A Way to Keep Players Involved

This is a repost, as my last post got moved to a sub forum , I could not even find.
Im gonna get flak for this but I would rather have the hate, and see eve grow.

This is why eve is not growing,
One of the main Problems eve has , is keeping its players involved, and this is even harder for old (2003) players like me. I have all the ships i want, I have everything i need in eve, I have isk to burn, I want to spend that isk and have fun, not just keep amassing it, (Its Boring).
I Love Spending time in the eve universe, But i need a reason to do so. If im not in a fleet and I want to just chill in a safe enviroment, I have 2 choices playing the market, or Hyperlink (Not worth the gamble.)
Anything that helps keep me involved in this universe im all for.
The casino wars had one great lesson, People love to gamble there eve isk, Its fun and exiting and it is a great isk sink for CCP ,It makes players log on and if they lose there isk then they go out and try to make more, which in turn is content for others, Its a win win. Sorry a late addendum, we had over 60.000 players online during that time.
I have no idea why this has not been implemented. As for the FPS CCP seems so intent on investing in, Its pointless because it has no real effect whatsoever on the Eve universe. All i know , Nobody i Know wants to play eve FPS, there a ton of games out there that are so much better. and CCP will never get a foot hold in this genre.


Go out and blow some stuff up. Or pay someone to do it for you. If your head is empty, no amount of opportunities can fill it.


You have no killmails. You have never actually played the game. You have ships and isk, but you have never done anything at all.


Dude this is my Market alt.

Yes, but you still have no killboard. Go ahead and link any you have, and I will observe that you have not really played EvE Online at all.

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Ok here is my Real killboard, Oh wait im not a idiot, this has nothing to do with me or my alts its to do with making the game better, by the way we shredded safety many times over the years, thats on the few occasions they actually dared to undock . .lol.

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Oh wait, you don’t have a killboard - do you?

You are complaining about nothing to do - well, try PvP my guy.

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Im more concerned with when ever anybody comes up with an idea to make eve grow , you always seem to be at the front in shooting any idea down, Do you hate eve ?. Or just people.


Your ‘idea’ is based on the fallacy that there is nothing to do. I am shooting down your idea because you are refusing to play the game while whining about nothing to do. Go get a ship and start shooting other ships, that’s the game you’ve been missing out on.

Did i say I had nothing to do, I have tons to do , but inbetween fleets, Aliance ops, Small gang PVP, Hunting , And exploring, I would like a place to chill , relax, have a beer and enjoy the ambience of eve.

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Might I recommend Farmville?

Again thats all you do , criticize every idea thats you do not agree with, Shame and so sad.

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You have no idea.

Your ‘idea’ is you want to play EvE without playing it.

Look, you are free to have a beer. Chill. Enjoy the game.

However, nothing needs to change for you to get drunk.

So… like most of you NPCs that spend every waking minute here instead of in game.

Playing the forum is not playing the game, people.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Calm down day drinker.


So @Mr_Epeen your theory is that Aiko DOESNT play the game? All the criticisms you could levy about what she does and you went with “you don’t play the game?” That’s exactly why no one takes you serious about anything. I can already see your reply without reading it “white knight blah blah”. As to the OP I have literally no idea what you are suggesting. You have everything, can actually prove you’ve done nothing, and want…something? What is it? What’s your idea?

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Again, this must be a Aiko alt, It has nothing to do with me , My post was ​​​​​​​​​​​​​
a way to make more people play eve, All the vets that have left , they left because they had nothing to do anymore, until the great wars. and i have been in all of them.
I was suggesting a way to bring these old players back , to get involved in a living breathing universe, but its been corrupted by Aiko again. moving the focus from the overall health of eve to a personal attack, and small minded opinion. this is the exact person CCP should never listen to.


I Agree with Mr Epeen, And that proves eve is amazing , because i never thought that would happen lol.


Doubling down on a nonsense whine.

Eve has endless content - if you haven’t found it, try undocking.

From a person in Safety , Thats Just so so funny. You bunnys dock up faster than anything we have ever seen.