks,

As a frequent EVE player I keep running into some ideas I have to keep EVE interesting.
And maybe they are to much even to be concidered by CCP. but I would like to share my ideas with you guys and girls.

See, what I personally mis about EVE is what Star Citizen is trying to do, that be landing on planets and interacting with the enviroment.
Missions, exploring and a general different world experiance.

Could this be a part of EVE and if so would it be a good upgrade from what it is at the moment?

Let me know what you guys think.

Dunno if I want another StarTrek Online.

Since it has to be something like that (unlike SC) since the ships are massive in EVE.

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It could have done without that answer.

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You’re not my real dad and you asked us what we’re thinking.

Dust II


Don’t bother replying.

Okay. :blush:

I won’t. :blush:

There was a very WIP demo a while back of a first person group exploration of some space ruins (kind of like space hulk if you are familiar with that setting).

There would definitely be potential but the thing is, as soon as you have your actual character do things instead of ships, it’s a whole different type of game, with all new skills and all new loot. So it might as well be a whole different game where you can import your avatar looks and name (since those are the only two common things).

With the eve based shooter they are developing, you will be able to fight on ships and extending that to stations and planets is not a very big leap. Especially since PA has experience in creating planetside environments. It likely will take a while before that is directly linked with EVE though, as the focus is (rightfully) on making a good game and then if it is good linking it to EVE, instead of linking a rushed game like they did with Dust.

The original eve lore said we capsuleers don’t do things like other people we prefer to sit in our pods in our ships or in cozy luxury apartments in stations and that’s it if we need something fetched we send mortals out to get it

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Very much agreed. Meatbag ambulation is over rated. If CCP did re-explore walking around I would much rather it be done in space (not in stations) as god-like holographic projections all the while safe in a pod.

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