Now that we know what you're going to do with five billion isk

… think about this:

You’ve had your five billion isk and spent them on whatever. It was nice, you had your blast with it, but now all your personal money spending desires are satisfied and it’s time to think bigger!

I give you ten billion isk.

The only requirement is that spending the money fully, or at least partly, has to impact others, directly or indirectly, in whatever shape or form.

What do you do with it?

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Buy basic ship fits, stock a player market close to my home system. Hopefully recruit people to join my corp. Get big! Become self sufficient. Make stuff! Then go and knock down other people’s sand castles.


buy lots of useless junk like Milk, Water, Slaves, Female dancers, Wine etc. Look at it and give a pleasure to myself from time to time.

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Become even more depending on other people giving you money instead of working for the money yourself and treasuring the effort and joy you create from your own work. Addiction is blissful.

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Last thread the five billion isk popped out of nowhere as well. Just like these ten billion isk. The only difference is that I’ve stated that I’d be giving it. Ignore that part and it’s the same.

Replace the “on other people giving you money” with “on free huge money donations”.

Hmm. I’m really struggling to think of anything that I would want to spend it on. I don’t play with an endgame in mind. The fun I have doesn’t need much. So if I was handed that sort of ISK, I’d probably spend the first 5 billion as I mentioned in the other post and donate the rest to Eve Scout for their Search and Rescue division.

Try not thinking about using it for yourself only. Nowhere did I mention that you can’t spend it on anything that involves others, directly or indirectly, in whatever shape or form it might be.

Edit: Thank you. I’ve added this to the first post.

RMT of course. How else will I get milk money?

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Go to Jita and double it.


Has to impact others? Hello play money for high-sec ganking and low-sec small gang FW shenanigans with ~5 people and cheap disposable ships for the better part of a month at least. 10b is a metric ■■■■ ton of dessie down and a solid number of decent T1 cruisers or faction frigates.

Mostly its freedom from the replacement ISKies grind that funds the “fun”. Which also means impacting others by investing at least a couple bil of it in market flipping and speculation. To better make the windfall at least partially self-sustaining.


load up in skill injectors and some +4s and hunt down the real noobs not much better care package for starting off than that

I guess the most reasonable way is to simply buy nuPLEXes and get yourself some time of Omega. Then you can choose what EvE Online has to offer.

Other than that nothing to spend ISK in here.

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Five billion. Ten billion.

The answers are probably the same. It’s pocket change for most that post here.

When you hit 100 billion is when you start to separate the true entrepreneur from the common player.

Make a “holding” corp called Raging Forum Economists (DERPP). hook up participating players with free ships and a fast SRP. Offer a prize of 1 bil to whoever destroys the most Corvettes for that month.


Am I allowed to kick in any of my own isk? If So, that 10b just paid for half of a super bpo to keep filling out my collection.

If not, if use it to buy mptcs and expand my PI/SP farm.

Okay so to refresh your memory I stated that I would:

I’d be around 3 million SP or so and I think that would afford me to finally get into some sort of entry level of usefulness. Working on my drone skills at the moment. Maybe I’d take a few more hits of that sweet injector juice but I’d try to have a focused entry starter PVE/PVP ship - would buy a bunch and crash them into stuff.

Solstice is looking for how you would spend 10b isk to influence other people. There’s no reason I can see why someone can’t use the money to buy a bpo or skill farm, but there should be a step after that which has an effect outside of your personal enrichment, and it’s that step Solstice wants to know about.

It’s not a question of how you will gain power, or what power you will gain. How will you wield your power either for or against others in Eve? Who would you help? How would you help them? Who would you oppose? How would you oppose them?


Smartbombing battleships in the ice belts…

:rainbow: rainbows :stuck_out_tongue:

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Give it to Mike Azariah so he can hire more grunts to pedal his giant Ship-o-Ships across the galaxy faster.

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