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Hi everyone, I’ve been playing eve for a long time now and many other games for that fact because I’m depressed. With that fact and listening to you guys talk about player retention has got me thinking of a dumb idea. What if you banned alliances from the game and made all the deployable/structure stuff cheaper for smaller player corps?

I know that triggers practically everyone, but creating in-game systems to accompany players that prefer smaller gang play may help you retain people. Having cheaper and more grind efficient materials will enable more growth in players engaging in professions early on and seeing decent money. Being an F1 monkey in an alliance isn’t all that fun after awhile. It would just be fun to actually progress in eve with a small group of friends. I’m not gonna try to type this whole thought out, but I just think scaling should be looked at. The prices in Jita for ships etc is just too much for small groups while also dealing with losses.

  1. Wouldn’t change anything in terms of who shoots who. The blue donut transcends that.
  2. Without Soverignty you can’t do a lot with null sec space that you can now
  3. No more supercapitals could be produced so the existing stock would be used until only 1 entity possessed them.
  4. Small gang is great and CCP should actively encourage it more but I don’t believe this is the way

Actually, that makes sense. I agree with you then, I just want more small gang activities. Arenas? lol

Dynamic activites and actions that the players have no control over is a good start.
We play in a world where we are the minority, capsuleers. Why does the world do NOTHING?
Where are the ongoing faction operations? What about pirate activity? Where is anything and everything? Why can we not ally with a faction and join them in something meaningful?
There’s so much here in the blasted sandbox that CCP could use to make things happen, instead we get more pandering to people who just want easy kills. Your PVE players make the game work, support them.

No, go away.

Playing computer games is bad medicine for fighting depression. You should go outside and be active.

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I think CCP would love to find a way to Balkanize nullsec and I suspect a lot of players would prefer that as well. CCP can’t simply mandate the change but they can encourage it by changing the incentives.

If you want more, smaller alliances - perhaps you should restrict sovereignty bonuses to the capital constellation. This wouldn’t force large alliances to split up but it would certainly encourage it.

If you want more things to fight over - perhaps resource depletion should be considered. If you over-exploit your territory, you’ll need to move.

If you want to curtail the massive power of super capital fleets - you need a rock-paper-scissors design philosophy. Big ships should be incredibly vulnerable to small ships unless escorted.


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Because nobody gives a **** about the NPCs. The appeal of EVE is that its important events are all driven by the players. Changing that is a great way to kill the game.

Alliances used to not be a thing. People made them anyway. coalitions aren’t a thing and people make them anyway

Drifters come to mind
One little thing happened and the big alliances had to adjust. Why not push it a little more?
You’re sitting too comfortable in your little castle. If the players won’t budge, somethings gotta make them.

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