Generic "How do I spend ISK" thread

So how do you spend your iskies other than burning them in trading. Anyone collecting wired stuff or hoarding like mad?

I hoard Titans.

Probably why you shouldn’t run a bank.

I also sell overpriced Tech2 BPOs

Still unsure what to do with the ISK, it’s just piling up for now … I will know once the opportunity passes by.

Most likely doing it wrong too. What’s new?


This is how you earn isk.

e.g. Z.C. from time to time through iskies on fancy clothing:sunglasses:

At some point when I have enough, I’ll liquidate everything then use the large sums of ISK to cause utter chaos somewhere.

Probably by offering a couple dozen big prizes (in the 10-50 billion ISK range each), held by Chribba, for the biggest kills in highsec over a month.

I just want to watch the world burn, and part of the benefit of being rich is being able to get other people to light fires for you.

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Saving up for that plex -> reinvesting anything.

skill books…

Since you’re here, you may as well look for a collateralised loan to invest in. They’re rare, and get snapped up real fast, though.

If a suitable option comes along I will certainly make an offer. But I’m also looking for speculations, with a high enough volume to suck north of 50B. The problem is, that I was right already a couple of times (grrr … Antipharmakon … bought only 1000) but hesitated to invest big. :wink:

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