Stop thinking of ISK as an end and you will start enjoying this game

Hey there,

for 4 years Ive been obsessed with ISK maximization/optimization, and you know what, I felt so poor. Ironic huh? I acquired more billions that I would ever need.

now for the last couple of months I tried a new approach. I would just have fun doing whichever I wanted to do. Even I started manufacturing my own ships, just for teh lulz, even when I know getting them on the market is quicker and less expensive (morons selling under manufacturing costs always kept me ahead of manufacturing). But who cares? I am manufacturing my ships and enjoying the process.

Same goes for everything else. As a former ISK-optimizer I was an extreme carebear, a highsec dweller, never undocking when wardecced, etc. NO MORE! I enjoy traveling trhough lowsec, sometimes just exploring the galaxy for fun. And teh thrill when theres a gate camp and you manage to escape. Yay! Sooner or later you get exploded, but who cares? You have lots of billions. Some killboards will tell the world you failed. Well who cares actually?

TLDR: stop thinking of ISK. Money is important in real life, not in a videogame. This is not a second job. Start enjoying EVE Online!!!


I support this product or service.


As do I.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I didn’t need 4 years to come to that conclusion.

I don’t actually. Feel free to send me 90% of your billions.


Thank you very much.

And yes, I totally support this. ISK is meaningless beyond having enough to replace ships on a comfortable basis.


You’ll get it in 4 or 5 more years time that isk is indeed meaningful

The OP won EVE!

Which means ISK is meaningful if you don’t have enough to support your habits.

@OP: I guess that means: finally welcome to EVE :slight_smile: Good call.



Yeah, it’s still a somewhat funny meme :smiley:

The thing is, OP is of course right about the having fun part. Usually when discussed, it will go like this:

  1. Decently Rich Player A: Just go out and have fun
  2. Poor guy B: I would, but I have no ISK
  3. A: You don’t need to have so much, just take a Rifter
  4. B: I do, but I get blopped by Nyx
  5. Troll C: Get gud
  6. Player D: join Horde
  7. A again: #nopoors then
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And, for the sake of historical accuracy

  1. B: How do i become #nopoor?
  2. D: Buy low, sell high, go ratting, hauling, etc. (opportunity to side-track to ganking,botting,grrgoons etc.)
  3. C: 9.1B Contract WTS
  4. A: do activity X, Y or Z
  5. B: but it is so boring…
  6. A: exactly, so just go out there and have fun…

And the cycle starts again.

I would have given the advice of corp theft or scamming.

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Being space poor is a choice, there are many ways to earn isk, to save isk and cut corners , the problem is that most want to jump into a fancy ship and just boom boom, me love you long time.
So find something that will earn you some income, at the start ccp has made it super easy to make isk, distribution, by running these you earn, every station you deliver to more agents for distribution, after a while at lvl 4 distribution missions pay well for a few jumps, better then most courier contracts without the hassle of scams.

Mining missions, anoms, etc, etc, all while skilling towards your preferred play.

But if nothing suits you just like in real life you must pay to boom boom.

You can put a lot of things in place of “isk” in the thread title. “killboard stats” is another popular argument.

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Yup, some farm likes, some farm for killboard points, etc, to me both examples are like street credit, can’t buy anything with it but it makes the epeen feel ribbed, for that pleasure.

Instant gratification is greeting. I genuinely wonder what will become of all those dummies that want everything and they want it now. That mindset is ruining more and more of society.

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amazon dot com: working hard to supply your every need. Refrigerators that order delivery of low-stock items, where if you ran out of said item, you might delay a purchase or discover something new, next time you went out into the world.

Bringing it back to EVE, I know a number of players who would happily subscribe to an in-game service that would maintain stocks of consumables for them. Especially if such service would automatically add ammo and boosters back to every ship they fly, when they dock up after a battle.

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